2023 Valentines Day Presents For Her To Fall More In Love

Valentine’s Day is definitely a holiday with a divided opinion, especially for all the singletons out there…

When it comes to gift giving, there’s certainly two types of people in a relationship. 

Firstly, those that completely splash the cash on everything they come into contact with. Yes, a cute idea, but think about that bank account?!?

Secondly, the ones who insist on saving their money and would rather enjoy a meal out or even a juicy takeaway – who’s complaining?

Think about it, what category do you fall into?

If you’d like to get your girlfriend a valentine’s gift she’ll cherish, make sure to go through this list and pick out an idea or two…you won’t regret it!

valentines day presents for her

1. Flowers (Classic)

A guaranteed favourite when it comes to valentines day presents for her has to be flowers.

There’s a reason why they’re such an iconic present to buy on this special day, because everyone loves them!

We suggest popping down to your local florist and asking for their advice if you’re stuck on what types to buy.

Or, if you’re struggling for time, there’s lots of online flower delivery companies like Funky Pigeon who will ship your flowers straight through their letterbox for you.

Something that’s also super popular amongst the ladies is the Lego Flower Bouquet – this way they’ll have flowers that will last forever!

bouquet of flowers for valentines day

2. Personalised Cakes

Personalised cakes, sweets and chocolates are the way to your girlfriend’s heart – we promise.

Really, what’s not to love about a box of delicious treats prepared freshly for the day?

If you head to Instagram or even to Google, you’ll be able to find a bunch of local small businesses who can create your personalised gifts.

Just a hint, try to get them baked right before the 14th so they don’t go stale by the time you’ve given them to her, ‘cos no one likes stale food.

If you feel like unleashing your inner baker, why not make your own personalised cakes for the woman in your life?

Super cute vibes and there’s plenty of recipes to follow on TikTok!

valentines day cupcakes for your girlfriend

3. Jewellery 

Accessories such as earrings, a necklace and bracelets are sentimental keepsakes that your other half will cherish more than you can imagine.

However, just a quick tip, getting a ring might not be the right idea if you’re not looking to propose any time soon.

So, maybe stick to other types? 

When it comes to where, we’ve curated a quick list for you to go snooping on.

It includes a range of budgets, so get checking them out now!

jewellery to buy for valentines day


Pandora is a classic brand when it comes to Jewellery for women. 

Take a trip in here and ask the members of staff for help if you’re unsure, they’re so lovely and will be able to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend! 


Say It With Diamonds

Offering a brilliant range of bespoke accessories, Say It With Diamonds is definitely a place you want to pop on your list for unique gifts to impress. 

Say It With Diamonds


If you’ve heard of Swarovski before, you’ll probably know them for their specifically designed and cut crystals – right?

Well, they also have a stunning range of jewellery for every budget, so make sure to check them out!


Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is a Retail chain which specialises in feminine clothes and accessories, fashionable jewellery and homewares.

Their range is special and a gift she’s bound to love. 

Oliver Bonas


On the hunt for something a little more personalised?

If so, there’s so many small businesses on Etsy who can engrave your partners initials on their name, insert photos onto necklaces etc.

Whatever you want, you can definitely find it here!



For more designer jewellery, head to Flannels and check out their expensive range of goods your girlfriend will love. 

They offer brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, the list goes on…

Flannels jewellery

4. Ugg Boots

If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not have seen that Ugg boots have done a complete detour and come back into fashion.

Sticking with the trends, we just had to pop this on our list as a present to buy your partner – they’ll fall in love.

Make sure to find out what size they are first, then get on the hunt for the perfect valentines day presents for her! 

You can get tons of different styles and colours depending on their preference.

Psst you may even be able to make the most of some student discount so don’t forget to check UNiDAYS.

fluffy ugg boots which are in style for 2022

5. A Spa Break 

A Spa Break is a risky one as it can be hard to find the best deal and fit it in with both of your schedules, but it’s totally worth it if you hit the nail on the head.

There are plenty of online sites you can find deals to treat your significant other to a spa break for a night or even the weekend. 

After all, which gal doesn’t love being treated and having some well deserved relaxation time?

If a spa break isn’t your type of thing, you could book it for her and a friend if you think they’d enjoy it more.

We’re sure your girlfriend will really appreciate some time away to unwind regardless!

spa break valentines presents for her

6. Photo Frame/Scrapbook

Photos are an instant keepsake for your other half, and we definitely think they’re a brilliant present if you’re stuck on what to get.

A scrapbook is more sentimental, as it shows you’ve spent time creating something they can keep forever.

However, a photo frame is just as nice so it really depends on how much time you have available.

Use Paperchase, John Lewis and Hobbycraft as a starting point for all the arts and crafts you need.

This way, she can look back on all the memories you both have shared together and have something more physical than flicking through her camera roll!

wrapping and decorating a scrapbook for your girlfriend on valentines day 2022

7. A £99 Wowcher Holiday

If you’ve got a bit of extra money to spend why not treat the pair of you to a £99 Wowcher Holiday?

Or even just some flights to your favourite destination?

If you don’t know much about the Wowcher £99 gift, it’s a mystery holiday deal with flights and a hotel included to one of 60 destinations worldwide. 

It’s the luck of the draw really on where you’ll be given as it could be New York or Dublin or any other place, but it’s definitely a fun gift that will get you excited to find out exactly where you’ll be ending up!

a young couple who are on holiday with eachother

8. The Velvetiser 

Considering it’s just been Christmas, there’s no way you haven’t seen The Velvetiser making the rounds on TikTok?!

We don’t know about you but there’s something super satisfying about making a hot choccy with one of these bad boys. 

If your girlfriend is a hot chocolate lover then be sure to treat her to one of these machines for barista-made brews at home!

It’s a great idea for more of an expensive present for those couples who don’t mind spending a little more on each other. 

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to splash the cash on valentines day presents for her as Aldi has a dupe so go grab one now…

the velvetiser

9. Keepsake Jewellery Stand

Next on our list of valentines day presents for her is a jewellery stand, after all every girl who wears jewellery needs a stand! 

We’re sure everyone who wears necklaces, bracelets etc can vouch for how annoying it is when things get in a tangled, disorganised mess.

We just want to put a necklace on without having to untie 4840 knots…is that too much to ask?

Anyway, buying your partner a stand is such a simple yet brilliant idea for Valentine’s Day and it’ll look great in her student flat.

Plus, you can get them for pretty cheap as well to suit a low budget gift.

jewellery stand to buy for her

10. Grab A Meal & Drinks

Last, but certainly not least, why not treat your girlfriend to a romantic meal out and some drinks?

Sometimes gifts aren’t always what they crack up to be, but making memories with a special someone is something you won’t take for granted!

There will be lots of bars and restaurants in your uni city or town to choose from, depending on your taste buds. 

A bottomless brunch for you both could go down a treat too – unlimited bevvies and nice scran? Don’t mind if we do!

If you’re really struggling trying to decide upon somewhere your girlfriend will like, or perhaps everywhere is booked up, order a takeaway for tea and put on your favourite film. 

It’s memories over money if we’re honest and she’s bound to love it and appreciate the thought more than anything.

couple having a meal out for valentines day

That’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the top valentines day presents for her in 2023. 

We’ve kept things to a relatively small budget, but if you fancy splashing the cash – go wild!

Remember, if you’re really struggling with what to get your significant other, you could ask them to make a wish list or get them a gift card instead.

Although, we reckon these valentines day presents for her are more thoughtful and are bound to make your girlfriend fall more in love…

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