5 Of The Best Plymouth Cafes

Plymouth is a beautiful place boasting one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfronts and miles and miles of sprawling beautiful countryside and coastal routes to explore.

If you live in our Plymouth based student accommodation then (hopefully) at some point you will set aside some time to do a bit of studying and we all know that there are no better places to study in than a cosy cafe with a warm drink and a scone (or your snack of choice).

So here are 5 brilliant cafes that we recommend all students check out:

1. The Terrace

Nestled on the Hoe front, The Terrace is one of my absolute favourite places to enjoy a brew, not only are the bacon sandwiches delicious but there are lots of cute little birds sitting nearby.


If you’re an animal lover this is the highlight of The Terrace, I don’t normally share food, however I always rip off the crusts and feed the starlings. They actually sit on your fingers and eat off your palm!

So definitely come here to enjoy breath-taking views of the Plymouth Sound, and don’t just wait until summer, they provide blankets in the colder weather and the marquee will keep you sheltered from the rain.

2. Pier One

Sitting on the Hoe front, I often come to Pier One for breakfast, eggs royal is always a great way to start the day.


The café sits right over the sea and with its floor to ceiling windows, no matter where you sit you are surrounded by views of the sea and sheltered from the ever changing weather.

However if you’re not a morning person like me, you can come and enjoy beautiful views of the sunset with food and if you fancy… a few gins.

3. Moments Café

Moment’s café is a hidden gem situated at the bottom of town, one of those places you stumble across by accident and then spend all your free time in.


All their food is locally sourced and homely, they cater to people that are vegetarian, vegan and have food allergies. What we love about this place is they promote ‘buy it forward’ so if you have a spare few pounds you can buy a coffee or food for someone who is homeless or less fortunate.

The café has different themed areas through the eras so you can sit in different time zones, the profits go towards supporting people in the local area with dementia and usually there is a super cute Jack Russel therapy dog to cuddle.

4. Boston Tea Party

Located on the Barbican, Plymouth’s Boston Tea Party is the first place to ban single use cups, so make sure you bring your own reusable cup, or you can loan one when you get there.


The reason I mention this place is because as I said earlier I do love a cream tea and the scones here are ginormous and freshly baked. There are lots of meals and drinks, they cater to people that are vegan, gluten and dairy free too, all ethically sourced, healthy and delicious.  

5. Americano

Americano is one of the cosier cafes in the heart of Plymouth, there are lots of private little booths and lower lighting, styled similar to that of a Latin American cafe.

So this is the perfect place to sit in peace, do some uni work on your laptop and indulge in some tasty muffins. However if decision making is not your strongest point maybe stay away from the muffin counter as it all looks amazing and I often struggle to make a choice, this being said, I am never disappointed with what I pick.

This is a great place to come, if you’re after a morning coffee kick or a place to catch up with your friends, there is something for everyone.

This article was written by Sarah King-Evans, Customer Service Advisor at Plymouth Cross House.

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