Couples Gift Ideas To Impress Your Significant Other This Christmas

Christmas is on its way, and with only a few weeks to go we’re sure a lot of you are on the hunt for last minute gift ideas.

Buying gifts for others can be difficult, especially when it comes to shopping for your significant other.

Maybe it’s because they already have everything they could need, or it’s hard to find something that will actually impress them.

Fear not, our guide is full of gift ideas they’ll actually love, or that you’ll love together with something for everyone!

couples gift ideas for christmas

1. Custom Song Plaque

First on our list of couple gift ideas for Christmas is one for the music lovers out there.

Why not give your partner a custom song plaque with a personalised photo and a song which means a lot to you both? Like the song you both listened to on your first date!

There are absolutely tons of different styles to choose from which are designed in a Spotify like template, and some even come with a QR code on so you can play the song by scanning the plaque – cool, right?

If you’re on the hunt for a meaningful gift which is unique to your relationship, this gift is a must for this Christmas.

You can purchase a Custom Song Plaque from Etsy or MySpotifyGlass.

Spotify song plaque

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2. The Oodie

Make it a December to remember by gifting your significant other with The Oodie blanket.

These super soft hooded blankets provide the ultimate comfort all year round, who wouldn’t want one?

You could even get one for them and one for yourself, so you’ll both be super cosy together.

They’re available in a variety of colours and styles on The Oodie website to suit everyone’s preferences – dress to impress!

If you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative take a look at the options on Amazon.

The oodie blanket

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3. Salt Lamp

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is just the perfect gift for your partner this Christmas.

Not only do they provide a relaxing atmosphere, they also purify the air around you and have great health benefits.

You don’t need to break the bank for this gift idea, you can get a Colour-Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp from MenKind.

Whilst each lamp is unique, they’re all made from real Himalayan salt and are fitted with lights that create calming vibes in any room – it’s a must buy!

A Himalayan Salt Lamp

4. Gift An Experience

The beauty of this next gift idea for your significant other is that there’s so many choices to decide upon.

When giving an experience, you can choose from absolutely loads of fun activities such as Go Ape treetop adventures to romantic spa days to relaxing hotel breaks to challenging escape rooms to thrill-seeking zip rides, the possibilities are endless!

This is an ideal present if your partner already has everything and they keep throwing out the dreaded “I don’t need anything” comment when it comes to ideas for their wish-list.

BuyAGift is a great choice for Christmas gift experiences, as you can choose from location, budget and the category of the experience you’re after.

We haven’t even told you the best part, if you gift an experience and your partner would rather do another, you can exchange the experience.

Alternatively, Virgin Experience Days offer great experiences to make unforgettable memories with your other half!

gift an experience

5. Escape Room In An Envelope

Not everyone enjoys experience days and much prefers a chilled time at home, and that’s okay!

Our next couple gift idea is an Escape Room In An Envelope, yep, you can experience all the thrills of a breakout without having to leave the cosy indoors.

With this personalised puzzle gift from Not On The High Street you can personalise a games box for your partner to put their skills to the test to try and escape.

Once they finish all the puzzles, they can reveal the secret letter that you’ve written for them!

This is a top-gifting idea if you’re looking for something different to give your significant other – we’re sure they won’t have tried this before.

Plus, if you’re looking for a less pricier option, this present is a lot more affordable than an actual escape room.

Escape Room In An Envelope 

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6. Instant Camera

Gift your significant other with an Instant Camera this Christmas to capture your special memories in real time!

The photos print off after capturing an image meaning your partner can keep them and they’ll feel more valuable than looking at pics in their phone camera roll.

If your other half loves taking photos then this prezzie is a MUST.

There’s a range of instant cameras available to purchase on the Argos website with different styles, features and prices to choose between.

The look on someone’s face when they love a gift is just priceless, we’re sure gifting this will be one of those moments!

Instant camera

7. Couples Memory Box

If you and your other half abide by the motto memories over material things, then this next gift idea is a must for this Christmas.

Ditch the expensive presents and get your significant other a couples memory box with personalised things from your relationship, whether it’s photos, tickets from outings, letters, or anything else that reminds you of them.

There’s tons of unique and personalised memory boxes on Etsy from different sellers, and you can even add you and your partner’s name.

You’ll also be supporting a small business this festive season so it’s a win all round really!

If you really wanted to, you could totally DIY this gift idea and make your own memory box instead of buying one – we’ll leave that up to you though.

Couples memory box

8. Personalised Date Night Cards

This next Christmas gift idea will win you all the points when it comes to the present exchange on the 25th.

Personalised Date Night Cards are super meaningful, as it shows you value time spent with your partner the most.

Say goodbye to struggling to come up with activities to do together, as this gift is PERFECT as it gives you inspiration for different dates you can go on.

With this gift from Jeeves & Co, you can personalise the names on the box and it comes with both ‘staying in’ and ‘going out’ date ideas.

Spice up your date night and impress your partner, this prezzie is something you both can make use of!

personalised date night cards

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9. Custom Paint By Number Kit

If you’ve been with your partner for ages and you’re running out of couples gift ideas for Christmas then why not give them something creative they can do?

A Custom Paint By Number Kit is a solid choice in our humble opinion!

You can upload the photo of your choosing for them to paint, whether it’s a photo of you, your partner, your pet, your favourite place, it’s up to you of course.

This set from Love By Letterbox comes with all the artsy bits and bobs they’ll need including the canvas, acrylic paint set and brushes so forget about faffing having to order everything separate.

They deffo won’t have this one already, and you won’t end up gifting each other the same thing (unless of course you both read our blogs!)

You could even buy this yourself, paint it before Christmas day and give it to them for the ultimate cute vibes.

Custom Paint By Number Kit couples gift ideas for christmas

10. Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

If your partner is the type of person who has tons of plants, then a Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree kit is a cool and thoughtful idea for the festivities.

Everything they need to become a gardener at home is inside the box including the growing pots, compost discs, seeds and a booklet with growing tips.

Don’t let anyone tell you you have to splash the cash to get a good Christmas gift, this kit from PrezzyBox is affordable and chances are, your partner will love it.

bonsai tree couples gift ideas for christmas

That’s it from us, we hope our list of couples gift ideas for Christmas has sparked your imagination for the holiday period.

Tis’ the season of gift giving after all, so spoil your nearest and dearest with presents that’ll put a smile on their face!

We’d LOVE to hear your best couples gift ideas for Christmas, let us know at @_homesforstudents.

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