3 Great Student Hangouts in Plymouth

If you’re looking forward to moving into your new student accommodation in Plymouth you will no doubt be excited to explore the city and find out what it has to offer.

Believe me – there is a lot going on in Plymouth for students.

Lets look in detail at three of the most popular student hangouts in the city:

Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth Hoe
An ideal location to chill and relax, play sport or even study.

The area is a fantastic, breath-taking landscape with views of Sir Francis Drake’s Island across the water.

In the summer students love the place, within a 10 minute walk from the city centre and 20 minutes from the Uni, why would students not love it.

The hoe and Plymouth Seafront is epitomised by the tall standing Smeaton’s tower, a memorial for the city that can be climbed to the top of with even more spectacular aerial views across the southwest cities landscape.

Students often found sitting by the tower on the grass area, feasting on some lunch or having a laugh with friends and family, it’s truly the perfect spot and no better place to be for an outdoor venture.

Plymouth Hoe has some of the best ice cream vans and cafes/bars just a stone throw away from the water’s edge, a perfect place to socialise and take in the Plymouth atmosphere.

People travel far and wide for such a view and the seaside city welcome them with open arms and hospitable charm.

Drake’s Circus Shopping Mall

Drake’s Circus Shopping Mall
Drake’s mall has been a renaissance in the city and is a shopping paradise with high end stores such as JD sports, Topshop and River Island, retail therapy doesn’t come much better than this place.

But it’s not all about the shopping the Mall is filled with state of the art restaurants, such as Bill’s, Yo Sushi and Burger king to name a few…….you could even use the mall as a day trip in itself, so much to do and spend that student finance on.

The mall is a very modern centre piece of Plymouth city centre and its only 2 minutes’ walk from the Plymouth University, therefore if you really like your shopping you can pop over on lunch break and catch the latest seasonal sales.

Drakes Circus really does light up the city and create a buzz at any time of the year, rain or shine the indoor facility is always lively and it gives Plymouth a unique style building perfect for completing all chores in one place.

At Christmas time the lights can be seen from far and wide and the food markets and stalls feature throughout the building, it’s truly a special venue that is packed with fun and adventure, and its on the universities doorstep!!

Barbican Leisure Park

Barbican Leisure Park
The leisure park is home to Vue Cinema and Plymouths largest nightclub being Prysm I’m sure our students have heard of that name before in the early hours.

The fun doesn’t stop there, the leisure park has a Nuffield Health Gym & leisure club and a Bowling alley/arcade.

The Barbican leisure park has a wide variety of facilities and attracts students form far and wide, to walk from town would take you 15 minutes and it’s an easy route by foot.

Lots of local pubs or restaurants to keep you occupied along the way.

The park has the locals favourite Nando’s restaurant as part of the complex and this place is always buzzing and a great atmosphere, the chicken theme seems to go down well in Plymouth and is a popular choice for our students too.

Another added bonus is the free parking element therefore if you wanted to take a car, there is ample space and you can save the legs, especially if you going to be late for the movie you booked online!!


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