10 Of The Best Side Hustles To Help Students Earn Extra Cash

Wanting a bit of extra cash or a cheeky night out or a brand-new outfit? We know the feeling! Have you ever heard of a side hustle?

If you haven’t, let us enlighten you, because this is a seriously cool way to bag some extra cash, and develop your skills too!

A side hustle is basically a ‘side job’, which is additional to your main job for a bit of extra income.

Obv we know that you guys are students, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some extra cash whilst studying – right?

With that being said, let’s take a look at 10 of the best side hustle ideas to help you make some extra moneyz.

1.   Start Blogging

Duh! Why not start blogging? You’ll be amazed at how much extra money you can get from it, and it can just take a couple of hours out of your day.

Upwork is a great website for freelancing and PeoplePerHour is another fab one to check out, both great websites that connect clients to freelancers!

For those who don’t have much experience in the blogging world, fear not, BloggingPro is ideal for those just starting out.

Basically what we’re trying to say is, there are loads of opportunities to start blogging as a side hustle.

If you really want to give it a go from scratch, why not start out your own blog on WordPress? Get those creative juices flowing!

2.  Get On Depop

get on depop side hustle

Got clothes literally overflowing out of your wardrobe and drawers in your student accommodation?

Yup. We have too. This is why you need to get on Depop ASAP.

The fashion marketplace app is all about buying and selling fashion pieces, with a mixture of independent and well-known brands on offer.

It’s so easy to hoard clothes that we never wear anymore until they just end up collecting dust in our room!

Well no more, because you’re going to start making money by selling them – the perfect side hustle tbh.

Hey, you could even create your own brand and start selling clothes from there if you want to be super #extra.

Just FYI, Depop will charge you a 10% fee on the total amount of your listing which includes shipping costs

3. Freelancing


Freelancing doesn’t just involve blogs you know, there’s loads of different things you can do for companies if you have the skills!

Whether it’s a spot of graphic design on the side or a freelance editor, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

There are so many pros of freelancing including flexible working hours and a good life balance, it’s fab if you want some extra money.

So take a look for opportunities like programming and IT, admin support or even something a little more quirky like Instagram (which we’ll touch on later.)

4.  YouTube


Do you see yourself as a YouTuber!? Well, that’s fab. Aslong as you don’t get into any boxing matches anytime soon.

Starting your own YouTube channel can be a pretty cool thing and is actually super common these days.

Which is why if this is your choice of side hustle, you need to find your niche and make sure you’re as unique as possible!

I wouldn’t worry too much about it though, whatever you do you’re bound to enjoy yourself and get some support from friends and fam along the way.

If you make in on YouTube it can be actually pretty decent money, for smaller YouTubers, it’s around 30p per view – but think of how that’ll add up.

5. Sell Arts & Crafts

arts & crafts side hustle

Now this one is a pretty cute side hustle, perfect for any arty-crafty people out there who want to show off their work.

Selling arts & crafts on websites like Etsy is a good start, you can find sooo much stuff on there, it’s really quite cool.

Bear in mind though, similar to Depop, you will be charged a transaction fee of 5% of the price you display for each listing.

With Etsy, some people can make a steady income of something like £20/£30 a month, but if your stuff seriously takes off, it could be way more.

6. Online Tutoring

online tutoring

Still after another side hustle? Why not try online tutoring as a part-time job whilst you’re getting your studies sorted?

You can look on generic websites like Indeed for any online tutoring jobs, or Upwork is another one to check out.

Upwork connects businesses with freelancers where you can create a free profile with a client-focused overview to get the perfect match of work.

You can bid for jobs, pitch your projects and choose how you get paid with fixed-price protection, sounds pretty good to us.

Other options include tutoring primary school students online, so take a look at My Tutor for an insight into that – good luck!

7.  Proofreading


PSA: Get on Upwork and take a look at the proofreading jobs, some may require experience but a lot of them are entry-level!

Just make sure you’ve mastered proofreading your own shizz before you apply for a proofreading job though, just in case.

8. Selling On Ebay

selling on ebay

Have you got loads of junk you don’t actually use anymore? Yup, we know the feeling folks!

If you sign up on Ebay and create a listing, FYI, you’re gonna become addicted.

Like other websites, they will charge you a small fee for your listing, but it’ll be so worth it when you’ve sold all your bits and bobs.

9. Influencer


Yassss, get on the Gram and start taking some selfies!

Jokes, being an influencer is a lot more than that, unfortunately, but it still seems like a fun side hustle nonetheless.

The most important thing to do first is build a community around your niche and make sure you stick with that brand.

Be sure to network with other influencers and build up your following, it’s all about supporting each other.

Whether it’s a food Insta, fashion, makeup, or your pooch, you could make some cash if you try hard enough with ad opportunities!

10. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace side hustle

Why not sell some of your stuff on Facebook Marketplace? It can be an awesome side hustle and a great way of having a clear-out.

It’d be a shame to throw away that old cupboard of yours you’ve got in your room, so why not send it to a good home?

You could even upcycle a piece of furniture and sell it for more profit – a great way of making some extra cash on the side!


We hope you enjoyed these best side hustle ideas to make some extra cash because there’s nothing better than a bit of extra dosh, am I right? So, take these ideas on board and do with them what you will, but don’t forget who gave you the tips when you’re a famous influencer! 😉

Wondering how to become a morning person so you can get the ball rolling with these side hustles? Check out our latest blog here for some tips.

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