The Student Guide To King Charles III's Coronation: How To Celebrate

The Coronation of King Charles III is taking place on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London, who’s looking forward to it? 

The first weekend in May is set to be a momentous time for all, as the new monarch is crowned after he acceded to the throne in September 2022, upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

This is a perfect opportunity for communities to get together and lighten people’s spirits as we watch The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort. 

The coronation is a first for a lot of people so, what happens and how to celebrate this day may not be widely known. But not to worry, we are here to help guide you on this important occasion!

If you want to be involved with this historic moment in history and discover how you can celebrate, then carry on reading our guide. 

coronation day 2023

What Is A Coronation?

For those of you who don’t know, a Coronation is a symbolic religious ceremony where a sovereign is crowned King or Queen, this includes the placing of the crown on the monarch’s head.

The coronation acts as a formalisation of the monarch’s role as the head of the Church of England and the transfer of title and powers.

What Is A Coronation?

What Does The Coronation Involve?

The way the English Coronation of Monarchs has taken place has remained almost the same for a thousand years.

The coronation of King Charles III is the first to take place since Queen Elizabeth II who was crowned in 1953. 

There are different stages to the coronation, these include:

The Recognition – The Monarch is presented to everyone gathered in Westminster Abbey and the congregation shouts “God Save The King”. 

The Oath – The Monarch swears to uphold the law and the Church of England.

The Anointing – The King will sit on the Coronation Chair and a gold cloth will conceal the King from view. The Archbishop of Canterbury then anoints the king’s hands, breast and head with holy oil.

The Investiture – The King is presented with items such as the Royal Orb, the Sceptre and the Sovereign’s Sceptre. Then the Archbishop places St Edward’s Crown on the King’s head.

The Enthronement & Homage – The King moves to the throne where peers then kneel before him to pay homage.

coronation of King Charles III

What Is Happening For Coronation Weekend 2023?

There are so many events taking place for Coronation Weekend, it can be hard to keep track. 

We’ve done our research on all the things taking place from Saturday 6th May until Monday 8th May 2023, check it out! 

What Is Happening For Coronation Weekend 2023?

Coronation Concert

On Sunday 7th May 2023 there will be a special coronation concert held and broadcast live at Windsor Castle.

Unfortunately tickets are now all sold but you can still watch via the BBC. Why not create your own little concert experience from home or your student accommodation?

Watch together with your housemates in the communal area and have your own Coronation party, you could even celebrate with banners and themed decor! 

Coronation Concert Windsor Castle

Coronation Big Lunch

There is also the coronation Big Lunch where neighbours and communities are invited to share food and fun.

If this sounds like something you would love to do, and would like to organise one for your fellow students then get your coronation pack and information on how to organise your big lunch here.

This is a perfect opportunity to raise funds for a good cause so make sure you include everyone in the organisation of the event.

Coronation Big Lunch

The Big Help Out

On Monday 8th May 2023, members of the public will be invited to take part in The Big Help Out.

The Big Help Out encourages people to try volunteering and join work being undertaken in their local areas.

So why not organise and plan to volunteer somewhere that is local to you, maybe even plan to volunteer as a group and bring your friends along too.

For more information on this project and how to get involved go to their website here.

Remember, Monday 8th May 2023 is a Bank Holiday in celebration of the coronation for King Charles. This means no lectures or studying!

The Big Help Out

Coronation Weekend Events

Coronation Weekend 2023 is a national event that everyone in the UK will experience.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are many, many events happening across the country. Certainly too many to list!

The government has a dedicated website for the coronation which includes a map of all events happening across the UK, the commonwealth and beyond. 

You just need to put in your postcode, how far you are willing to travel, the dates you are looking to go and the type of event you want to go and press search. All the relevant events will then show up for you to pick from.

Also note that there are online events which you can join from anywhere! So don’t worry if you cannot travel, there are plenty of ways to join in the celebrations for Coronation Day 2023.

Coronation Weekend Events

How To Celebrate

If you’re a student searching for ways you can get involved in the Coronation Weekend, we’ve put together some ideas for you to gain inspiration and celebrate in style! 

how to celebrate coronation day

Street Party

To celebrate the king’s coronation you don’t have to be involved in a big community event. A smaller, more private celebration still counts!

If you live in shared student accommodation, why not host your own party with your housemates in your communal kitchen or if the weather is nice, set up outside if it is possible.

All pitch in to buy the drinks and food, decide who will cook or to make things easier why not have a buffet that just needs to be set out.

If you plan to have it outside be prepared to move tables outside, or if that cannot be done find someone (a parent or friend) who is willing to lend you light, portable tables and chairs for you to use.

And don’t forget the bunting! Whether inside or out, decorate the tables and surroundings with all things Royal, you can find some cheap bunting on the likes of Amazon.

Street party coronation

University Celebrations

Some universities are holding their own way to celebrate so why not join in?

Such as, The University of Surrey is inviting students and staff to bring their own picnic to watch the coronation on a big screen by the lake.

Whilst De Montfort University in Leicester is another uni showing the coronation on a big screen and St John’s College University of Cambridge is hosting a coronation service on the Sunday.

So check out your own university news to see if they are doing anything for coronation day 2023, if so be sure to get involved.

Coronation party

Set Up A Fair

If you are someone who likes to organise events why not plan something with help of course for everyone living on your student accommodation campus (not just your flatmates).

Organise stalls and games for people to get involved with, maybe put any money gained from these stalls to a charity or split between multiple charities.

Try to reflect these games to the King’s interests, for example he likes to paint so why not set up an area for people to paint – you could even make it into a competition with prizes.

But still include a variety of activities so there is something that appeals to all who are there.

No one is too old for fancy dress, so why not encourage everyone to come in something to reflect the regality of the event. 

But overall, it should be fun, fun, fun and a great way for everyone to celebrate this special day together.

Don’t forget, if you’re living in our student homes here at Homes for Students, you can use our residents app, KLIQ, to host your own social event for the Coronation Weekend! 

Coronation fair

Well that is our guide to Coronation Weekend 2023 and how to celebrate the crowning of King Charles III complete. We hope you enjoy and cherish being a part of this historic day, we know we will! 

King Charles III is passionate about sustainability and the environment. This 22nd April 2023 is World Earth Day, to find everything you need to know about it and how to celebrate it, check out our guide here.

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