Student Living in St Andrews - Scotland

The city of St Andrews has always had a long and diverse culture surrounding it and is known for a vast array of traditions, sights and scenery to name just a few.

Whether you are into the rich history surround St Andrews and the intricate tapestry that weaves its way through everyday life, or you are into a modern cosmopolitan vibe St Andrews has everything to offer.

St Andrews Scotland

Living in student accommodation in St Andrews is an experience which offers a lot; there are few places in the world where you can study stunning architecture such as the Castle and the Cathedral with the most amazing backdrop of some of the finest beaches in the United Kingdom.

The East Sands is rugged and beautiful and very popular with young and old, whether it’s walking the dog or having a beach BBQ all to the backdrop or crashing waves and often surfers riding the crest.

Then there is the gorgeous West Sands that stretches for miles of open flat sand with the dunes in the background.

Used in the making of the film Chariots of Fire it is plain to see that this was the perfect location for that epic beach scene.

Ever popular today with horse riders and many other outdoor sports enthusiasts the West Sands holds a place in everyone’s heart once they have visited this stunning location.

West Sands St Andrews Scotland

No comment would be complete without mentioning the Home of Golf, if you are a golfer then this is the mecca for a once in a lifetime trip or indeed frequent visits!

Playing on a championship course that frequently hosts the British Open is a dream that is open to every keen golfer.

For those who do not wish to play a round of golf but still see the historic sights on the most famous golf course in the world, they can have a gentle walk around the course.

Later on there is even the opportunity to dine at one of the many eating establishments St Andrews has to offer with some looking over the 18th green.

St Andrews is famous for its hospitality and there are many excellent pubs and restaurants covering all tastes and budgets within the heart of the Town, the name used by the locals.

Due to St Andrew’s vibrant student population and its many tourists from all over the world the expansive range of food and drink on offer is quite staggering for such a small city.

Hospitality is always at the forefront and everyone is made to feel most welcome here.

St Andrews university

Throughout the year St Andrews holds many events and the vast majority of them are focused around the world renowned University of St Andrews.

Home to some of the keenest minds worldwide, students travel from all over the world to study at such a prestigious University.

While studying here they get the true feel of the town and for such a small place in comparison to most cities they soon discover what an impact St Andrews has made on the rest of the world.

It is not unusual on graduating, for some to make this amazing place their home for life.

I hope I have given you a very broad overview of St Andrews, this is such a fantastic place to live in whether you are here for studies or intend to live here for an extended period of time!