Top 10 Things To Do This August Bank Holiday

Bank Holidays are cherished by many because it means some extra free time away from work. With the next bank holiday in the UK vastly approaching on Monday 29th August, what is there to do? Explore our guide to find out how you can make the most out of your long weekend and get some inspiration for activities for the august bank holiday.  

Here are some of the things to keep you busy and buzzing this bank hol – we’re sure at least one of these recommendations will tickle your fancy!  

Don’t stop here, carry on reading to find out the top 10 things you can get up to. 

bank holiday

1. Book A Holiday  

Make the most of your long weekend with a Monday off work by booking a holiday. Why not check last-minute deals abroad for the bank holiday? Explore cheap flights and find a hot destination to soak up the summer weather.  

Although, it doesn’t have to be an abroad holiday, you can even go on trip in the UK whether it’s going camping or staying in an Airbnb or hotel in a city or town you haven’t been to yet. You could even visit some of your uni friends in their hometown. What better time to explore somewhere new than the bank holiday weekend!  

After all, it’s called a holiday, right?!  


2. Go To A Festival  

There are tons of festivals that take place across the August Bank Holiday weekend so you can enjoy great entertainment from live music to food and drink to arts and comedy.  

Whatever you’re into, we’re sure there’s a festival for you with these selections to choose from. Enjoy some amazing music performances at Reading or Leeds Festival (we have a guide for that) or dance your heart out at Creamfields. Celebrate the LGBT community at Manchester Pride Festival. Or make the most of Notting hill Carnival, London’s biggest street party.  

Bring in those summer vibes and let August go out with a bang by attending a festival this bank holiday weekend – you know you want to!  



3. Go To A Theme Park 

With a variety of theme parks across the country, why not experience some thrill seeking this bank holiday? Enjoy a day out of trying out rides and attractions with family or friends at one of the UK’s theme parks. 

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, why not go to one of the biggest theme parks like Thorpe Park or Alton Towers? Ride iconic rides like the UK’s fastest rollercoaster Stealth or the world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster Oblivion.  

There are also theme parks located across the country like Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Flamingo Land, Drayton Manor and Paultons Park to name a few. So, you’ll have a few options to choose from and hopefully they’re not too far from you!  

Theme park

4. Have A BBQ 

Enjoy some yummy bbq food and refreshing drinks in the sunshine this August bank holiday. You can even do it on a budget by buying a throw away barbeque and picking up some bits like burgers, sausages, potato salad and corn on the cob from the supermarket. Get some friends round and split the costs between you all!  

BBQs are a staple of summer and aren’t just a time for enjoying delicious scran, but also a great excuse to get together with your favourite people. Host some games, have a catch up, make some cocktails, or have a cheeky dance or sing along.  

There may even be pubs near you that host BBQs on bank hol so keep your eyes peeled (and your taste buds drooling).  


5. Take A Trip To The Seaside 

Take a trip to the beach for the bank holiday weekend and soak up the sunshine sunbathing on the sand or swimming in the sea. Thankfully here in the UK you’re never really too far from the beach thanks to our island location! Our beaches might not be the Mediterranean but there’s certainly some idyllic coastal strips to explore.  

Relax at one of UK’s most famous beaches like Bournemouth Beach, Brighton Beach, Blackpool Beach, Fistral Beach or Sandymouth Beach to name a few. There are absolutely loads of beaches to visit and you’re probably not too far of a journey from the coast.  

Pack your headphones, a great book, some cold drinks, your swimming cozzie and a towel. You’ll be sorted for a day of taking in the lovely views, catching some rays and taking in some fresh air!  

Beach UK

 6. Visit A National Park 

View some beautiful landscapes at one of the 15 national parks in the UK. With 10 in England, 3 in Wales and 2 in Scotland you’ll have a variety of green spaces to choose. Take a bike ride, have a stroll, explore wildlife, be at one with nature or just capture some amazing photography. There really is so much to do at a national park!  

The best part is, they’re free to go to so you don’t have to worry about forking out loads to do something this bank holiday weekend. Although, you will have to spend money on travel costs depending on how far away the national park you want to visit is.  

Go to the great outdoors and do something you wouldn’t normally do whilst you have the chance. You can even make a weekend out of it and stay in an Airbnb or Hotel in the area. Text the group chat and see if any of your pals fancy a trip! 

National Parks UK

 7. Have A Day Trip At The Zoo 

There are more than 300 zoos across the UK and chances are, you’re probably located not too far from one! Some of our faves include London Zoo, Chester Zoo, Longleat Safari Park, Flamingo Land and Knowsley Safari Park. The great part is zoos in the UK are some of the most ethical and do a lot for animal conservation.  

Make a day out of going to the zoo and explore some animals and their habitats, have a walk around, pack a picnic and make memories with your friends or family. There’s so much to do and see at zoos, and the August bank holiday weekend should be scorching hot – woop!  

Going to the zoo is also a great chance to learn about animals and their habitats too. So, if you’re an animal lover why not spend your bank holiday visiting a zoo you haven’t been before?! 

Zoo day trip

8. Enjoy Some Food And Drinks  

If you’re like us and love going out for some food and drinks, then why not make the most of the Monday off work this bank holiday? Try a new restaurant or bar that you haven’t been to yet, if you’ve been liking TikTok videos of places to try then now is the time to go.  

A lot of places will have food and drink deals on this august bank holiday so make the most of them. Go on a wine and dine date with your partner or meet up with some pals for a bite to eat and some cocktails.

There may even be special events on for the bank holiday at some restaurants and bars so you can have a boogie after some yummy cuisine. You’ve got an extra day to get over the hangover so you might as well – sounds like a good time to us!  

Food and drinks

 9. Catch Up With Tasks

It may not be the most exciting thing to do on a bank holiday but it sure is handy to have an extra day off in the week to get stuff done. 

If you’ve been meaning to spend some time catching up on housework, then blast one of your favourite playlists or listen to a podcast and get some cleaning or tidying up done. After all a tidy space makes for a tidy mind, right?!  

Maybe you’ve been meaning to spend some time decorating your student room but haven’t had the chance yet. Spend the bank holiday perfecting your room or living spaces!

Hopefully you and your flatmates will all be off work so you could spend the day making your new home look amazing. 


10. Practice Some Self-Care

Bank Holidays are a perfect time to spend relaxing by yourself or with others. Sometimes you need to re-charge your batteries and practice some self-care. 

If you fancy, why not visit a spa for the bank holiday weekend and unwind? You can see if any of your friends or family are up for it or take a solo trip. Or just practice self-care at home by putting your feet up and chilling at home with a book or watching Netflix. Take a long bath and whack on a face mask or meditate.  

There are so different ways you can focus on yourself and feel happier and healthier. The august bank holiday means you have that one extra day to dedicate to YOU!   

Self care

There we have it guys and gals, the end of our guide to top 10 things to do on the August Bank Holiday. We’re not sure about you but we’re super excited! Don’t forget to tag us in any pictures you get @_homesforstudents.  

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