Norwich is a vibrant cultural city boasting a diverse student population of over 15,000. It’s easy to see why so many students flock to Norwich, as it is the perfect mix of picturesque countryside, and the hustle and bustle of a lively city! Students never get bored here with an abundance of shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants, as well as outdoorsy activities such as snowboarding, go karting, and even windsurfing.

If you are after luxury then look no further than Pablo Fanque House. This property is a brand new development in the heart of Norwich, and boasts both stylish ensuite rooms, and luxury private studios.


Norwich is a thriving student city that is famous for its fabulous shopping, café culture and a pub for every day of the year! From the lively city with its countless bars and clubs, to the beautiful countryside and peaceful beaches, there is something to suit everyone.