Things for Students To Do In Norwich

Did you know that Norwich has a pub for every day of the week? If that’s not a good enough reason to choose to study here, we don’t know what is!

Home of Colman’s Mustard and the famous Alan Partridge, Norwich is a medieval city brimming with history and Insta-worthy cobbled streets.

You don’t have to worry about being bored in this city because there’s plenty of fun activities for you and your pals to get involved with when you’re not studying.

The University Of East Anglia is home to around 15,000 students and recently ranked as the 25th university in the whole of the UK according to The Complete University Guide 2020, hurrah!

We’ve done our research and gathered a list of activities you can do every day of the week in this cute city, so grab your mates, and get ready to have some fun.


Visit The Plantation Garden

Flowers in the Plantation Garden in Norwich

Wave bye-bye to those Monday blues with a nice little day at The Plantation Garden!

This nineteenth-century garden is in an old quarry and is around 3 acres long, with a huge gothic fountain, flower beds, lawns, woodland walkways, and a rustic bridge.

There are so many little hidden features you won’t want to miss in this garden, offering seriously chilled vibes, giving you the perfect excuse for a little Monday stroll.

Open to the public every day from 9am-6pm, it’ll only cost you £2 to enter the gardens, what a bargain!

Grab yourself a nice warm cup of coffee and go for a stroll around this secret garden right beside the Roman Catholic Cathedral on Earlham Road.

Please note: this is the perfect place for Instagram pics, just saying!

Dinner At Nanna Mexico

After your peaceful stroll with plenty of selfies, why not head over to Nanna Mexico for some scrumptious food?

Nanna Mexico has three simple principles, buy fresh, cook simple, and waste nothing!

Choose from a combo meal or a “big-ass burrito” featuring a 12”, soft wrap with a filling of your choice.

The tantalising fillers consist of fresh chicken, beef, chicken & chorizo, pork belly, slow-cooked pork, barbacoa, beans, or a delicious veggie option of roasted peppers & onions with your favourite flavour.

Is your belly still rumbling? Nanna Mexico offers a fabulous range of extras including tortilla chips & salsa and cheese sauce, yummy!

Located on White Lion Street in the centre of town, this great value eatery is only a stroll from your student accommodation in Norwich, what a winner.


Visit Norwich Cathedral

Who wants a boring Tuesday? Not us! Which is why you need to head over to Norwich Cathedral with your mates, to soak up some history.

Unearth over 900 years of history for absolutely free, what more could you want on a Tuesday?

With plenty of fascinating exhibitions, enjoy a cheeky bit of cake or a coffee at the Rectory Café and explore the Herb and Japanese gardens afterwards.

Opening times for visitors are usually Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, giving you plenty of time to explore the cathedral and head out for the evening when you’re done!

Drinks At The Mischief

People having drinks after a day exploring Norwich

After a day of learning history about the fab city you’re studying in, it’s time to wind down with a few drinks at The Mischief!

Famous for their ‘Tequila Tuesday’ it’d be rude not to pop down there for a visit with your mates.

This really is the place to be on a Tuesday night, you’re bound to bump into people you know with good vibes all round.

About a 15-minute walk from your student accommodation in Norwich, you won’t have to stumble too far home after a few bevvies.


Clued Up Escape Rooms

Happy hump day! What better way to celebrate midweek with a good puzzle solving sesh.

Your team will enter a themed room with the aim of escaping within one hour, there will be loads of puzzles and items in that particular room and as you solve them you’ll be able to access more areas of that room until you (hopefully) reach the final puzzle!

As time goes on, everything will fall into place, and the more you communicate with your mates, the better you’ll do, so get your thinking caps on.

There are so many different themes at Clued Up Escape Rooms from “The Bank Heist” to “Prison Breakout” it really boils down to whatever you fancy.

It costs around £22 per person and has all the COVID19-secure procedures in place to ensure the safety of your group. It won’t exactly break the bank, but it will make your brains hurt!

Cocktails At Revolución de Cuba

After a long day of solving puzzles and being super clever, why not treat yourself to a few cocktails at Revolución de Cuba to really wind down with your pals?

On Wednesday, it’s 2-4-1 cocktails from 3pm-7pm, hence why they’ve made an appearance on our list!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday visitors can also enjoy 50% off food and drink, so we hope you’re feeling extra hungry.

For cocktails, we’d deffo recommend the ‘Sangria Sour’ which consists of Bacardi Aventura rum shaken with lemon and sugar, topped with fruity Merlot red wine.


Walk Around The Broads

Time for some fresh air! The Broads is possibly one of the most famous aspects of Norfolk, a National Park with over 125 miles of lock-free waterways studded with picturesque villages and towns.

It’ll probably take you around 35-minutes to get here by car, but trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the scenes!

If you’re feeling extra fancy you could even hire a boat for the day and do a bit of exploring, the best way to see the area.

There’s plenty of walking guides and top tips online to give you a guide though, so don’t worry, you won’t get lost!

This is a great place to relax, soak up some scenery, and wind down after some studying with your friends.

Dinner At Woolf & Social

All that walking has bound to have made you feel a bit peckish, which is why you should pop down to Woolf & Social for a nice hearty meal after your day of meandering.

The food on offer is all about sharing, with plenty of small plates to go round for you and your friends.

If you like cheese, the cheeseboards are a particular favourite amongst visitors as well as the pork belly, scrumptious!


Visit Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

TGIF! Grab yourself a slice of history and visit Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, all for free.

Currently undergoing refurbishment, Norwich Castle houses the world’s greatest collection of Norwich silver, Lowestoft porcelain, and work by the Norwich School of artists.

The museum has Anglo-Saxon and Viking exhibits as well as a range of Egyptian tombs, pretty cool!

Built by the Normans as a Royal Palace 900 years ago, the castle is home to bags of history, bound to keep you intrigued.

Vue Cinema Norwich

Everyone loves popping to the cinema, especially when there’s plenty of popcorn involved!

Located in the picturesque Castle Quarter, it’ll only cost you £5.78 for a ticket online to go and catch one of the latest flicks with your pals. It’s all COVID19-safe of course.

The question is, will you get salty or sweet popcorn?


Shopping At The Norwich Lanes

Everyone needs a bit of retail therapy now and then, which is why you need to visit The Norwich Lanes on a weekend, with over 300 independent retailers.

As well as shopping, there’s a whole bunch of yummy eateries too, including the famous Grosvenor Fish Bar popular amongst students.

It’s easily walkable too, making it a great option for a day out, especially when the sun’s shining!

Lunch At Moorish Falafel Bar

Falafel for Lunch in Norwich

Grab a tasty lunch at the Moorish Falafel Bar, offering a tasty choice of falafels with crisp salads and a wide range of signature sauces.

There’s plenty of vegan cakes too if you fancy something sweet after your meal, guaranteed to leave your mouth watering!

We’d recommend The Greek Tabbouleh with olives, hummus and slaw or the Beyond Meat burger with gherkins, red onion and tomato & sauce.


Stroll Down Elm Hill

Take a stroll down the cobbled Elm Hill, with many buildings dating back to the Tudor period!

The famous Norwich Landmark has even been used for films including the 2007 film Stardust, pretty cool right?

Being the most medieval street in the city, it’s no wonder this is a hot spot for selfies and Insta-pics!

Explore quaint craft shops, antiques, and art galleries with a whole bunch of cute coffee shops and delis you need to visit too.

One of the most known buildings on Elm Hill is The Britons Arms, the only survivor of the 1507 fire, since the 50’s it’s been a family-run coffee house and serves delicious homemade food.

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