Why Liverpool is a Top Choice for Students

Okay future students, listen up! There are so many reasons Liverpool should be your #1 pick for university. With multiple top notch universities, party vibes, and cheap living costs, Liverpool pretty much seems like the ultimate student city.

This place literally breathes music. It’s the home of The Beatles! For aspiring musicians or anyone into entertainment, Liverpool is like a playground full of opportunities.

The city has 70,000 students because of universities like the legendary University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores, and Liverpool Hope. With that many clever, interesting people around, you’ll never run out of friends to hang with.

Liverpool keeps life affordable for students. You can find cheap rents close to campus so you don’t have to bust your budget on overpriced dorms. Splitting the cost of a flat with your new besties helps save those coins!

Finding the Right Student Accommodation in Liverpool

Finding the perfect student housing in Liverpool is major. You want to make sure your new home away from home fits your vibe and budget.

Start looking super early, like a few months before your first semester. The good places get snatched up quick!

Figure out if you want to be right on campus or can handle a short commute by bus or bike. Check out the locations that interest you.

University dorms and private halls both have perks. Dorms = built-in community. Private halls = more amenities and space.

See if bills like wi-fi and electricity are included or if you have to pay separately. Extra fees add up.

Shop around and compare different sizes, room types and leases. You’ve got options!

Don’t just tour a place yourself – bring friends! Flatmate chemistry is crucial when sharing space.

Review the contract thoroughly and know your renter’s rights before signing. Protect yourself!

Put in the time to research to find student accommodation in Liverpool that is perfect for your squad. You’ll be roomies for a year after all. Make it count!

Popular Student Areas in Liverpool

Liverpool has several sweet spots where students tend to flock. Here’s the scoop on the top areas:

City Centre – As central as it gets! Close to universities and nightlife. More pricey.

Kensington – A lively scene with campus access. Houses fill up fast!

Smithdown – South of centre with huge Victorian houses now rented as student flats.

Sefton Park – Leafy and chill by the park but still near uni.

Wavertree – Affordable rents and a short commute. Great budget pick!

Lark Lane – Cute boho area with indie shops and cheap eats.

Old Swan – Super basic but crazy cheap if you just need a place to crash.

Visit different neighborhoods at peak times to see where you’ll vibe best.

Comparing University-Managed vs Private Accommodation

Should you go for dorms run by your university, or private off-campus student housing in Liverpool? Let’s compare.


  • More guidance and community feel
  • Shared rooms and bathrooms
  • Meal plans may be required
  • Noisy! Thin walls, social areas, events
  • Usually the cheapest rates


  • More independence and personal space
  • Typically get your own bedroom and bathroom
  • Self-catered with own kitchen
  • Quieter lifestyle and fewer rules
  • More expensive but greater amenities

If you need a built-in support system, university halls are smart. But private student accommodation in Liverpool allows for more freedom and comfort if you can afford it.

Cost of Living and Budgeting Tips for Liverpool Students

Budgeting is vital to avoid going broke in your first year away from home. Here are some cost estimates and money tips:

  • Housing = your biggest splurge. Plan on £80-£150 weekly for shares.
  • Food costs around £20-£30 per week if you cooksmart and shop savvy.
  • Add in bills like internet and electricity – usually £30-£50 monthly.
  • Transportation varies. A bus pass is ~£300 per term. Biking is cheapest!
  • Budget £50+ weekly for going out, clothes, fun stuff.
  • Look into student accounts and overdrafts to help cover costs.
  • Find free events, discounts and ways to socialize on the cheap.

Making a detailed budget and sticking to it means more money for nightlife shenanigans!

Transportation Options for Students in Liverpool

Liverpool is easy to navigate without a car. Here’s how students get around:

Buses – Cheap with student discount! Route 82 connects universities.

Trains – Commute from further neighborhoods by rail.

Biking – Liverpool has great cycle lanes. CityBike rentals are only £3 per day.

Walking – Hoof it! The city centre and campus are super walkable.

