Student Accommodation After Clearing? These Are Your Options

Clearing is a service which enables university applicants to find and apply for course places after exam results have been published.

You can apply through Clearing if you’ve decided to go to university at the last minute, or if you do not get the grades you need to get into your firm or insurance choice university. 

Whilst there may not be the same amount of choice of student accommodation after clearing, there’s still plenty of options available to you. 

In this guide we’ll be giving you a full rundown on finding somewhere to live after Clearing, with all of the options to choose from! 

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Student Accommodation After Clearing Options 

You may be worried there will be less room availability if you’re applying for student accommodation after Clearing, but don’t worry, there will be options. 

It may not be your first choice of accommodation, but that’s not to say you won’t have an amazing student experience. 

There are a few different types of student accommodation in the UK you can apply for after Clearing, and knowing what to look for can help you determine the right place for you! 

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Halls Of Residence 

Halls of residence are large, purpose-built student accommodation buildings owned by universities and colleges, which are usually divided into self-contained flats. 

If you’re wanting to live on or closer to campus, halls of residence could be a good option for you for your first year of university. 

During the Clearing process, you can ask universities about the type of accommodation they have left or check their websites, as a lot tend to keep places for clearing students. 

However, this is one of the most popular choices and applications can be competitive, meaning there may be limited availability, especially for en-suite rooms.

halls of residence  

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation 

Looking to find and book a student home during clearing? Purpose-built student accommodation could be a great option. 

Here at Homes for Students, we offer private student accommodation in cities and towns across the UK, which include all-inclusive bills for one hassle free payment.

With friendly property teams, amazing social spaces, onsite events and our own residents app, KLIQ, you’re guaranteed the best student experience. 

If you’re still waiting on your exam results prior to A-Level Results Day, don’t worry, you can book with us whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. 

We will try our best to ensure you find the right student apartment for you, and should a property have no availability, you may be able to sign up to a waiting list. 

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation 

Shared Housing 

If there isn’t any availability in halls of residence or purpose-built student accommodation when applying for university through clearing, another option is shared housing. 

Shared housing is a popular option for students in their second or third year of university, but it’s also an option for first year students too. 

In a house or flat share, you’ll be living in close quarters and will usually share a kitchen and bathroom with those you live with, so you need to be prepared for this. 

There tends to be a huge array of private rented accommodation available in university city or towns through estate agents, housing providers and individual landlords. 

Although, housing providers and landlords will usually ask for a tenancy deposit, whereas other accommodations may not. 

Another downside is that depending on the contract type you may also be jointly responsible for bills, leaving you at the mercy of your friends. Or if one of your housemates decides to leave it might be everyone else footing the bill or finding a replacement tenant. 

Unfortunately, the general condition and maintenance for student house shares can sometimes be very poor and really dependent on the kind of landlord you get too. 

You can see what shared housing is available in your city or town by searching online, looking on SpareRoom, or even checking social media platforms. 

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Tips For Finding Student Accommodation After Clearing 

Now you know what clearing accommodation is available, we’ve listed some tips to help you find the best home away from home during your time at university! 

Tips For Finding Student Accommodation After Clearing 

1. Research Your Options 

Before deciding on a university accommodation you should make a note of your course date, and the campus you’ll be based at.

After you’ve done this, start searching for student accommodation in your university city or town, then you can narrow down your options to what rooms are available. 

Whilst you may feel pressured to book the first room that’s available if you’re applying to university through clearing, it’s important to properly research each accommodation.

researching student accommodation

2. Know Your Budget 

To help you discover the accommodation which best suits your needs and your student budget, you should look at your student finance entitlement. 

Clearing can be a stressful process, but make sure not to rush any decisions and book an accommodation which is outside of your budget. 

Independent living at university is great fun, but you will need to manage your finances wisely, so make sure to choose an accommodation option with a rent you can afford. 

Choosing an accommodation provider that offers all-inclusive bills, could be a wise decision, as this way you don’t have to worry about any unexpected costs for which you haven’t budgeted. 

student budget

3. Think About Your Preferences 

Whilst you may not be guaranteed to find accommodation that ticks all your boxes after Clearing, it’s still important to have a think about the ideal student home for you. 

Whether it’s ensuring your student apartment has an en-suite bathroom or checking if the accommodation has the facilities you need like a study area, determine your preferences. 

This is going to be your home for the best part of a year, so even if your options are slightly limited, you shouldn’t settle for an accommodation where you’re not going to be happy. 

student accommodation preferences

4. Visit The Accommodation 

It may not be possible with every housing provider, but try to visit the accommodation before booking a room during the clearing process. 

Some universities and housing providers offer Clearing tours and open days so you can get a feel for what the place is like and whether it’s right for you, along with the surrounding area. 

This is also a great chance to ask any questions you may have about your prospective student home. 

If you’re unable to view the property in person or you’re worried spaces will get filled up, you could always check on their website for virtual tours, and look at the photos.

student accommodation tour

5. Act As Quick As Possible 

Student accommodation is usually on a first come, first served basis so once you’ve researched and found your ideal student home, make sure to book your room. 

Don’t leave applying for your student apartment for the next academic year until the last minute as spaces will fill up fast. 

In fact, over 30,000 students in the UK apply for university through Clearing each year, so acting as quickly as possible will help you secure the right student accommodation for you.

Like the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm! 

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Navigating the Clearing accommodation process can feel stressful, but hopefully our guide has given you some valuable tips and tricks. 

We wish you all the best with applying for accommodation during clearing, and hope you find your ideal student home! 

Can’t find student accommodation in your city? Take a look at our guide to find out what to do. 

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