We guarantee that our accommodation is always in key locations, perfect for conferences and expeditions. If you’ve got an event planned, give us a shout and we’ll make sure you’ve got plenty of comfortable rooms with any essentials you may need. Although you’ll only be staying with us for a short while, you’ll be given all the same fabulous amenities associated with long-term stays, so that you’re as relaxed as possible.


If you’re needing to travel for research purposes, you’ll need to choose the right short-term accommodation with maximum comfort. Here at Homes for Students, we make sure you’re never too far away from central locations and transport links to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

Whether you’re in a group, or on your own, we have a variety of suitable short-term accommodation options to ensure the perfect temporary home away from home. Our flexible short stays fit with your research accordingly, with some stays as short as 2 weeks or a single semester.


Homes for Students offer safe, supported accommodation for young people in central locations, close transport links. With some accommodation offering on-site security, you’ll always feel safe and relaxed, the moment you walk into our property.

Our short-term, flexible accommodation offers a perfect comfortable home, whether it’s for two weeks or many months. With fantastic amenities such as great locations, plenty of storage and modern social spaces, we create the perfect base for young people and busy professionals. Get ready to mix and socialise in our comfortable lounge areas, giving you plenty of opportunities to make new friends.


Working at an event and need some accommodation? We can offer any length of stay for specific groups or events, whether you want to stay with us for a weekend or a couple of weeks! Our event and crew accommodation is aimed at those who may be part of a theatre group and need a base for a couple nights, or you’re working at a big event that lasts for a few days, we’ve got the solution.

Our accommodation is never too far away from anything, with fantastic amenities guaranteed to make your stay with us comfortable. Enjoy SuperFast Wi-Fi, social spaces facilities and everything you need for a short trip away when working.


Homes for Students is an accommodation provider for The National Citizen Service, a government-backed programme for 16-17-year-olds to help them build skills for work-life! It runs during the spring, summer, and autumn where young people will be away from home for a short period of time. Our tenancies offer the perfect amount of time for situations like this, including summer accommodation, to make sure these young adults are as comfortable as possible during their short stay.

Enjoy all of our fabulous amenities just as our long-term residents would, with social spaces, laundry facilities, unlimited Wi-Fi and comfy beds to sink into after a long day of work. Call us now to find out availability on our locations on 03333 442 829 or use this contact form to find the accommodation that suits your needs the most.