10 Father’s Day Hampers To Put A Smile On Your Dad's Face

Father’s Day this year falls on Sunday 18th of June 2023, and if you are living away from home in student accommodation for the first time, you might be wondering what you can do from a distance to show your dad that you love him.

It always means more to put some real thought into a Father’s day gift and one of the best approaches for a child living away from home is to put together Father’s Day hampers that hit feature all of his favourite things and memories.

Let’s have a look at some of the different gift ideas and how to put together the best hamper for your dad this Father’s Day 2023.

In some cases we’ve gone for budget-friendly, DIY options, in other cases we’ve found it best to direct you towards an actual hamper with goodies.

It all depends on your situation and whether you’re sharing the cost with siblings.

So, here is our list of the best Father’s Day hampers for 2023!

father's day hampers

1. Custom Photo Accessories

One of the best ways to show your dad that you love him this Father’s Day, is to send him a mug, a coaster or other item with your face printed on the side of it!

In all seriousness, there are many different items that you can print a family photo on, add a message saying ‘Best dad in the world’ or something similar and make sure he’s seeing you and your love every single day when he sits down for a cup of tea in the morning.

Companies such as Vista Print offer an easy and cost-effective way to print photos onto almost any surface or item.

If you want to create a custom calendar with a variety of family photos, or you want to put a photo of you and your dad on a mug or coaster, you can do so with ease.

Printing family photos on different items provides you with a touching gift that doesn’t cost the earth and will definitely put a smile on your father’s face.

custom photo accessories father's day hampers

2. Fancy A Cuppa?

Choosing some fancy tea to go along with your special Father figures new favourite mug and coaster set is important.

Everyone’s dad loves a cuppa, and there are some amazing choices of teas to play around with and to help him expand his taste-buds away from the bog-standard builders tea (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

Find a supplier of Loose-Leaf tea that offers a wide range of flavours and tea choices, such as yellow tea, oolong tea, fermented teas, alongside your more recognisable green and black teas.

You could even investigate how to make your own blend of tea, putting together a speciality tea for your father alone, that he’ll definitely remember for years to come.

Sitting with a cup of tea and chatting with your old man is one of life’s great pleasures, enhance the experience with some fancy loose leaf tea.

fancy a cuppa?

3. Recycled Record Bowl

If your dad is into his music then a good way to combine a quirky gift with this love of music is to buy him a recycled record bowl.

You can choose an old record that has meaning to him (look in charity shops or online), and then you can either buy a bowl or make one yourself.

Choose an LP or a smaller record size depending on what size bowl you want to make.

Take an oven-safe bowl and place it upside down on a baking sheet, with the record resting on top of it.

Place in a pre-heated oven (200c) and within 10 minutes the record will have melted into the shape of the bowl.

It looks amazing and if you choose the right record, it can have real meaning to your dad.

recycled record bowl father's day hampers

4. Cocktails In The Post

There is something eminently sophisticated about sitting back with a cocktail in hand.

On Father’s Day, your dad wants to sit back and relax, watch the world go by and not have to worry about a thing.

Making a cocktail to help him settle down and relax might be the perfect gift you can give him.

A classic cocktail for your Dad is the whiskey-based Old Fashioned.

You could buy the ingredients for this, or if your dad is a connoisseur of cocktails take advantage of a popular recent craze, cocktails sent through the post.

Sending cocktails in the post to your dad would be a really nice surprise if he’s into cocktails.

It also gives you some choice to pick out different flavours and your dad’s favourite when putting together an order, trying out new tastes and giving him the experience of a sophisticated cocktail bar in his own home.

cocktails in the post father's day hampers

5. Craft Beer Hamper

If your Dad isn’t the cocktail type, you can fill your Father’s Day 2023 hamper up with his favourite craft beer.

For beer lovers, this is a fantastic way to put a smile on your Dad’s face when he opens his Father’s Day hamper.

With so many different flavours and strengths of craft beers to choose from like pale ales, lagers and IPAs, you can add a selection of types to mix up his drinking experience.

If he’s not a beer drinker, you could even switch it out for cider.

You could also fill the hamper up with some cool beer glasses and some bar snacks too, like nuts, crisps, and crackers if he’s a fan of them, it’s all down to you though.

With a beer in one hand and some delicious snacks in the other, we’re sure your Dad will be pleased with your homemade hamper!

