10 First Date Ideas For Teens To Get Inspired

Dating can be super fun when you’re in your teens, especially when it comes to the first date.

You’re filled with butterflies as you get to know a new person and form new memories.

Although, when it comes to choosing where to go on your first date, it can be stressful.

You want to find somewhere fun to go that impresses the other person, helps reduce any awkwardness and doesn’t break the bank.

If you need a little help with planning the best outing, you’re in luck as we’re dating geniuses at HFS.

We’ve put together a list of 10 first date ideas for teens to get inspired – it’ll be love at first sight with our guide!

first date ideas teens

1. Grab A Drink Or A Bite To Eat

Okay, we know, this one isn’t the most original first date idea but sometimes simple is best.

For starters, heading to a public place like a coffee shop surrounded by other people ensures that you’re in a safe environment.

Which is specially important if this is the first time you’re meeting this person.

Secondly, it’s a great place to sit and get to know each other, as this is what first dates are all about!

If things start to become a bit awkward and you feel like you’re unsure of what to say (this is normal) you can just sip on your drink or enjoy a bite to eat.

Some cafes and restaurants even offer student discounts too so if you’re currently studying for your A-Levels, make the most of some money off.

If things go smoothly, you can always head somewhere else after having a cuppa and some scran.

If you’re ready to draw the date to an end you can ask for the bill – we told you we were dating geniuses!

Cafe date teens

2. Go To The Cinema

Hey film fanatics, this ones for you!

Going to the cinema is a classic date idea which will always be a favourite of ours.

With some amazing upcoming movies coming up like Avatar: The Way Of The Water and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, what better time to go watch a film?

Whilst you can’t really talk to your date too much when the films showing, when it’s finished you can talk about your favourite parts, or you’re the not to good parts.

This way, you can get to know each other’s interests and you may just share a few things in common.

Of course, you’ve gotta grab a Tango Ice Blast and share a bucket of popcorn whilst you’re there too.

You could even have a look and see if there’s a drive-in cinema in your area (if you have your license already).

If you’re really scrapped for money, you could invite your date over for a movie night and some Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit!

Cinema date

3. Show Off Your Skills At Bowling

Bowling is the perfect date idea when its your first time spending time with someone – it’s right up our alley!

It’s a popular activity for young people, due to being pretty laidback with a good atmosphere.

You can show off your skills and score strike after strike to impress your date, or make them laugh by failing miserably.

Plus, if you’re struggling to keep the conversation flowing perhaps because you’re nervous, you can use the game as something to talk about.

The great part is, this first date idea isn’t too expensive either and they normally offer deals.

So, if you’re not looking to splash the cash, this one’s ideal.

Just remember, you’re gonna be changing into bowling shoes so ditch the embarrassing socks!

We’d also suggest not acting like a sore loser if you don’t win at any games.

Bowling date

4. Attend A Sports Match

Does the idea of sitting down and chatting to your crush over some food give you tons of anxiety?

That’s completely fine, we’d recommend attending a sporting event instead.

If you both have a lot in common and support the same football team or another sports team, this will be a super fun date idea.

You can both join in on the energetic atmosphere and create some great memories.

If you fancy it, you could grab a bite to eat or drink from the stadium or head out somewhere after the games finished.

Hopefully, your team wins which will kick the first date off with a bang.

If they don’t, you’ll still be able to talk about when it’s over!

However, we’d recommend asking your date beforehand if they’re interested in sports before surprising them with tickets, as it may not be the most fun for them otherwise.

Sports game date

5. Watch A Live Music Concert

Next up on our list of the best date ideas for teens, is attending a live music concert.

If you share a similar music taste, then it’s an absolute winner to sing-a-long to your favourite artists together at a gig.

We’re sure this will be one of the most memorable dates so, take a look at what concerts are taking place near you and grab a ticket for you and your date.

Going to a gig can also work really well as a double date idea if you’re looking for something to do for a group dating session.

