St Andrews

Student Accommodation St Andrews

St Andrews is a small and beautiful place to study. With our luxury St Andrews student accommodation you have all of your needs met, with a stunning beachfront view from your comfortable home. Whether you choose to live with others in an exquisite shared student apartment, or live in a spacious studio flat, you’ll have access to high speed Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms, large comfortable beds, plentiful storage space and study areas, as well as invigorating communal areas including plenty of games to enjoy with new friends.

The beautiful landscape is right on your doorstep, allowing you to explore the coastal paths and to clear the cobwebs away. Just a short walk away is the compact St Andrews, including all the amenities that you need, as well as plenty of pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. The town is stunning, retaining medieval features, which served it from the 12th century as a global centre of religion and pilgrimage.

The University of St Andrews

The oldest university in Scotland, and the third oldest university in the English-speaking world, the University of St Andrews was founded in the 15th century and remains one of the leading centres for teaching and research in the world. Its reputation is well founded and the consistency of 600 years at the top of the game helps it to continue to provide a stellar foundation of knowledge, learning and support for its students. The modern day University of St Andrews is close to our luxury beachfront student accommodation. It offers students a flexible degree structure, where you choose your choice of subject specialism or research. What this achieves is a learning environment that promotes learning, encourages inquisitive minds, and creates a love of shared learning.

St Andrews was formed in 1413 and has grown over the centuries to be well renowned as a community of scholars that welcomes people from all over the world. Diversity, curiosity and academic freedom are cherished values that are set at the core of the university. The famous red gowns that are usually worn at formal events and the traditional pier walk were first introduced in 1672 to help distinguish students from locals.

Our St Andrews student accommodation is just a short 20-minute walk to the university. The university’s pride in its learning environment is evident in the four libraries on site. These include the main library, the King James Library (1643), and the oldest university library reading room in Scotland as a whole. The staff at the university are incredibly friendly, always on hand to help students with any queries or problems relating to studies or any other matter of student life. The help desk has been awarded Customer Service Excellence status in recent years.

With such an in-built love of learning and freedom of education there is no surprise that the university offers as much help as possible to its students in finding and securing work post graduation. The summer internships scheme has been developed to provide a wide spectrum of project-based internships within different parts of the University of St Andrews over the summer months. This is open to students in the second and third year of undergraduate courses at the university. Aside from this scheme the careers advice service is excellent, including a drop-in for job advice from experienced advisors, a job shop vacancy service, student enterprise support services, and in-depth support and advice for international students making the adjustment to life living and studying abroad.

All new students at the University of St Andrews are automatically made members of the Students’ Association, with access to over 160 student societies, as well as free use of all facilities. Alongside the social benefits the Students’ Association is also a great support for students in all aspects of life, including academic pressures, ill health, mental health support, financial and accommodation problems, and representation.

The University of St Andrews is integrated into the historic town itself, with the ancient buildings sitting next door to university property, modern science facilities, the beaches, the town centre, and of course, the golf course. It is a small town and one where a real sense of community exists between students, but also between students and the local town.

Eating Out in St Andrews

You can drop a blanket over most of the places in St Andrews that you would like to visit. A leisurely stroll from our luxury St Andrews student accommodation into the town and from South Street to Market Street and the roads in between you’ll find a huge range of restaurants, cafes and eateries to suit all tastes and budgets.

During the day why not pop to Fisher & Donaldson on Church Street. The family-run bakery has a wide range of exquisite baked treats, from fudge doughnuts to Belgian chocolates, and every type of tasty cake you can imagine. It even has a 24-hour vending machine – a real gem that comes in handy after a student night out! Another favourite student meeting point during the days is North Point (famous as the place Prince William and Kate Middleton would spend their days when studying at St Andrews). It is a cosy, charming café that serves an extensive breakfast menu, fancy teas and scones, a choice of soup, Panini, bagel and sandwiches at lunch, and is generally a pleasant hangout.

One of the favourites of the town at night is the Indian restaurant Maisha, over on College Street. It offers classic Indian dishes and great seafood options. It was, in fact, voted in the top five restaurants for curry in Scotland in 2011, and it is easy to see why! A student special takeaway is available every day of the week, where you can spend relatively very little and receive a start, main course, rice, poppadoms and naan bread.

