The Top 8 Vegan Restaurants In Manchester To Visit In 2022

January 2022, the month of new beginnings. The start of the year is when everyone is setting their goals, resolutions, and intentions.  

Whilst some of you might be posting about your 2021 glow up and how it’ll shape you in 2022, we at Home for Students are all about the food. The January food. The vegan food. The Veganuary food. This is literally our only intention this month – to eat, eat and eat. And then hide under a duvet. 

Veganism has gone through a revolution over the last few years. With celebrities popularising the diet and the widely published environmental benefits regarding eating more plant-based foods can have, veganism is the one. Or, at the very least, vegan options should make your way into your diet a few times a week.  

Manchester is pretty amazing, as you probably already know. We’ve told you all about the clubs, now it’s time for something a little more wholesome and wholegrain. Because of veganism’s popularity, you’ve actually got a load of restaurants to choose from if you’re deciding to take part in Veganuary.  

No cap, vegan food is better than erm, non-vegan food and our top 8 vegan restaurants in Manchester prove it. 

1. Purezza 

The UK’s first vegan pizzeria has finally arrived in Manchester!  

Based on the foundations of traditional Neapolitan techniques and flavours, Purezza can’t be faulted on taste and can certainly be praised for its vegan innovations. It’s hard to believe all that oozy, gooey melted cheese to 100% vegan and all the toppings are meat substitutes or just fresh, delicious veggies. 

Not only is Purezza totally vegan, it’s also 95% gluten free and there’s a whopping 15% student discount.  

The vegan pizza restaurant also won National Pizza of the Year and best Vegan Restaurant in the UK. You surely don’t need any more reasons to go do you? Oh here’s another one, if you’re not in the city centre and feeling lazy, you’ll find Purezza on Deliveroo and you can also click and collect. 


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Where?: 75-77 High Street, Manchester, M4 1FS 

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12- 10pm 

2. Café Little Aladdin 

Conveniently located next door to Purezza is Little Aladdin, the most bargain basement healthy vegan food on the plant. Probably.  

On the unassuming corner of High Street in the Northern Quarter lies Aladdin’s cave full of vegan morsels. Well actually, it’s more of a small café with tasty vegan Punjab and Indian delights.  

You can eat in at Little Aladdin, but you’ll probably want to order and eat out. It’s a perfect quick-bite stop before a night out or in the morning before lectures.  

You can feed two people for about £15 which is pretty impressive. 

Where?: Little Aladdin, 72 High Street, Manchester, M4 1ES 

Opening times: Monday- Saturday: 11.30am-9.30pm and Sunday: 12 – 8pm 

3. Go Falafel  

Go Falafel is a student’s on-the-go vegan staple and ideal when you need something tasty and healthy super-fast.  

Located in Piccadilly Gardens, on Deansgate and Wilmslow Road, you can get your falafel fix anytime anywhere – kind of. 

Healthy juices and smoothies are also on the surprisingly cheap menu for example carrot juice (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it folks) or an Immunizer smoothie great for getting those essential vitamins.  

We’d recommend you go for the falafel wrap and fill your boots with delish fillings such as hummus, pickles, fresh veggies and loads of different sauces like tahini.  

Some of the branches are even open until 10pm, making it a great place to make sure you get something proper in ya’ before a night out.  



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Where?: 99 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BQ 

Opening times: Monday to Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm and Sunday: 12:00am – 6:00pm 

4. The 8th Day  

A Mancunian institution since 1970, The 8th Day shop and café is iconic in the vegan and veggie world.  

Proudly boasting ethical, local and eco goods, this café needs to be on your list of places to try this Veganuary. It’s perfectly located on Oxford Road for a pre-lecture snack or post-lecture scran.  

The menu changes day to day but expect sweet treats like cakes, bakes, pies, pastas, salads, dhals, stews and a cheeky craft beer or two. Probably an idea to mention that not all the options are vegan, but everything is totally meat-free. 

Fancy yourself a bit of chef? Make sure you check out The 8th Day shop upstairs for all your Veganuary staples like silken tofu for those creamy sauces, meat-free subs and eco-friendly refills on pasta, lentils, seeds and much more! Make sure you remember to bring a bag or jar with you though. 

Where?: 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7DU 

Café opening times: Monday – Saturday: 11am-3pm 

5. The Allotment 

The classiest restaurant/eatery on our list is the superbly vegan, The Allotment.  

With 20% off all food Monday-Thursday throughout Veganuary, this plant-based, gluten free eatery is a must visit this month.  

Priding itself on locally sourced, sustainable and seasonable ingredients, “The Allotment brings an entirely new plant-based experience to the table”.  

The menu is full of vegan twists on classic dishes such as fish and chips, tacos and bourguignon. We’d recommend the Winter Sharing Platter; what might seem like humble carrots, parsnips and pate is actually a taste sensation like you’ve never experienced before. Throw in a cheeky bottle of house vino for a steal of £25 for two, and you’ve got yourself a Veganuary winner.  

Where?: 18-22 Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5WA 

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 12-9pm and Sunday: 12-6pm 

6. V-Rev Vegan Diner 

Yeah, vegan food doesn’t have to be healthy all the time. V-Rev Diner is the fast food, vegan diner experience you wish you had yesterday.  

If you’re hanging this Veganuary, get yourself down to V-Rev and order a ‘beef’ or ‘chicken’ burger, shake and fries with a side of mac and cheese balls and deep-fried pickles. Yum. 

It’s honestly insane and at a really good student price so there really aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t be there already. The website has loads of handy vegan resources too if you fancy reading up on veganism and meat-free living.  

The joint gets busy really quickly, so we’d advise booking in advance. Booked up? Book online and click and collect. Sorted.


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Where?: 20 -26 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN 

Opening hours: Open from 12pm everyday. Closing times vary on various sites so check with the diner on the day. 

7. This Charming Naan @ The Deaf Institute 

The most notorious vegan of them all, Morrisey, is the inspiration behind the Deaf Institute’s vegan take over. This Charming Naan combines Northern music icons and indie vibes with mouth-watering Indian vegan dishes.  

All the dishes are takes on songs by the likes of The Smiths and Joy Division; Girlfriend in a Korma, Vindaloo in a Tutu and Love Will Tear Us A-apthia. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind, vegan lyrical delight because heaven knows you’ll be miserable…then.   

Where?: 135 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HE 

Opening times: Wednesday – Sunday from 4pm until 10pm 

8. Ice Shack 

The North’s first 100% vegan dessert parlour is here, and we couldn’t be happier. With global warming getting that January temperature in the mid-teens, the Ice Shack might be a good shout in January to cool off. Reopening towards the end of Veganuary on the 26th January, The Ice Shack still makes our list of top places to visit.  

It’s hard to find smooth, velvety, lip-smacking-ly tasty vegan ice cream but Ice Shack has about 44 flavours of soy-based ice cream that are literally the best we’ve every tasted. From salted caramel and chocolate Oreo to gin and elderflower, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If that wasn’t enough, the vegan dessert parlour also has a wide rage of waffles and cookies and cakes to choose from, plus loads of gluten free variety for the coeliacs out there.  


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Where?: 1c, 160-164 Wellington Road, Withington, Manchester, M20 3FU 

Opening times: Wednesday – Saturday: 12-9pm and Sunday: 12-6pm 

You really are spoilt for choice this Veganuary in good old Manny. Along with these straight-up vegan treasures, many high-street chains will be adding vegan options on their menu like Wagamama, which is now 50% plant based. We hope you enjoyed this selection of the best vegan restaurants in Manchester! Let us know on our socials if you pop to any and your thoughts during your student stay in Manchester.

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