Top 7 New Christmas Movies To Watch In 2023

As the semester is coming to an end, there is no better way to enjoy your holidays this year than watching Christmas movies. Cuddling up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate, your favourite blanket and laughing till your stomach hurts, it doesn’t get better than that!

From enchanting tales of love and magic to hilarious comedies, these new Christmas movies promise to bring an extra dose of cheer to your celebrations. Join us in this blog as we unwrap the Top 7 new Christmas movies to watch in 2023 and discover the perfect cinematic companions for your holiday season.

Girl wearing Christmas sweater holding a popcorn and watching new christmas movies


Best Christmas Ever

If you are looking for new Christmas movies about old friendships and hearty moments that bring people together, then this is just the movie for you.

The story revolves around Heather and Jackie who were college friends and Heather refuses to believe that Jackie’s life is as glamorous as her holiday newsletter always makes it out to be. Fate brings them together this Christmas and it is filled with self-realisation, friendship and so much more.

This movie is available on Netflix from November 16th and it’s definitely worth watching with your friends!

Family Switch

The holiday season brings out the best and the worst in the family. This  movie is about a family who switch places with each other due to a rare planetary alignment and only have 24 hours to go back to normal.

It is a hilarious yet heartwarming movie that brings family members together in the most beautiful way and makes for the perfect Christmas movie to watch with your family!

This movie is out on Netflix from November 30.


Dashing through the Snow

This movie is all about restoring the Christmas spirit. In this movie, the father character Eddie doesn’t believe in Christmas magic at all while his daughter absolutely loves it.

Through a turn of events, the daughter and the father meet “Santa Clause” and the series of things that follow may just restore Eddie’s trust in the Christmas Magic!

This movie is out on Disney Plus from 17th November and if you are looking for new Christmas movies with a beautiful father-daughter bond and of course the Christmas magic, you should give this a watch!



Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : Christmas Cabin Fever

Diary of A Wimpy Kid has remained a classic,  both through books and movies for a lot of us growing up. This movie might just bring back memories from your childhood and make you feel like a kid again!

This movie is the animated version of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever book where the main character Gregg gets stuck in their house for Christmas due to the snow while the mother tries to find a way to make everyone enjoy Christmas.

The series of events leading up to this day and how it plays out certainly make it a funny and interesting movie to watch this Christmas. And if you have been a fan of the books, you will certainly love the animated version of this.

This movie is available on Disney Plus From December 8th.


Your Christmas or Mine 2

This Christmas movie is a great sequel to the first Your Christmas or Mine movie where two young students in love swap trains during Christmas to surprise each other but they soon realise that they have just swapped Christmases.

This sequel is a romantic comedy where this time both of their families have swapped Christmases and end up in very different places than the originally planned.

This leads to a hilarious turn of events and makes it into the list of perfect new Christmas movies that you should watch.

It is available on Amazon Prime from December 8th . And while you are waiting , you can give the first movie a watch !

It’s A Wonderful Knife

If you are more of a horror movie person, then this movie might be the one for you. This horror comedy movie will get you feeling all the feels this Christmas!

Winne the lead character gets transported to a scary parallel universe and she must identify the culprit to get back to reality.

This movie will certainly have you on the edge while still getting you into the spirit. So, call your friends over, grab some popcorn and watch how this horror movie plays out.

This movie is available on Amazon Prime from November 10th.

The Naughty Nine

Andy, the fifth grader realises that he hasn’t received a gift from Santa this Christmas meaning he is on the naughty list. He pulls together this massive heist so that he and his friends can have the best Christmas they have ever had without getting grounded.

If you would like to watch some childlike but heartwarming humor then, The Naughty Nine is a movie that’s worth a watch!

It is available to stream on Disney Plus from November 22


As we wrap up our cinematic journey through the Top 7 New Christmas movies in 2023, it’s clear that this holiday season has something special in store for every viewer. These films will  transport you to magical worlds, fill your heart with love and laughter, and remind you of the true spirit of Christmas.

Whether you are watching it alone or with your best mates, you certainly will have a good time watching these Christmas movies.

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We always love to hear from you, so if you have any other Christmas movie recommendations, let us know @_homesforstudents.



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