5 Of the Best Walks in Lincoln!

Keeping active is so important, and going on a walk is great for both the body and mind – that’s for sure!

Students will be pleased to know that Lincoln isn’t just a bustling city centre, it’s also home to some beautiful walking trails.

Here at Danesgate House, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best walks in Lincoln, so get ready to grab your walking shoes and get going!

 1. Boultham Park

Boultham Park Walk

A walk along the River Witham towards the South of Lincoln will take you to Boultham Park, where you can walk through the beautiful woodland and around the large lake.

The park is the perfect habitat for a variety of wildlife! During your visit, you will see swans, squirrels, and many other woodland critters, so make sure to take your Camera.

After all this exploring you can take a well-deserved break in the Boultham Gardens and grab a quick drink from the Café.

2. Hartsholme Country Park

Hartsholme Country Park

Covering 200 acres this large park is the perfect place for a long walk. With its multiple lakes and pathways, it’s a great place to explore with friends.

During your adventure, you can take a break on the benches located in the park’s beauty spots.

If all this walking has worked up an appetite there’s a yummy café serving food and drink!

The park has a visitor centre where you can learn about all the wildlife and history of Hartsholme Country Park, and much like Boultham Park, there is an abundance of wildlife to see.

3. South Common

South common walk

A stroll down the bustling high street will take you to South Common, a large open space perfect for a Sunny Day out in Lincoln.

The South Common is also home to many large events in Lincoln, hosting the yearly fair and Circus.

A walk up the trail to the top of the ridge will give you a panoramic view of Lincoln, where you can see the iconic Lincoln skyline!

You can also visit the International Bomber Command Centre during your visit and learn about Lincoln’s history.

4. Lincoln Cathedral Quarter

A short walk up Steep Hill takes you to the beautiful Cathedral Quarter. Here you can walk the cobbled streets and take a look at the medieval architecture.

Why not take a stroll around the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral? The large stained glass windows and Gothic architecture makes it one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

Fun fact, until 1549 the Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world!

A short walk across the castle square will take you to the Castle grounds. Built by William the conqueror in 1068, this historic build is almost 1,000 years old.

Walking through the grounds you can reflect on the vast history of Lincoln. Did you know the castle is Home to the original 1215 Magna Carta?

Whilst you are on your travels make sure to make a stop in some of the independent Cafes. There is plenty of hidden gems in the medieval walls to grab a coffee and a slice of cake.

5. West Common

West common walk

Photo Taken By Student Emily Boes

The West Common is another large natural space located just outside the city centre on Carholme Road. The 250 acres of land is perfect for a picnic or coffee with a friend.

Whilst you walk through the vast fields you will spot several horses roaming the fields, this large space is definitely the perfect place for a mindful walk.

We hope you found this walking guide useful, a good walk does wonders for our wellbeing and is a great form of self-care. Check out our latest blog on ways to improve your mental health for more tips.

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