Cosy Student Bedroom Decorating Ideas Perfect for the Autumn

It’s that wonderfully cosy time of year where it’s starting to get a little chillier outside, the leaves are falling off the trees, and you’re constantly craving a hot choc with marshmallows!

Summer is well and truly over, so we can wave goodbye to being able to pop out in a pair of shorts, juicy BBQ’s and evening walks in the sun (sad times.)

That doesn’t mean we haven’t got anything to look forward to though, remember that chilly weather means more hearty food, plenty of sweet treats on Halloween and of course…Christmas!

When living in student accommodation with your pals, you need to make sure it looks as homely as possible, right?

So now’s the time to get your uni room filled with autumnal vibes! From fairy lights to fluffy pillows, we’ve gathered a list of the top student bedroom decoration ideas to make your uni room cosy.

Without further ado, grab yourself a hot cup of tea and get reading our top tips!

Cosy Uni Room Decoration Ideas

1. Floral Elements

Soft pillows on bed and vase of flowers
Firhill Court Student Accommodation In Glasgow

You can’t go wrong with some pretty flowers (real or artificial) to make your uni room extra cosy.

Flowers can add a burst of colour to any room and if your room already has a lot of colour in it, you could go for a white bunch to balance everything out.

Pop the flowers in a pretty vase on your desk or bedside table to add a nice aesthetic to your uni room and make sure you don’t knock them over when you’ve had a few!

In terms of colour, anything autumnal is a bonus, like rusty oranges, yellows, pinks and purples, it’s all about experimenting really.

The best news is, artificial flowers aren’t usually that expensive, so you don’t need to break the bank to make your uni room look pretty.

2. Soft Throws

Student bedroom decoration in Glasgow
Firhill Court Student Accommodation Glasgow

A nice soft throw can make your uni room feel super cosy, and keep you warm too!

Keep the throw at the end of your bed and tuck it in for extra neatness, this may feel like a chore, but making your bed at the start of the day can make you feel really good.

Go for a nice rustic colour like a copper brown or mustard yellow for a true autumn vibe.

Obvs this may all be a little alien to you, especially if you’ve been living with your parents all your life and have no clue about interiors!

But trust us on this, a nice soft throw is bound to add a soft touch to any room, and make your bed look extra inviting for a nap.

Take a look at our very own Firhill Court student accommodation in Glasgow for some student bedroom decorating inspo, cosy en suites have some fabulous throws and we’re so here for it!

3. Plants!

Student bedroom decoration in London
Janet Poole House Accommodation In London

You need to jump on the plant lover train if you haven’t already because indoor plants are a vibe whatever the weather!

Did you know? Indoor plants can boost your mood, productivity, and also reduce stress, fatigue, and make you feel generally awesome.

We’re not saying you have to go to Ikea and come out with about 40 different giant houseplants, but we are saying you should invest in a couple, even if they’re artificial!

When arriving at your snazzy new student accommodation, you’re going to want to decorate your own study desk right?

Take some uni bedroom decoration inspo from our fabulous Janet Poole House accommodation in London, because it’s the little touches that’ll make your room extra cosy.

The Range are artificial plant pros, offering a fabulous range of cheap and cheerful plants guaranteed to add some pizzazz to your student accommodation.

If you want the real deal, Homebase have a great choice of indoor house plants, but don’t forget to water them!

4. Cosy Cushions

Student bedroom decoration in Edinburgh
The Mill House Accommodation In Edinburgh

Everybody loves cushions, they make your bed look super nice and add general comfort, perfect when you’re bingeing your fave show on Netflix.

For this time of year, we’d recommend getting some warm coloured cushions to really add that wintery, cosy effect.

Take a look at our Mill House accommodation in Edinburgh for some student bedroom decorating ideas, those mustard yellow cushions are just gorgeous, right?

When it’s been a long day at uni, sometimes all you need is a comfy night in bed watching telly to recharge your batteries.

Next have loads of orangey cushions for sale to give your uni room that cosy ‘halloweeny’ feel, pair those cushions with grey neutrals, a chunky throw, and you’re good to go.

5. Fluffy Pillows

White bed duvets and pillows for cosy sleep

Nice squishy pillows are the definition of coziness, right? This is why you need to make sure you purchase the fluffiest of pillows when you’re shopping for student bedroom decoration.

We don’t have to tell you how important catching a good amount of z’s is, and we know that when you’re a student the temptation of a cheeky night out can often take over.

But when your head finally does hit the pillow, you’ll be so thankful for the fluffiness, destined to give you a quality night’s sleep!

Granted, pillows can be uber expensive, so we’re not asking you to fork out hundreds of pounds, places like The Range have loads to choose from for a very affordable price.

6. Fairy Lights

Uni bedroom decoration with fairy lights

A uni room wouldn’t be a uni room without fairy lights, right?

Fairy lights ooze cosiness, and really make your room feel super warm and comfortable, just what you need after a long day of studying.

Grab yourself some battery-powered fairy lights for a great source of low-level lighting that will transform your room into a zen space!

We’d recommend draping the lights over something, like your desk or window, just don’t forget to turn them off before you go to bed or go out.

When you’re ready for a nap after a heavy night out, you’ll be super thankful for your fairy lights and the ultimate chilled vibes they create in your student bedroom.

7. Rugs

Fluffy grey rug

Ah, there really is nothing better than feeling a fluffy rug beneath your feet when it’s chilly outside.

Rugs are not only super comfortable, but they also add colour and cosiness to your uni room, perfect for when you’re winding down on an evening.

Opt for a fluffy rug for extra comfort, in an autumnal colour like green or orange if you’re after that wintery aesthetic.

The good news is, you don’t have to take a second mortgage out to buy a rug either! There’s plenty of places like Argos or Amazon that do them for £20 or less.

8. Diffusers

Student bedroom decoration with a globe and plant
Hatbox Student Accommodation In Luton

Making your uni room smell nice can really go a long way, after all, you don’t want it smelling of takeaway pizza, do you?!

Although you may not be allowed candles in your room, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it smell nice!

Grab yourself an incense diffuser and place it on your window sill or desk to create a cosy, fresh environment.

Take inspo from our Hatbox student accommodation in Luton and pop your diffuser on your desk for extra decoration!

There are plenty of wintery scents as well as Christmas scents if you’re feeling in the festive spirit (not long now, right?)

Next have a great range of diffusers available from festive spice, to white jasmine, go and find the perfect scent for you!

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