The Ultimate List Of The Best Summer Jobs For Students 2023

We can all agree that summer is the best time of year! There is always so much fun to be had in summer. Lush nights out with mates, festivals, holidays, beer gardens, road trips, gelato – erm…studying in the park!

The only thing that can get in the way of you and summer loving it up is a lack of funds.

Having a summer job is an excellent opportunity to get some new and valuable real work experience on your CV.

The employment market is so competitive that any form of work experience can be the differentiating factor between you and the next candidate.

Job hunting can be daunting, especially if this is your first job.

Never fear; we are here to aid you with your summer funds slump and help you find the student summer job of your dreams for 2023!

1. Summer Camp Jobs

If you’re wanting to earn extra money this summer, and enjoy working with kids or maybe have ambitions to work with kids in the future, then why not work at a summer camp?

There are so many different summer camps across the UK and the world which cater for all manner of interests and hobbies.

Options ranging from sports to adventure the possibilities are plentiful. You need to research to find the right camp for you.

Our tip is to get any applications to the summer camps early, especially if they are overseas.

Camps abroad will require extra paperwork such as visas and maybe even travel jabs, so it pays to be organised.

It’s important to remember that camp jobs abroad do require you to pay for your flights and other travel necessities, so you will need to fund this for yourself.

people having fun at summer camp

2. Festival Jobs

Getting paid to be at a festival is the dream job for any music enthusiast.

There are a whole host of jobs available at music festivals, from ride attendants to bar staff.

These kinds of jobs are very in demand, and you should get any applications in as early as possible to give yourself the best chance.

If you are not in it for the cash, some of the bigger festivals provide the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for a free ticket.

You can apply to work at festivals full time or part time, with tons of different vacancies out there, a simple Google search will bring up options that are available for 2023.

working at a festival to earn money

3. Agency Work

If you are flexible about summer jobs for students, then agency work is likely your option.

Agency contracts are often roles, either providing cover or temporary assistance on a short-term basis.

These flexible roles are readily available and are across a range of industries.

All you need to do is get in touch with local recruitment agencies who offer agency contracts to help match you up with a role.

agency work

4. Call Centres

Call centre work is one of the more lucrative options on our list. They will often have high staff turnover and are always on the lookout for new team members.

This kind of work is varied depending on the company you manage to work for, and it can range from customer service to active selling.

There are even 24-hour call centres, so you could earn extra money if you are a night owl by seeking out a night shift.

This kind of role will look great on your CV as professional experience, and you’ll learn several transferrable skills.

Some sales opportunities make you big money, but before starting, you should also know that these jobs are very target driven.

Additionally, you’ll likely experience some monitoring in all call centre jobs during the working day.

call centres summer jobs for students

5. Fundraising

On the hunt for summer jobs for students? Fundraising is a great way to give back whilst earning yourself some cash.

Most charities will be willing to provide you with an opportunity if you’re willing to work for most of the summer break, either full or part-time.

The entry-level salary for the charity sector is decent compared to other industries, so there’s a chance to increase your bank account over the summer.

The bulk of fundraising is done in person outside, so another plus is your parents won’t be able to tell you how long they used to spend outdoors when they were kids!

Charity fundraising is an excellent way to show real experience on your CV, learn new transferrable skills, and get outside during the summer months.

fundraising summer jobs for students

6. Babysitter or Childminder

If you’re searching for summer jobs for students, Babysitting is a great gig if you can get it.

Parents and caregivers are much more likely to get out and about in the summer months meaning there could be work.

Flexible and informal, it’s perfect for a summer job.

If the children and parents think you are doing a good job, ask them to recommend you to their friends and create a network of parents!

childminder with baby working to earn money

7. Tutor

Tutoring is another excellent flexible job for the summer months.

Many families are keen to make sure their kids don’t fall behind in the long summer break.

You’re probably best offering to tutor kids in topics related to your degree; this will give you the best chance of scoring the work.

You can also do online tutoring, if that would suit you better!

girl being tutored

8. Bartender

When it comes to summer jobs for students, Bartending is an ideal job.

Often pubs and bars find themselves busier in the summer months, and there are a lot of summer events on too which often require extra staff.

Being a bartender means you meet loads of new people and learn an entirely new set of professional and social skills.

If you make nice with your new boss, they might even let you change the Spotify playlist now and then.

Get down your local bars and pubs with your CV to apply for these opportunities.

Or, search online for bartender jobs, we’re sure they’ll be plenty in your uni city or town as this is the busiest time of year for the hospitality industry.

bartender summer jobs for students

9. Gardener

Gardening is not just for the retired; it can be a great way to get yourself outdoors and earn some money over summer.

You don’t need to know loads about plants and flowers to do the essential gardening work.

Trimming bushes, mowing lawns and taking away the rubbish can take a couple of hours and often, people are very ready to outsource that kind of work.

You need to get on your bike and knock on your neighbour’s doors with an offer to help take their garden woes off their minds.

This is one for the budding entrepreneurs because a happy customer will always be willing to recommend you.


10. Work In Retail

If you’re wanting to earn some more money during the summer months, working in retail is a great way to do so.

Retail jobs tend to be more social jobs than traditional office jobs, as you’re surrounded by customers all day long and can build close friendships with colleagues.

So, if you enjoy encountering new people, are used to fast-paced environments and can multi-task, this could be the job for you.

Retail jobs tend to have more flexible hours too, so if you don’t fancy working until the early hours of the morning with a bar job, this line of work is ideal.

The best part is, retail jobs tend to offer competitive pay rates, so you can stretch your student budget further.

working in retail summer jobs for students

We hope you feel inspired after reading our post on the best summer jobs for students in 2023, now go out there and start applying to find your dream gig!

What would your ideal summer job be? Let us know @_homesforstudents.

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