Have you seen that TikTok trend where people make beer glasses out of beer bottles? That’s also a great idea!

craft beer father's day hampers

6. Sweet Or Chocolate Hamper

For those Dad’s with a sweet tooth, a treat hamper stuffed to the brim with his favourite chocolates and sweets will be a great present to receive for Father’s Day.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of companies out there offering sweet and chocolate hampers, but it’s more thoughtful to make your own and tailor it your Dad, with all his favourite snacks, and it’s budget-friendly too.

This way, he can relax, put his feet up and watch his fave TV shows with the comfort of his own homemade hamper, made especially by YOU.

If you’re in need of inspiration, there are plenty of TikTok videos out there to help you build your own.

To save the faff, you can head to shops like Funky Hampers to discover their ready made sweet and choccy hampers for June 18th.

chocolate father's day hampers

Photo by: Funky Hampers

7. Selfcare Grooming Hamper

Self-care is often associated as only a women’s thing, but there’s plenty of men out there who love looking and feeling their best.

If your Dad has go-to grooming, skincare products or aftershave, this Father’s Day you could gift him with a hamper full of his favourite toiletries.

Or, if your Dad’s skincare process consists of just soap and water, you could treat him to a grooming kit this Father’s Day to help him transform his self-care routine.

Whilst there are plenty of self-care grooming hampers out there to buy, making your own will add that personal touch, and will be much cheaper to make too!

self-care grooming father's day hampers

8. Make Your Dad A Mixtape

Your Dad is most likely of an age where he would have sat in front of the radio and ‘taped’ his favourite songs onto a cassette tape to listen back to at his leisure.

Making a mixtape for a loved one or friends was all the rage for years, and we still do it now with Spotify and Apple Music, curating playlists of our current favourite songs or to encapsulate a mood.

What better way to show your dad you love him than by making him a mixtape of all of his favourite songs, or those songs that have a special place in your memory of your upbringing and times together?

If you fancy it, you can, of course, go back and use a cassette (if you can find a cassette player and the means to make an old-fashioned mixtape), and there are also companies out there where you can order a customised vinyl record.

You provide the bought tracks from digital services and photos, and they’ll press it onto a record and make the sleeve personal to your dad.

This isn’t the cheapest option but could be a great idea if you are sharing the cost of your Father’s Day hampers and gifts with your siblings.

mixtape father's day hampers

9. Personalised Tool Box

How many times have you been bailed out by your dad when you’ve broken something, and it needs fixing?

Or watched him put together a desk, a bed or another piece of furniture for your bedroom that you’d have been completely lost if you had to build it on your own?

It could be that some of the quality times and memories you have with your dad is building stuff together, getting the old, dusty toolbox and materials out of the shed for a few hours.

A personalised wooden toolbox is a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea for the man who loves a bit of DIY but hasn’t upgraded his toolbox for years (maybe decades).

There are a few online retailers selling personalised tool boxes that could be the perfect gift for your dad this year.

Have a look on Etsy or similar places, or even have a stab at making a toolbox at home, putting your heart and soul into something your dad will cherish forever.

Your handy work could be the new home for his precious hammer, spanner, measuring tape and screwdrivers.

father's day hampers personalised tool box

10. Cheese And Meat

If you are going with the option of filling up Father’s Day hampers with some tasty food and other treats, throwing in some quality cuts of meat and some delicious cheese is always likely to go down well.

You’ll have a good idea of what type of cheese and meat your dad likes, so you can head to your local supermarket and buy up some Italian meats, some chorizo, a range of cheese, from the mildest tasty cheddar to a stinky blue cheese and everything else in between.

If your dad loves this type of food more than anything else, it might be best to choose a food hamper from a store as a fancy treat, giving him a wide selection of goodies, such as meats and cheese, pate and crackers.

father's day hampers cheese and meat

As you can see, there are loads of ideas out there to make up great Father’s Day hampers for 2023.

Whether you’re buying a hamper full of goodies from a certain store, or you are putting together a few different ideas and gifts and making things yourself at home in a DIY fashion, it’s all good fun.

Your dad will love the thoughtful gifts you’ve got him this Father’s Day. Family is always important, especially if you are living away from home as a student.

Make the most of it this year and put together the best hamper for your dad to enjoy.

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