Top Summer Fashion Trends For 2023

Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring new cities, or simply chilling with your friends, our guide has got you covered with all the hottest summer fashion trends that will make you a style star. 

Are you ready to turn heads and make this summer your most stylish year yet? Here you can discover the top summer fashion trends for 2023, from fit-and-flare dresses to low rise waists to florals and more. 

We’ve compiled a list of must-have items that will keep you looking effortlessly cool all season long! 

summer fashion 2023

1. Mini Fit-and-Flare Dresses

The first fashion trend on our list is the comeback of the 2010s fit-and-flare dress. 

The 2023 version is super short, which is great for this summer heatwave.

Fit-and-flare dresses are known for their flattering silhouette that enhances the waist and creates a graceful and feminine shape.

What defines a fit-and-flare dress? It is fitted through the waist before flaring out at or below the hips – these are sure to be a hit this summer.

Boohoo has a wide range of amazing fit-and-flare dresses to choose from, so don’t hesitate to scroll through and find the perfect dress for you. 

We personally love this Lace Skater Dress for a nice warm day in the sun.

Mini Fit-and-Flare Dresses summer fashion 2023

2. Low Rise Waists

Another fashion trend has been brought back this 2023, and that is low rise waists. 

From jeans and shorts to evening skirts, everything has been styled as low rise – goodbye high rise!

Heavily influenced by grunge fashion, there are a few ways you can style low rise waists depending on what look you are going for.

For a more casual style, a pair of low rise denim is the way to go paired with a crop top. Or for a more dressy, evening style, aim for a low rise skirt and fitted top.

Pretty Little Thing have you covered on the denim front, check out their jeans for the style you love.

Meanwhile Boohoo have some fab low rise skirts you need to get your hands on!

low rise waists summer fashion 2023

3. Sheer

A new trend this year is sheer layers, something that can be pulled off for both casual and formal occasions.

This trend is all about good panelling and layering to show a little skin without it being too revealing.

How this style works for you is entirely dependent on how you feel. From sheer jackets that reveal the outfit underneath to sheer tops over bras and sheer dresses over matching sets.

Particularly trendy are sheer skirt overlays, sheer dress overlays and sheer blouses.

Pretty Little Thing has a gorgeous range of sheer dresses and sheer tops to choose from, so get scrolling! 

sheer summer fashion 2023

4. Purple

Purple was a big fashion trend last year, and it has continued to be a favourite for 2023.

From lilac, pastel tones to rich purple and deeper hues, it looks like purple is the summer colour.

Party dresses in a nice lilac and purple tone continue to make a big impact this year. 

A purple ensemble complete with different tones will make you a fashion icon for summer! 

ASOS has some absolutely beautiful party dresses in a range of purple hues, check them out for some fashion inspo. 

Wanting to workout in style? For more casual and sporty pieces head over to Adidas.

purple summer fashion 2023

5. Florals

Want to follow the hottest fashion trends this summer? Of course you do! 

Floral designs will effortlessly elevate your summer style game for 2023. 

Florals are worth investing in as the look never goes out of style – the bolder the better! 

Opt for a floral sundress or a flowy top paired with denim shorts for a fresh look that screams summer vibes.

Or if dresses aren’t your style then a printed blouse is great for making a splash on campus. 

ASOS have a range of floral dresses, perfect for any occasion this summer. 

Meanwhile Boohoo has a lot of stunning floral blouses to choose from.

florals summer fashion 2023

6. Pink

Summer and pink go hand in hand like avocados and toast. 

Both hot pink and softer pastel tones are all the rage for summer 2023. 

Pink looks good on any piece so grab your favourite item and make it trendy, with the new Barbie film being released soon, you can look the part! 

Dresses in particular will unleash your inner fashionista, whether it’s a nice cocktail dress or a summer-friendly flowing maxi dress, the pink palette will definitely be utilised.

Pink suits and co-ords are also the rage this year, so make sure to make room in your wardrobe.

River Island has beautiful pink summer dresses, so go and grab them whilst you can. 

Wanting to show off a two piece? ASOS have many pink co-ords you need to get a hold of.

summer fashion 2023 pink

7. Asymmetric Hems

When the sun is blazing, go for clothes that have asymmetric hems, it’s a simple and easy style to adopt.

Asymmetric hems are all about high-low angles, from an asymmetric hemline to a one shoulder neckline.

Unsure what to wear? One-shoulder dresses are flattering and beautiful and will add a splash of personality to your summer style! 

An asymmetric skirt is another flattering look this summer as it helps to lengthen legs.

Head over to Boohoo to view the wide range of fabulous one shoulder dresses. 

Or, check out ASOS for asymmetric skirts if that’s more your style.

Asymmetric Hems summer fashion 2023

8. Lace

This summer is the time to try the new lace trend – underwear as outerwear.

We don’t mean actual underwear, but pieces that have lace and give off lingerie vibes.

Think corset detailing, lace bra cups, corset style tops and bonded bodice dresses.

If you would like to try this trend, how about fit and flare dresses that have a fitted bodice or corset style tops with a skirt? Or slip dresses with silky fabric and lace details? 

You could even go for camisoles under a blazer for an effortlessly cool and laid-back look.

Boohoo has seemingly hit the mark with some lovely slip dresses and camisoles

If a corset style catches your eye then check out Pretty Little Thing for gorgeous corset style tops.

lace top summer fashion 2023

9. Ruffles

Ruffles are a fashion trend staying around this summer for both day and evening wear.

It is a big and bold trend that isn’t for the introvert who wants to blend in. Sitting vertically, horizontally and diagonally, this trend is a statement piece.

Ruffled skirts are a powerful piece of clothing – vertical ruffles draw attention to your silhouette.

Ruffled shoulders are a great way to add detail to casual style clothes. Plus ruffled blouses are perfect for your workwear wardrobe.

Add some ruffles to your wardrobe with Boohoo skirts and H&M tops.

ruffles fashion summer

10. Heart Motifs

A big fashion trend this year is heart motifs, usually seen as prints on t-shirts and sweaters but for 2023 they have adopted a more sophisticated style from chiffon appliques to stitch detailing.

Set a romantic tone through pretty dresses adorned in hearts for the summer feeling.

This year is all about heart applique to add texture and detail on dresses and blouses. Or even the classic print on t-shirts, knitted clothing and dresses.

As the temperature rises, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with all things heart related from Shein.

You can even add some retro sunglasses or trendy clear-frame glasses to make a statement. 

Heart Motifs summer fashion

Well that is our top summer fashion trends for 2023 completed. 

Embrace the summer vibes, unleash your inner fashionista, and make heads turn as you ace your fashion game for 2023! 

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