Hogmanay 2018 – The Original New Year’s Eve Party

Edinburgh Hogmanay 2018

Hogmanay 2018 There is nowhere quite like Edinburgh when it comes to throwing an end-of-year party. Hogmanay 2018 promises to be the loudest and liveliest celebration yet, with amazing, eclectic events lined up to bid farewell to 2017 and see in the new year. For the uninitiated, let’s briefly rewind and explain what Hogmanay is! … Read More “Hogmanay 2018 – The Original New Year’s Eve Party”

Famous People From Durham

Student Accommodation in Durham - Homes for Students

The vibrant city of Durham, revered for its fascinating history, stunning architecture and ever-growing student population, is also renowned for having an uncanny knack of churning out famous faces. Some of these A-Listers are born in the city, which lies on the River Wear, to the west of Sunderland, while others make their way to … Read More “Famous People From Durham”

The Numbers Game – How Students Are Literally Gambling With Their Futures

The Problem with Student Gambling The pressure on many young people to ‘make something of themselves’ has never been greater.  As generations face consistent reminders that success is that coveted ‘dream job’ – which, for many is only realistically achievable with an honours degree – the demand for a university place is high. But it … Read More “The Numbers Game – How Students Are Literally Gambling With Their Futures”