The SECRET Dating Guide For University Students

Our dating guide for students studying at university will give you secret tips and tricks about meeting people and going on dates whilst in a new place. Whether you’re going into your first, second or third year, we’re sure your love life will be in check after reading this!

Let’s spill the tea and get the romance flowing.


Tips For Dating At Uni

If you’re new to dating at university or dating all together, then our helpful suggestions will make you all dating experts by the end. After all, a study found that one fifth of British students meet the love of their life on campus so we’re sure you’re curious as to how to date whilst at university.

Our Helpful List

  • Make sure you’re ready to date – Don’t worry if you still don’t feel ready to start meeting new people or sparking a new romantic connection, whether you’re still getting over your ex, or you just feel like spending time with friends would be better for you. Just take your time and don’t feel like you have to formally go on dates to meet ‘the one’, sometimes things just happen naturally.
  • Be upfront about your intentions – If you’re not looking for a relationship and just want to casually date multiple people, or if you do want a relationship, it’s good to make that known after you’ve met the person a few times. You don’t want them to get the wrong idea, or vice versa.  Just stay honest when in the dating game!
  • Always be yourself – Always remember to be yourself whilst dating, you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not or appear to be into things that you’re not. First dates and first impressions can have you feeling super anxious, but don’t worry about all that stuff. It’s best to be truthful and the right person will love YOU for YOU!
  • Keep a positive attitude– If you feel like you’re not having any luck with dating and can’t seem to find anyone that you’re attracted to whilst at uni, don’t stress about it. These things take time and won’t just happen overnight, don’t compare your dating experience to anyone else’s either!
  • Try not to pre-judge – We know once you get the ick when getting to know someone that you get quite put off speaking to them, but sometimes people are different in person and may surprise you. If we can give you any dating advice, don’t judge a book by its cover!
  • Don’t do anything you don’t want to – Make sure when dating you’re not being taken advantage of in any way or being taken out of your comfort zone too much. I’s a big red flag if someone doesn’t respect your feelings and what you want.
  • Concentrate on your studies – Don’t get too caught up in dating whilst at uni, you’re there to study after all, and sometimes people can get in the way of concentrating on assignments or make things a bit more complicated. Dating and meeting that special someone can be fun, just make sure there’s a healthy balance navigating through your student years.
  • Love yourself first – It really is true that if you don’t love yourself and practice self-care then it will be hard to love anyone else. If you start dating whilst dealing with personal issues its going to be difficult. You don’t want to concentrate too much on someone’s else’s emotions that you forget about yours, your mental health comes first.
  • You don’t need someone else to be happy – You don’t need to be dating someone or have anyone else’s approval or love to be happy. Yes, love can be an amazing thing but don’t get lost searching for it. Live your best life and then hopefully a partner will just be the cherry on top of the cake!

Dating guide

How To Meet People

  1. Dating Apps

Dating sites are a great way to meet people and find your match (or matches) whilst at university. There are tons of apps to choose from, but it depends on what you’re looking for which one will be best for you.

There’s Uni-dating, a student only dating app made by students for students. This app combines love with learning, and you can only sign up with a valid university email. So, if you want to meet other like-minded students in your area this is a great choice.

Tinder is like the god of dating apps, so we couldn’t not suggest it to meet new people in your uni city or town. This free dating platform uses a “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to dislike other users’ method.

You can set up a profile which will include photos, a short bio, list of interests and you can even link your Spotify or Instagram account. You can also add your university and more info about you, but we suggest not to do this, as at the end of the day, these people are strangers.

Obviously these two are not the only dating apps there is, there’s so many! Spend time searching which ones are best for you and try them out, if ones not working for you then trial and test another.

Dating apps

  1. Social Media

In this digital age, it’s common to meet new people and start a romantic relationship with them all from meeting on social media.

Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok there are tons of social platforms you can use to find potential partners. This was especially the case during lockdown when we couldn’t go on proper dates!

Sliding into someone’s DM’s and sparking a convo can be great, and if you’re more of an introvert it can be a lot less nerve racking than going up to them in person.

Although, just remember that social media can come with its faults too. You probably shouldn’t get too attached to someone you’re speaking through a screen – suggest meeting in person after you’ve been talking for a bit!

Social media

  1. Parties & Nights Out

Parties and nights out are ideal places to meet someone new. Especially during freshers-week when you’re getting to know so many people and introducing yourself to the student-community in the city or town you’re now living in.

Put yourself out there if you don’t normally go to parties or to nightclubs or bars, it’s for sure a fun way to start dating. Talk to people, dance and have fun, and if you hit it off with someone then ask for their social-media or see if they want to go out sometime.

It can be nerve-racking and feel scary at first. But, the great part about parties and going out to clubs or events is that if things get awkward, you’ll have your friends there!

Nights out

  1. On Campus

Meeting people on campus is another way you can get your dating life active whilst at uni. You’ll constantly be surrounded by new people whether its people on your course, in the library, at the student union bar or at society events.

You may even meet romantic interests within your student accommodation!

There’s so much option if you’re someone whose set-on meeting people in a more ‘natural’ way. Sometimes being friends with people first then leads to dating them so it’s a cute way of dating if you ask us.


There are other ways you can meet people than what we’ve explained, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re not going to make use of any of these suggestions – we won’t be offended!

But seriously, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach so do what works for you when it comes to navigating through the dating scene.

That’s the end of our dating guide, we hope you’re feeling ready to start getting yourself out there and hopefully find love (if that’s what you want). We wish you all the success with your romantic endeavours!

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