Of course, this date idea only really works if you know what music they’re into beforehand.

If you’re wondering how to ask someone on a first date, you could start off a conversation about the song they posted on their story and go from there.

How cute would it be if you did end up going to see that same artist together?!

first date ideas teens concert

6. Break Free At An Escape Room

Are you and your date adrenaline junkies?

If so, going to an escape room will be a unique experience which you can do together.

If you’ve never been to an escape room before and don’t know what to expect, it’s an activity where you must work together to investigate and solve puzzles in order to escape.

There’s a limited time frame for you to break free, with different challenging yet fun scenarios and themes to choose from.

It’ll be a real ice breaker for you and your date to get to know each other and work together.

Plus, you’ll see if someone is on the same wavelength as you, if you both stay calm and collected and smash the challenge!

Although, if you’re already nervous about your first date with someone, this experience might not be too-good.

Plus, you can’t exactly leave when you want to so bare this in mind.

Escape Room date

7. Hit Up The Arcade

If escape rooms aren’t really your style, another fun date idea is to hit up your local arcade.

You can play some video games, hopefully win some prizes and have a laugh all whilst getting to know someone new.

Plus, you don’t have to worry too much about awkward silences when you’re busy playing games so the chilled vibes will be well and truly flowing.

If you haven’t got too much spare funds at the minute, you could even have a board games night together – who doesn’t love a game of monopoly?

Although, a trip to the arcade is pretty cheap compared to most first date ideas for teens!

Arcade date

8. Take A Trip To The Zoo

Next up within our guide to first date ideas for teens, is to take a trip to your local Zoo.

The zoo is a really great place to have a chat about your interests and personal lives, without adding too much pressure.

You can stroll around and see the animals, hopefully enjoy the nice weather and even grab some lunch from the food court whilst you’re there.

There’s loads to do and see at zoo’s and it can be quite a lengthy activity so you’ll for sure know your date pretty well after the day is over.

Plus, if you both love animals then this date will be a winner.

Another cute date idea similar to the zoo, is taking a visit to your local aquarium where you live.

Whilst there will be an admission charge, these places normally offer student tickets so keep an eye out for this!

Zoo date

9. Try Out Ice Skating

With the festive season well and truly underway, it would be rude not to include some Christmas-themed date ideas!

We reckon one of the most fun date ideas for teens is to go ice skating together.

Not only is it a pretty amazing experience, it’s quite a silly activity to do with your crush.

You’ll both be none stop laughing as you skate along and try to stop one another from falling over – it’s an excuse to hold hands too!

After you’re done falling over and falling for your date, have a nice hot choccy to warm you up.

Chances are, the city or town you live in will have an Ice skating rink opening for the holidays so plan a date and make the most of it.

We do recommend booking in advance for a date like this though, as it’s super popular during the Winter months.

Ice skating date

10. Visit The Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets across the UK have already started to open up and we can’t wait to take a trip to our local market!

It’s one of the best cheap date ideas, because you can simply just stroll around, spend time with your date and take in the magic of the surroundings without spending a penny.

Unless of course you want to top your date off by buying some festive food and drink, but even still it isn’t that costly.

Depending on where you live, most cities and towns offer an array of seasonal activities to get involved with.

Whether it’s buying a gift for your family from the wooden chalets, listening to some live music, going on some fair ground rides or even just enjoying the Christmas Lights.

Fingers crossed you won’t just be buzzing for Christmas, but buzzing to see your date again after!

Christmas Markets date

Lastly, it’s important to try and think of activities that you both will enjoy and feel at ease when it comes to first dates.

This way, you can come up with a fun idea you both agree on, and which suits both of your budgets.

If you go to college or sixth form together, you could even plan a study date!

Wherever you’re going for your first date, we wish you all the best and hope you have an amazing time.

Remember, it’s normal to be nervous and the other person will probably be feeling the same way!

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