Students love to find a place where you can get some juicy burgers and crispy fries, and at Blackhorn you have an unmissable burger joint when living at our St Andrews student accommodation. The menu is simple, allowing you to build your own burgers, adding cheese, bacon, salad, or the famous Blackhorn sauce. You can also build a toasted wrap, filling it with the gourmet ingredients of your choice. Blackhorn feels like a small-town American diner, and you won’t want to leave when you sit down to eat.

Hang out at The Vic, one of the best laces to chill out for students and locals alike. The bar is a quirky place, with industrial road signs pointing your way to burgers and free Wi-Fi, exposed brick walls welcome you as you enter, with weird and wonderful décor including a surfboard on the wall. At The Vic, the emphasis is on fun, and this can be seen in the food menu where you can buy cheap 2-4-1 burgers, cocktails, spicy chicken wings and more. Another student institution at St Andrews is Forgan’s – a restaurant located inside an old golf-club factory. The menu is comprised of British classics such as Shepherd’s Pie, Scottish classics such as Haggis, neeps and tatties, and the food is accompanied by a live band and traditional ceilidh on the weekends.

For something a little fancier and with stunning scenery as a backdrop, try The Seafood Ristorante, or why not test out Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar where you can enjoy a combination between classic fish and chips and contemporary dining.

St Andrews Nightlife

It is easy to see why so many students fall in love with St Andrews. Most of the pubs and bars in the town can be found within a quick walking distance from each other, and not far from our luxury St Andrews student accommodation. There isn’t the big city feel and the many distractions that you have in other university towns, but don’t worry, students always find ways to create some fun times over the course of three or four years in the town. Many students choose to organise big balls, bonfire parties on the beach, and dinner parties with friends, as well as exploring the highlands of Scotland close by.

Despite its small size though St Andrews has a large number of pubs and bars, many of which are perfect for students to become regulars in. There are many great pubs that make it an easy pub-crawl to plan – each has its own atmosphere and vibe, all are friendly and many have great prices and pub grub that appeal to students who might be living on a budget. You’ve heard about The Vic as a place to pick up some tasty pub grub, and it is a real magnet for students in St Andrews due to the food, but also because of the brilliantly fun cocktail menu, the rotating cast of DJs, Ping-Pong, video games, and other events throughout the year. Aikman’s Bar Bistro on Bell Street is another favourite with students with a wide range of drinks offers at all times, and The Bop brings a dance rave to the Union every Friday night – a must for all students to shake off the previous week of work!

There’s nothing quite like finding a good local pub to make and meet new friends, to sit and sup a drink after a long hard day of work, and there are plenty of these in St Andrews. Whey Pat Tavern is one of those traditional pubs that certainly has no frills to speak of, but is warm and welcoming to all who enters its doors. They also have some brilliant nachos on the menu! At Whey Pat’s you can sit with a drink and a book, sit back and watch some of the amazing live folk music sessions they have on regularly and choose from a range of great beers. The Criterion (or The Crit as it’s known by students and locals) is another proper pub that has a clear focus on good beer, a great atmosphere and some fantastic pub grub. Mix with locals, students, and mature students in a pub that is a true traditional Scottish pub – they always have at least 6 cask ales on tap and over 160 malt whiskies to choose from.

The St Andrews Brewing Company is a brewpub that offers a wide and varied selection of craft beers straight from the local brewery. It is an award winning operation, and always has 18 beers on tap, as well as a range of gins, cider, wines, malt whiskies and bourbons, and gourmet food that showcases the talent of local suppliers.

Sport in St Andrews

From your home at our luxury St Andrews student accommodation you are in the perfect location to explore the many walking and cycling trails along the coast. St Andrews is a fantastic place to keep fit and healthy, with many outdoor pursuits close by. The town is small enough that it is easy to walk or cycle everywhere you need to get to, from home to university and anything you wish to visit in the town centre. Walking or cycling are definitely the most effective way to travel in this town and both will naturally help to keep you active and fit.

If you like to run, or go for long walks, West Sands beach is a great place to start, and for those a little but more adventurous you can take on kayaking lessons and go out into the Scottish seas. Sport is a massive part of university life at St Andrews, and over 70% of students take part in some sort of sport or physical activity through the university – making it one of the leading universities in the UK in terms of student participation in sport.

A redevelopment of the Sports Centre took place in 2015 for £14 million, extended the centre and improving facilities. As a student at St Andrews you’ll have access to a large, modern gym, four-court sports hall, a 4-court indoor tennis centre, a technical climbing wall, an eight-court arena that has space for 400-spectator seats, a dance studio, exercise floor and also a dedicated sports suite that is aimed at elite athletes and sports teams. The modern sports centre at St Andrews can boast a reputation as one of the best sporting facilities in Scotland, allowing students to fulfil their potential whether at a low amateur level for fun, or at an elite level in national and international competition.

