How To Be A Morning Person: Top 10 Tips For Students!

Eek, mornings can be pretty grim, right? Sometimes, caffeine isn’t even the answer to keep your eyes open!

Being a morning person is pretty important when it comes to lectures, you deffo don’t want to zone out and miss anything important.

Luckily for students, our cosy student accommodation has comfy, squishy beds that are destined to give you a fab night’s sleep!

But what if you’re STILL feeling tired even after a solid 8 hours? Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got 10 top tips on how to be a morning person.

So, get ready to feel bright and breezy, let’s take a look at our tips.

1. Get A Bedtime Routine

bedtime routine how to be a morning person

This is pretty self-explanatory but establishing a proper bedtime routine is the best thing you can do if you’re wondering how to be a morning person.

Decide on a set bedtime, maybe have a nice hot shower, and get into the comfiest PJ’s you can find!

If you keep that routine going every night, your sleep is bound to be more consistent, and you’ll be a morning person in no time!

Bedtime routines can really help your brain separate the day from the night and help you relax into a nice deep sleep.


2. Move Your Alarm!

move your alarm how to be a morning person

Do you have a habit of snoozing your alarm constantly when you can’t be bothered to wake up? Don’t worry, we do too!

Have you ever thought about moving your alarm further away from your bed, so you have to get up to move it – pretty genius, eh?

It’s going to be annoying at first, but it’s going to be so annoying that you need to get out of your bed, and that’s what we want!

3. Exercise


Uh-oh, it’s the dreaded word “exercise” quick…hide!

Sorry folks, but if you’re still wondering how to be a morning person, exercise is definitely the answer.
Exercise is a really good way of waking up your body and releasing endorphins to get you prepared for the day ahead!

Did you know? Working out can actually be a great alternative to caffeine, we all love caffeine, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started with exercise, or you could visit one of our fabulous on-site gyms!

4. Have A Good Breakfast

have a good breakfast how to be a morning person

Whether you fancy a fry-up or something a little lighter, it’s no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

A good breakfast can proper set you up for the day because you don’t want to end up with a rumbling tummy before a long day.

Porridge is a great option for a quick breakfast because it releases energy slowly throughout the morning.

Other yummy brekkie choices include eggs, fruit and yoghurt, and of course…the top tier…TOAST! Find some delish toast topping ideas!

The best part? You’ll have all the best facilities in your student accommodation to cook up a bangin’ breakfast!

5. Try To Avoid Excessive Napping

excessive napping

I’m definitely a bit of a hypocrite writing this, but rumour has it that excessive napping isn’t always good for your sleeping pattern…who’d have thought it?

Of course, we’re not saying you can never have a nap, because let’s be honest, naps are the absolute best.

But try to keep them to an absolute minimum, because you’ll only regret it when you’re trying to get to sleep in the evening.

Don’t be put off napping completely though folks, because studies show that a short afternoon nap can boost your memory, lift your mood and ease stress!

So basically what we’re trying to say is, you can nap, but don’t do it loads.

6. Relax Your Mind

relax your mind how to be a morning person

Still wondering how to be a morning person? The trick is to try and relax your mind before falling asleep – easier said than done, we know.

It’s very common for anxiety and general overthinking to be much worse at night, just before you’re trying to fall asleep.

Whether it’s de-stressing breathing exercises or a bit of meditation from the headspace app, it’s so important to relax your mind before sleep.

We’d also recommend reading a relaxing book to calm your mind, or even some gentle yoga to give you some zen.

7. Consistent Bedtime And Wake Up

consistent bedtime and wake up

A not-so-fun fact – it’s actually not always about getting enough sleep. Even though you might get your solid 8 hours, you still may not feel awake and alert.

That’s because your bedtime and wake-up time might not be consistent, if you want to get sciencey, it’s all about reinforcing your circadian rhythm.

Waking up at the same time every single day can break the habit of you feeling sleepy and is generally super beneficial for your wellbeing.

It keeps your digestive system and metabolism in balance and keeps our general biological rhythm in order.

Long story short, try to go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day!

We understand that can’t always be the case because when you’re a student, nights out will obviously happen, but try to be good sometimes.

8. Create A Morning Routine

create a morning routine


For those wondering how to be a morning person, creating a strong morning routine is often the answer.

If you aim to wake up at roughly the same time each day, have your breakfast, get showered, exercise etc…you’ll feel tons better.

People often talk about the four key elements to starting off your morning which are waking up with energy, calming your mind, being productive, and getting good sleep.


9. Start Your Day Off Positive

start your day off positive

Start your day off with something positive is bound to make you feel a little chirpier – right?

Whether that’s having a slow morning with a yummy breakfast and a good book, or listening to your fave Spotify playlist, you pick!

Positive vibes make so much difference and remember to keep the positive affirmations going throughout the day.

Don’t be put off by positive affirmations, they may sound a little complicated and weird, but it’s really just repeating positive thoughts in your mind!

Click here for more information on positive affirmations.

10. Less Screen Time

less screen time how to be a morning person

Get off Insta NOW! We joke, but you should seriously try and limit your screen time before you sleep, it really helps. We promise.

The blue light on your phone can throw off your circadian rhythm and almost wake you up more when it’s time for sleep!

So basically, what we’re saying is, scroll all you like, but give yourself an hour or so before bedtime to try and avoid your phone and get into a nice sleepy state.

We hope you found these tips on how to be a morning person useful, granted it’s hard, sometimes even we struggle at Homes for Students! But you’ll get there in the end folks, it’s all about practice. After some more handy life hacks? Check out our blog for all the best tips.

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