10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day LGBT+ Community

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day within the LGBT+ community then look no further, we’ve put together this guide with different ways to get involved.

Historically, this worldwide celebration can be quite difficult for those within the community due to a larger representation of heterosexual couples within society.

To put things into context, you’re more likely to see hallmark cards portraying same sex couples than gay and lesbian couples which can make LGBT+ people feel uncomfortable and excluded, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Things may have changed slightly in recent years and there is more representation for the LGBT+ community for Valentine’s Day than previously, but there’s still a way to go to make everyone feel included and represented.

If you’re a part of the LGBT+ community and wondering how you can celebrate this special day all about love, carry on reading to find out!

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1. Spend Quality Time With Your Significant Other

We associate Valentine’s Day with expensive romantic dates and whilst it’s nice to treat yourself and spend time with your partner in this way, it doesn’t have to be the only way to celebrate.

Let’s not lie this celebration can be hella expensive with buying each other presents and going out on dates, money can easily rack up.

If you’re not wanting to celebrate in this way and you’re wanting something a bit more budget suited, then you could just simply head to a local park or green space with your significant other.

You could make a picnic to take with you (depending if it’s weather permitted) with both of your fave snacks and drinks, enjoy the sights, go for a walk and just take time to spend valuable time with one another.

Or, you could have a games night with your favourite games, have a cooking session or even make cocktails, you can’t beat lowkey plans sometimes!

quality time with significant other lgbt

2. Have A Movie Night Watching LGBT+ Films

Whilst it’s popular to exchange gifts and go out for romantic meals on Valentine’s Day, a great affordable option is to stay in and a movie night.

If curling up on the couch and getting cosy with a movie on is your kind of ideal date, why not spend Valentine’s doing exactly that?

Whether it’s with your significant other or a solo night in, you’ll have a great time.

As a member of the LGBT+ community you can take the time to have a movie night watching films which represent the community.

There are absolutely tons of LGBT+ films out there with some romantic recommendations for your movie night including Love, Simon, Call Me By Your Name, Moonlight, Portrait of a Lady on Fire and of course the classic, Brokeback Mountain.

Netflix offers a diverse collection of films which celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer stories so take a look and get the popcorn ready!

movie night lgbt+ films

3. Practice Self Love

Self love is so important for celebrating Valentines Day as an LGBT+ person as they’re more likely to struggle with their mental wellbeing than heterosexual people within society.

It can be a difficult and confusing celebration to navigate through for some members of the LGBTQ community so, make sure to take time to take care of your mental health and practice being kind to yourself.

It’s especially important to take time to support your own wellbeing if you’ve not come out yet about your sexuality.

Furthermore, it can also feel quite isolating if you’re single on Valentine’s Day and others around you are in relationships, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this special day.

Likewise, you shouldn’t feel pressured to celebrate at all if you don’t want to or if celebrating doesn’t make you feel good, just treat it as any other day and do things which you enjoy.

There’s no pressure to get involved with Valentine’s Day if you don’t feel like it!

practicing self love lgbt person

4. Support LBGT+ Businesses

A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is heading out for a romantic meal and some drinks, there really is nothing better than good food and cocktails if you ask us!

As a member of the community, why not head to a LGBT+ friendly restaurant or bar to support their business and celebrate this special day?

There will most likely be a dedicated LGBT+ quarter in your uni city or town which you can head to kick off your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

If you’re on the hunt for LGBT+ friendly gifts for that special someone, make sure to head to a queer-owned business.

Not only will you get your hands on some super cute presents, it’s also a great way to show your support to the wider community – it’s a win, win!

If you’re struggling to find suitable presents for your significant other, or even for something for yourself (we love a little treat) then you could have a look online for LGBT+ friendly small businesses!

supporting lgbt+ businesses valentines day

5. Attend An LGBT+ Event

This Valentine’s Day if you’re stuck with plans for the special occasion, take a look to see if there are any LGBT+ friendly events which are taking place in your local area.

Whether it’s drag themed bottomless brunches, nightclub events, live music concerts, comedy nights or any other celebrations.

We’re sure there’ll be plenty out there and with a quick online search you’ll find some to choose from which suit you.

Not only are these fun things to do for LGBT+ couples on Valentine’s Day but you could also head there with your friends too, or solo cos’ we’re guaranteed you’ll be given a warm welcome regardless!

lgbt+ event valentines day

6. Host Your Own Event

If you’re struggling to find LGBT+ events taking place for Valentine’s Day in your local city or town, you could think about hosting your own party or get-together.

It doesn’t have to be specifically catered to same sex couples coming together, it could be a chance to celebrate the community within a safe space and spread love to people in your life.

You could host some activities such as making LGBT+ Valentine’s Day cards, listening to music from artists within the community or even having a film night with films or TV shows which focus on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer love!

The possibilities are endless for an LGBT+ themed event for V-Day so, go out there and see what you can think of for your get-together.

For those living in our HFS properties, you can host your own LGBT+ friendly Valentine’s Day celebration using our residents app KLIQ.

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7. Spend Time With People You Care About

Valentine’s Day is known for being a celebrated day spent showering your lover with affection, but it doesn’t have to focus on just romantic love.

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, seeing someone or if you’re single, make sure to spend time spreading love to your family, friends and other people in your life too.

Platonic love can be just as special as romantic love and the staple of this day is all about the connection between loved ones.

To make Valentine’s more inclusive, spend time with people you care about and celebrate friendships and other relationships in your life.

Whether it’s going for a coffee or some food with your best friend, heading out on a walk or even just having a phone call, this celebration should be a day which is for both couples and singles alike!

Better yet, make sure to take part in Galentine’s Day which takes place on Feb 13th!

Valentine's Day spent with friends

8. Explore The LGBT+ History In Your Area

Searching for things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an LGBT+ friendly way?

Well, there’s no better way than exploring queer art, culture and landmarks in your area.

Not only is it Valentine’s Day on February 14th but this month is also LGBT+ History Month.

So, there really is no better time to explore the history of the community in your area and learn more – there’s always more to discover!

There are plenty of LGBT+ virtual galleries out there as well as interesting stories in the form of podcasts and books if you’re not up for getting a cultural fix in-person.

So, you can learn more and indulge in queer art and culture from the comfort of your student flat instead.

learning more about lgbt history and culture

9. Make Personalised Cards

Valentine’s Day is centred around gifts and chocolates but something that’s more meaningful and memorable is making your own personalised gift or card for your Valentine.

As we stated, there’s quite often a lack of representation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender hallmark cards out there.

So, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your own cute and personalised creation!

Plus, if you’re someone who isn’t quite a fan of Valentine’s Day due to it being commercialised or corny, this way you can still get involved in the romance without having to buy anything.

personalised card valentine's day

10. Volunteer Together

Lastly on our list of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day is something a little more unique but nonetheless a great idea for queer couples to do together.

If you’re stuck with things to do or you’re not really up for getting involved with other activities, why not spend the day together volunteering for a cause you’re both passionate about?

There’s plenty of LGBT+ charities and organisations out there such as Stonewall or, just search online to discover other forms of volunteering you both could get involved with!

Not only is it a great way to show support for something you care about and give back to your community, but it can also make both of you feel good.

volunteering lgbt valentine's day

It’s so important to celebrate diversity and all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day to make sure everyone feels included.

No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity or whether you’re in a relationship or not, we hope you have a great time this February 14th.

Remember, love should be celebrated however it feels right to you, regardless of whether you’re a hopeless romantic or not!

Let us know how you’re celebrating V-Day as a member of the LGBT+ community @_homesforstudents.

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