Five Gyms in Plymouth

So it’s the start of a new year, ‘New Year New me’ posts are flying around social media, pictures of people dressed in their new gym clothes they got for Christmas, and maybe you’re sitting there thinking you would love to be one of them people but you just don’t know which gym to go to.

So below are five Gyms that I have been to, all based in Plymouth, and as a qualified personal trainer I will be sure to give you a very honest review.


The Gym

This is first on the list as it’s my favourite. I feel this is the friendliest gym, people here will chat to you and it feels like a community plus there is all the equipment you will need.

There are several areas to do weights, this gym also has 4 squat racks, which, if you lift weights you will know is a good thing as ‘leg day’ seems to fall on the same day for everyone. There is an array of cardio equipment, and a huge functional area where there are daily classes that you can join for free.

This gym is located near the bottom of town so it’s really accessible and with it being 24 hours there really is no excuse to not go.

Pure Gym

This is another 24 hour gym, it is located a little farther out off Mutley, which is easy to get to with many bus options. Pure gym is very large, they have great equipment in their functional area such as sledges and battle ropes.

This gym is by far the best for classes, they have a large room separate from the gym area that they use, there are many classes throughout the day and they usually get booked up pretty quick.

They also have a separate room that they dedicate just to their spin classes, so if you are a new gym user, classes are a great place to start and this gym is great for you.

McCaulay’s Gym

This gym is a bit older than others, it still works great but it’s a little more rustic. The best thing about this gym is it has two levels, so for people that may be a little shy, the weight area is underground with the cardio area on the first floor.

There is a great big spin bike section with a huge projection screen so you feel like you are cycling through the country, this is a little technical but the staff are so friendly that they will help explain how it all works.

There is a good selection of equipment here, it does supply everything you would need, however it is a little smaller than other gyms, but because of this it is much quieter, I would recommend this gym for shy people. Again this gym is in a great location at the bottom of town.

Bodylines Gym

I would say that this gym is more of a body building gym, so for anyone looking to compete or build muscle then I would recommend here.

This gym offers to create nutrition plans for their members, which is a great incentive as eating right plays a huge part in achieving your body goals. On Monday evenings there is a class called ‘Ladies’ Night’ which is great for any women wanting to work out with no men around.

This gym is not too far from town, it’s about a 10 minute walk from the bottom of town, so you can get in a bit of light cardio before your workout.


This gym is the most expensive of the ones listed, but for good reason, with top of the range equipment, swimming pool and sauna and steam room. There is everything you could want from a gym, the equipment is so high tech that you can watch TV to try and help ignore the voice in your head that says ‘urgh can we stop now’.

The only downfall is it is a little out of Plymouth centre, however, there is free parking if you do drive, otherwise you can catch a bus. If you can afford to spend a little more and will make the most out of everything this gym has to offer then I would definitely say join here.

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