Saints Sports at the University of St Andrews is home to over 50 sports clubs and over 100 competitive sports teams. With professional training instructors, you will find classes that are suited to your desires and level of expertise at any given sport and fitness class. The core values of Saints Sport is that sports clubs are student led, providing a diverse range of sporting endeavours that will add vibrant colour to your stay.

We couldn’t leave the sports section without mentioning golf could we? The University of St Andrews Men’s Golf Club is one of the oldest sports clubs here – founded in 1854 – and is steeped in tradition. Golfers of any level can join, from complete beginners to seasoned elite golfers. The top golfers at the club even compete in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), and there is opportunity to play competitive university golf.

Shopping in St Andrews

If you are looking for some ideas for shopping in St Andrews you’ll be gad to know that there is a real collection of gems in the town, a wide range of independent stores and boutiques that makes for a really enjoyable day of shopping. With the cobbles streets of St Andrews, the old buildings, and the close proximity of pretty much all the shops you could ever need, you’ll have a pleasant experience exploring the shopping options in St Andrews.

Your home at our luxury St Andrews student accommodation leaves you just a short walk or cycle from the beautiful town centre and its array of family-run shops, boutiques and day-to-day necessities for every student apartment. If you are after some big name brands and high street shops St Andrews isn’t for you (though there are some high street staples that you’ll recognise), but you can find all of that in Dundee, which is under an hour away on public transport and worth a day trip in itself during your stay living and studying in St Andrews.

St Andrews has a history of being a centre of excellence for both the university and golf, so it’s not exactly a shopping mecca, but there are some clothing emporiums and shops that are worth a visit, and easy to find.

Sam Brown is an amazing fashion boutique with top fashion at affordable prices. Each piece is picked from lofty designers, such as French Connection, Luella, Great Plains London, and Pom Amsterdam, adding some flare and quality to proceedings. Another place where you can find a hidden gem of retail options is Rummage, where you’ll find pretty much anything and everything you could ever wish for. Rummage is home to second hand furniture that would be classed as shabby-chic, vintage clothing from all over the world, antique jewellery that doesn’t cost a fortune, bespoke singular gems, and retro accessories.

For a look at the iconic cashmere house and a true pride and joy of Scotland, Johnstons of Elgin is home to cashmere jumpers, Scottish tartan scarves and is the jewel in the crown of vintage boutiques in St Andrews. As we are in the home of golf in Scotland a visit to The Golf Shop of St Andrews is in order whether you like golf or not! You can pick up the best in golfing gear, from pastel polos to tartan trews.

St Andrews Events

With such a dramatic coastal landscape St Andrews is the perfect place from which to explore the local coastal paths and beaches. As the home of golf it also has seven local golf courses (with student membership offers), including the Old Course. Straight away that provides you with two popular pastimes as a student at St Andrews. At your luxury St Andrews student accommodation you’re living close to all the big attractions and events throughout the year.

In such a historic city make sure that you visit all the big landmarks. These include St Andrews Cathedral, Martyrs’ Memorial, Blackfriars, St Rule’s Tower, and St Andrews Castle. After Sunday Services at St Salvator’s Chapel student take part in the Pier Walk procession dressed in academic garb. It is a sight to behold.

As a student at St Andrews there is much history and tradition to respect and take part in when living here. There is a never-ending stream of events organised by students at the university, including the May Ball, and the fashion show ‘Don’t Walk’. When you add in the many student societies to explore you’ll never be bored in St Andrews. One of those traditions is to wear the red academic gown at formal occasions, though you can wear it whenever you want. The gown was originally used to distinguish students from locals. Another tradition is for older students to ‘adopt’ first year students, mentoring them and showing them the ways of the university. This academic family structure is a great way to keep history and tradition alive.

The mentoring comes to a climax during Raisin Weekend where pranks and silly games are encourages. Raisin Monday is when the younger students dress up I embarrassing costumes and are let loose on the Lower College Lawn with strange objects and encouraged to have an enormous shaving foam fight! The May Dip is another tradition where students plunge into the North Sea at dawn on the first of May, seeking good luck and fortune for upcoming exams. Finally, the big event after the final exams of an undergraduate course is where friends will meet as students leave their final exam and soak them with cold water – waking them up to post-grad life!

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