The Top Plymouth Student Influencers to Follow in 2024

Welcome to our blog spotlighting The Top Plymouth Student Influencers of 2024! 

Plymouth’s vibrant student community is enriched by these influential individuals, whose diverse voices and engaging content captivate audiences across various platforms.

From study tips to food recommendations, these influencers offer valuable insights and inspiration.

Join us as we explore their unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions to the student scene in Plymouth

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How would you define an influencer?

An influencer is someone who has garnered a following on social media or within a particular niche or industry. They consistently produce content, including posts, videos, or blogs, that resonates with their audience, covering topics like fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond.

This blog will not only focus on influencers who are students but also highlight individuals from diverse backgrounds who provide valuable inspiration for students.

Top Plymouth Student Influencers


Meet Adefolawe, your go-to guide on TikTok for all things international student life in the UK. With 29.5k followers, she shares invaluable tips on navigating the complexities of studying abroad, from money-saving hacks to job-hunting strategies. 

Whether you’re planning your move or already settled in, Adefolawe’s content covers everything you need to know for a smooth transition and great experience in the UK.

Follow her on TikTok and Instagram for practical advice, helpful resources, and insights to make the most of your international student journey.


Introducing Tash, your go-to foodie guide for Devon, Cornwall, and beyond! 

Tash explores the culinary delights of the region, offering reviews and mouthwatering recommendations. Whether you’re a student craving comfort food or seeking hidden gems on a budget, Tash has you covered. 

From cafes to fancy restaurants,  her reviews highlight the best places to satisfy your cravings and enjoy delicious meals!

Be sure to follow Tash on Instagram for amazing food recommendations and discover the tastiest food the Southwest has to offer.

Study Plate 

Meet Hossein,  a dental student at the University of Plymouth with 59k followers, who will be your go-to source for A-level revision tips and study hacks. From staying organised to acing medical and dental interviews, Hossein provides invaluable advice and resources to help students improve their study game. 

Whether you’re preparing for exams or planning your future in healthcare, his insightful content is packed with practical tips and guidance to support your academic journey. 

Be sure to follow his TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, we are sure you will love it.

Plymouth Foodie 

Plymouth Foodie will be your ultimate guide to the amazing food of the Southwest and beyond!

With a passion for exploring local cuisine, this account brings you honest and insightful reviews of the region’s diverse dining scene.

Whether you’re craving street food delights, traditional dishes, or international flavours, they have got you covered. Their reviews ensure you’ll never waste money on disappointing meals again. 

Be sure to follow Plymouth Foodie on Instagram to find the best restaurants in Plymouth. 


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How to become an influencer?

If you’ve been inspired by these remarkable content creators and are eager to begin your own journey, here are some essential tips to guide you:


  1. Define Your Focus: Identify a niche that reflects your passions, whether it’s lifestyle, food, university experiences, or any other area that excites you.


  1. Create Compelling Content: Produce engaging content that showcases your expertise, creativity, or unique perspective, incorporating visually appealing elements and captivating captions.


  1. Choose Platforms Wisely: Start with 1 or 2 platforms and expand gradually as you gain traction, maintaining a consistent presence and engaging with your audience.


  1. Embrace Authenticity: Stay true to yourself and your values to develop an authentic personal brand that distinguishes you from others.


  1. Foster Engagement: Interact with your followers, respond to comments, and seek collaboration opportunities within your niche to expand your reach.


  1. Monitor Your Progress: Use analytics tools to assess your content’s performance, refine your strategies, and stay abreast of evolving trends.


  1. Practise Patience and Perseverance: Building a following takes time and effort, so remain patient, adaptable, and committed to your journey, knowing that success comes with persistence.


In conclusion, the vibrant community of Plymouth boasts an array of talented student influencers who offer invaluable insights, inspiration, and entertainment. 

Whether you’re seeking career tips, study hacks, or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals, these influencers have you covered. 

By following their journeys, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of student life in Plymouth and discover new perspectives to enhance your own experiences. So, don’t hesitate to hit that follow button on these top Plymouth student influencers in 2024

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