Driving – If you have a car, parking areas like Q Park cater to students.

When choosing housing, think about how you’ll get to class. Pro tip: Look for a place with solid transport links to campus!

Top Tips for Settling In and Making Friends

Being the new kid in town can be scary. Here’s how to make mates and get comfy quick:

  • Attend Freshers Week! Join societies tied to your interests too.
  • Say yes to random flatmates. Outgoing roomies means built-in friends.
  • Explore Liverpool early. Find your fave hangouts, eats and cheap shops.
  • Use uni resources if you’re stressed or need help. Don’t struggle alone!
  • Call home to vent so you don’t get too homesick.
  • Make a routine for yourself each week between studying and fun times.
  • Join a sports team or club. Easy way to have people to do stuff with!

Get out there, make an effort to socialize, and you’ll feel right at home in Liverpool in no time.

Liverpool’s Top Attractions and Things To Do

Study hard, play hard! In your free time, hit up these attractions:

  • The Beatles Story – Duh, you have to visit!
  • Liverpool ONE – Shopping centre with stores, restaurants, and a cinema.
  • Albert Dock – Trendy redeveloped warehouses along the water.
  • Anfield Stadium + Goodison Park – Catch a football match.
  • Sefton Park – Picnic and explore this massive green space.
  • Liverpool Cathedral – Climb the tower of this Gothic beauty.
  • Walker Art Gallery – Amazing free art museum.
  • Baltic Triangle – Gritty creative district with street art and nightlife.
  • Festivals – Like Creamfields and Sound City. So much music!

Between the museums, live bands, shops, parks, and more, you’ll never be bored.

Experiencing Liverpool’s Famous Nightlife

Liverpool knows how to party. Here’s where to experience the epic nightlife:

  • Pubs – The Albert and Peter Kavanagh’s have standard pints and live tunes.
  • Clubs – Dance the night away at Garlands, Camp and Furnace, 24 Kitchen Street.
  • Quirky bars – Ghetto Golf, Cains Brewery, Santa Chupitos. Fun twists!
  • Gigs – See local bands at EBGBs, Zanzibar, The Grapes.
  • Comedy clubs – Have a laugh at Hot Water Comedy Club and Laughterhouse.
  • Casinos – Play blackjack until the wee hours at Grosvenor Casino.
  • Late night food – Kebab shops and pizza joints to satisfy late night munchies.

Pace yourself and check event listings to find entertainment you’re into. You’ll quickly see why Liverpool is legendary on the UK party scene!

Staying Safe and Healthy as a Student in Liverpool

While Liverpool is generally safe, be smart when living the student life:

  • Walk in groups at night and stick to busy streets.
  • Use SafeTaxi spots or apps to get home safely after nights out.
  • Watch your valuables in crowded areas and on public transport.
  • Lock up and don’t keep valuables lying around your student accommodation.
  • Use uni safety resources like security escorts, first aid centres, emergency phones.
  • Register with a local NHS doctor when you arrive. Know where to access healthcare.
  • Maintain healthy habits around eating, sleeping, exercising and balancing work and play.
  • Avoid excessive drinking and drugs. Not worth the risks!

By being aware and making good choices, you can stay safe and healthy during your Liverpool student adventure.

FAQ About Student Accommodation in Liverpool

What are the most popular areas for students to live in Liverpool?

The top areas are the City Centre, Kensington, Smithdown, Sefton Park, and Wavertree. Check them all out!

How early should I apply for student housing in Liverpool?

Start looking a few months before your course begins, since popular student accommodation fills up fast.

What is the average cost for student housing in Liverpool?

Plan on £80-£150 weekly for a shared house or flat. The City Centre is generally pricier.

Are bills included in student accommodation costs in Liverpool?

Sometimes! But confirm which utilities you need to budget and pay for separately.

What amenities are typically available in Liverpool student housing?

Many offer perks like gyms, laundry, social spaces, free wi-fi, bike storage, and ensuite rooms.