The COMPLETE Yorkshire Day Guide: What's happening, Where and When?

Ey Up! In honour of Yorkshire Day on 1st August here is our complete guide to what’s happening, where and when to make the most of the special day. No matter if you’re from Yorkshire or not, it’s a great national day to celebrate the largest county in the UK.  

Yorkshire Day 2022 is less than a month away and we’re SO buzzing, are you?! Let’s get cracking.  


The History Of Yorkshire Day:  

If you haven’t the faintest idea what Yorkshire Day Is then don’t stress, we’re here to tell you everything there is to know. First of all, its celebrated every year on 1st August to remember and celebrate the historic county of Yorkshire.  

The roots of the national day come from the anniversary of the Battle of Minden on 1st August as well as the anniversary of the freedom of slaves in the British Empire in 1834. In which William Wilberforce, an MP from Yorkshire campaigned. 

However, Yorkshire Day was officially established in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society. It started as a protest against local government boundary changes. Yorkshire was originally divided into four ‘Ridings’ – one each for North, East, South and West. One of the government changes was to remove the word ‘Ridings’.  

The East Riding was impacted the worst, with parts of the county being re-assigned to ‘Humberside’. Parts of West Riding were also changed to Lancashire. Those from East Riding hated being a part of ‘Humberside’ so they re-invented Yorkshire Day to honour the county they still felt part of. The abolition of the County of Humberside took place in 1996.  

The first Official Yorkshire Day Civic Celebration took place in 1985 in York and still takes place annually. Every year The Yorkshire Society selects a town or city to organise a special civic celebration. This year the host town is Keighley in West Yorkshire which will mark the first time in two years the event has been able to take place, due to the coronavirus pandemic.   

Now that the trivia is over, let’s go on to how you can celebrate the special day.   

Yorkshire Day

What’s On – Where and When 

The day of celebration has come a long way since its humble beginnings and is celebrated across the UK and the globe. You may be curious as to what there is to do on the national day.  

Unfortunately, the national day isn’t a bank holiday and is taking place on a Monday this year. Although, we still think it’s going to be a great day of showcasing regional pride and celebrating all things Yorkshire. There’s so much to do, here is our guide to what’s on where and when so you can gain some inspiration.  

What’s On In Keighley  

As we mentioned earlier, the official Yorkshire Day Civic Celebration is taking place in Keighley and will be hosted by Keighley Town Council.  Sadly, the main event in Keighley is for members who have bought tickets or have been invited only but the parade can be joined by members of the public.  

Here is the list of the activities and events taking place in Keighley: 

  • 8.30am – Arrival at Oxenhope Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Station. 
  • 9.15am – Guests to board steam train for Breakfast Reception. 
  • 10.00am – Train to arrive at Keighley Train Station. Photo opportunity on the platform. 
  • 10.30am – Civic Procession (parade) through Keighley Town centre departs. 
  • 11.15am – Parade to arrive at Keighley Shared Church. 
  • 11.30am – Yorkshire Day Church Service. 
  • 12.00pm – Buses to transport guests to East Riddlesden Hall, National Trust. 
  • 1.15pm – Lunch to be served – featuring the best local and Yorkshire produce. 
  • 4.30pm – Option to have a private tour of East Riddlesden Hall.  


Aside from the official civic celebration there are many celebrations for Yorkshire Day that are set to take place both publicly and privately. What we mean by that is, you don’t have to celebrate Yorkshire Day by going to a big event, you can do it at home! It can be as easy as reminding yourself what’s great about Yorkshire.  

Here are some of the events taking place across Yorkshire:  

How You Can Celebrate  

Why not get involved in the special day by visiting some of the best attractions in the county of Yorkshire? If you’re a university student in the likes of Leeds, Bradford, York, Sheffield, Huddersfield or Scarborough you’ll have tons of things to do so much so, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Or, if you’re from Yorkshire you might already have celebrations planned to showcase your regional pride.  

Here is a list of our favourite attractions up North that you just have to visit for Yorkshire Day, or whenever you get some free time.  

1. Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Park 

 Enjoy the scenery at North Yorkshire’s Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Park. You can explore the ancient abbey ruins and stunning water gardens at this World Heritage Site. It’s such a great place for a day trip in Yorkshire with over 800 acres to explore and places to eat, shop and rest.  

Enjoy a picnic with friends after seeing the amazing views and landscapes, what better way to celebrate Yorkshire Day? 


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 2. Yorkshire Dales National Park 

Yorkshire Dales National Park is the home of the three peaks and has incredible scenery, wildlife and cultural heritage to explore. There’s always something to do at the Dales whether you’re there with friends or family you’ll be blown away by the sights.  

It’s one of the best national parks in the UK which you must go and see. You can even do the Yorkshire three peaks challenge if you’re feeling up for it! 

 3. Brimham Rocks 

Visting Brimham Rocks is a popular tourist attraction which makes for a wonderful day out in Yorkshire. The collection of natural rock formations is in Summerbridge, North Yorkshire and are managed by the National Trust.  

The historic rocks were formed centuries ago, and some even have names such as the Dancing Bear, The Sphinx and the Anvil. If you’re keen to experience new views and venture the Yorkshire countryside, this is the place to go.  


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 4. Kirkstall Abbey 

Kirkstall Abbey is a stunning Grade I listed building in Leeds, West Yorkshire. If you’re a lover of historic architecture, you for sure have to visit this place. It’s so maintained considering it was built in 1152! 

Located next to the River Aire the abbey is a great to have a leisurely walk around and you can even pack a nice picnic and read a book – how relaxing! Or go with friends and then afterwards head into the vibrant city centre in Leeds.  

 5. The Shambles

The Shambles is a historic street in the city of York. Not only is it one of Yorkshire’s most famous landmarks but it also one of the best-preserved medieval shopping streets within Europe. 

This quirky street was originally home to butcher shops, however, the street is now mostly home to independent retailers. It’s a great place to take in the sights, eat and drink and shop! Add it your bucket list to soak in the history of England’s largest county.  


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There’s absolutely tons of places to visit in Yorkshire from hidden gems to natural beauties so we’d be here all day if we were to name them all. Regardless, no matter how you’re celebrating Yorkshire Day if it’s at home eating some Yorkshire puddings, visiting a new place in the county, spending time with family and friends, or down at the pub. We’re sure Yorkshire Day 2022 is going to be fantastic!  

How will you be celebrating this year? Let us know @_homesforstudents and use the #yorkshireday. We really wish you the best day possible!  

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