Valentine's Day 2018 Deals - Be Romantic on a Budget

Cupid’s favourite occasion is just around the corner and love is in the air. Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us again and now is the time to start hatching your 14 February masterplan!

Whether you intend to remind that special person in your life how special they are, or hope to woo someone who should be in your life, there are no shortage of options out there.

Making a big impression whilst living on a student budget might sound daunting, but the great news is there are plenty of offers to snap up. This year, there is no need for a grand romantic gesture to leave you out of pocket.

Marks and Spencer – Flowers and Food

It’s not easy shopping at M&S when you are watching the pennies, but luckily the high street chain is offering special discounts to help you get all loved up for Valentine’s Day.

Early bird flower deals have seen £5 snipped off the usual bouquet prices, while a ‘Dine in for £20’ deal has also been introduced. Tuck into a selection of starters, mains, pudding and wine, with a free box of mini chocolate hearts thrown in for good measure!

The food offer runs from 9-14 February, and the flowers can be pre-ordered before delivery, which takes place between 10-16 February.

Tesco Gift Cards

Okay, so a gift card doesn’t sound like the most romantic or creative gift for this kind of occasion – but we have all been accused of buying our other half something they have no interest in at one time or another, haven’t we?

The gift card doesn’t have to be their only present, but at least getting one that can be used at his or her favourite store guarantees it will be put to good use, and avoids a repeat of previous own goals.

Tesco clearly agrees. Branded gift cards have been reduced by 15% until 14 February, meaning a £20 Pizza Express voucher will now only set you back £17. Save dough on the dough!

Lidl – Red Roses and Booze

If you have set your heart on a gesture that will live long in the memory, red roses for Valentine’s Day are a stone-cold classic! Lidl are offering up a dozen for £5, from 13 February. If you really want to push the boat out, 12 large-headed red roses can be snapped up for £10.

The supermarket is also aiming to tempt revellers with reduced prices on alcohol. A bottle of organic prosecco is now £7.99, or for something a bit different, how about rhubarb and ginger gin, costing £11.99 from 12 February!

Please remember to drinkaware.

Asda crumpets (no, really)

If your bit of crumpet enjoys eating crumpets, Asda may have just saved your bacon by producing a novelty gift that is both yummy and cheap.

Heart-shaped crumpetsAsda Heart Shaped Crumpets have hit the shelves. At four for £1 they are slightly dearer than you would pay for regular crumpets, but if you have a quid to spare this is sure to earn a smile from the recipient!

This interesting twist on the annual celebration comes hot on the heels of Asda’s Halloween pumpkin-faced crumpets.

B&M – Three Cheapest Courses Ever?

This one is a bit of fun. Dirt cheap, yes, but the reaction you get could go either way – a dirty look or hearty laughter. Are you prepared to take the risk?

Valentine's Day Prawn crackers

Prawn crackers or shrimp chips on a wood surface – studio shot

B&M have come up with a three-course meal for £3.88 made up of Skips crisps for the ‘prawn starter’, Uncle Ben’s rice in sweet and sour sauce with prawn crackers as the main, and Bird’s Strawberry Trifle for the dessert!

If you and your partner-in-love get through the starter and you’re still on speaking terms, you’ve had a result.

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