How to Make the Most of Ramadan At University

Ramadan, a sacred month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, presents unique challenges and opportunities for university students. As young adults balancing academic pursuits with personal and spiritual growth, navigating Ramadan in a university setting requires careful planning, resilience, and a sense of community.

In this blog, we delve into practical strategies and insightful tips to help students make the most of Ramadan while juggling their academic responsibilities. From time management techniques and self-care practises to leveraging campus resources and fostering connections, we explore how students can embrace the spirit of Ramadan and enrich their university experience during this auspicious time. Join us as we navigate the journey of Ramadan in university life together.

Lamp and dates signifying ramadan

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and is considered the holiest month for Muslims worldwide. It is observed by fasting from dawn until sunset and abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours. Beyond fasting, Ramadan is also a time for increased prayer, reflection, charity, and community gatherings. The fast is broken each evening with a meal called iftar, often shared with family and friends. Ramadan holds deep spiritual significance, offering Muslims the opportunity for purification, self-discipline, and heightened devotion to God.

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Tips for making the most of Ramadan at University 

Plan ahead 

The best way to make sure that you have a fulfilling Ramadan this year is by planning ahead of time. While it is easy to get caught up with university and other commitments, make sure to take time out of your day in the coming weeks to plan for the month.

You can plan everything from what meals you will be having, when you will be doing your assignments and even meal prep for any dishes you like and freeze them for later. This can make it so much easier for you to balance your different responsibilities when Ramadan begins. 

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Prioritise Self Care

While balancing university and Ramadan can be very difficult, it is important that you prioritise self-care throughout the month.

Make sure to get good sleep every night, drink lots of hydrating fluids in the morning and maintain a well-balanced diet and light activity all through Ramadan.

Do not stretch yourself too thin with many commitments and try to take time for yourself to rest whenever possible. 

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Utilise Campus Resources

There are several measures taken by universities to accommodate students from different faiths. Most universities have multi-faith prayer rooms that students can use while they are on campus.

In case your university doesn’t have that, you can communicate the need for a private space to your professor or student representative and they will be more than happy to help.

Always remember that universities want students to feel safe and welcomed, so do not be afraid to ask for any accommodations that you might need. 

Prayer room

Set time aside for work 

Setting a designated time aside to work on your uni work and sticking to the schedule can help you focus on other spiritual acts throughout the day without worries. 

The best times to work would be right after your morning meal or after breaking your fast as that is when you will have the most energy.

But you can pick a time that is most convenient for you so that you can keep on top of all your priorities without compromising! Read this blog on Time Management Apps You Need To Download For University

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Take part in Volunteering

A core meaning being Ramadan is to practise self-control and give back to the people who need it. 

This is why Ramadan can be a great time to volunteer for any cause that you believe in. Most charities in the UK are regularly looking for volunteers to help them out.

Read this blog on 7 Best Student Volunteering Opportunities In The UK. 

You can browse through the list of roles in each of these charities and choose the one that fits your interest the most. The best part is that most of the charities will allow you to be flexible with when you choose to work, so you can pick a schedule that works best for you. 

Girl wearing a hijab volunteering

Self Reflect

Ramadan can be an excellent time for students to reflect on the past year. This includes everything from work, friendship, family and more. 

You can journal your thoughts and figure out what you would like to do in the upcoming year in different aspects of your life. This can also help you find more gratitude for everything that you have achieved and motivate you to do better!

Girl wearing hijab journalling

Practise self-discipline

Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for you to break any habits you want to or begin any new ones. 

You can also take measures to practise self-discipline in different areas of life, such as not splurging on unnecessary things, and being mindful of what you do and how you spend your time. 

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Host Iftar Gatherings

While celebrating Ramadan without your loved ones in uni can be challenging, finding your crowd to celebrate the joy can make it a little bit easier. 

You can host a small iftar gathering in your student accommodation and this can be a great way to keep the traditions of Ramadan alive even if you are far away.

You can also invite friends who might not know what Ramadan is and they can learn more about the significance of it to Muslims. 

Iftar Gatherings

In conclusion, Ramadan offers a profound opportunity for university students to deepen their spiritual connection, enhance their self-discipline, and foster a sense of community.

 By embracing proactive strategies such as effective time management, prioritising self-care, and engaging in acts of charity and reflection, students can make the most of this sacred month while excelling academically. Ramadan in university becomes not just a test of endurance, but a transformative experience that enriches their lives beyond measure.

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