Should I Buy The New iPhone 13? - A Student's Guide

The new iPhone 13 is here, and as with every launch of a new model there has been widespread enthusiasm amongst consumers. 

It does seem like a new iPhone comes around every few months, so instead of just rushing out and buying it right away, we’ve put together a quick guide to tell you all about the specs and whether it is a good idea to purchase it for your new year of university.

The New iPhone 13 Specs

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It’s important to see a quick snapshot of the basic specification of the brand-new iPhone 13 before we get into a bit more detail about how it handles and performs. 

Here’s a quick and easy rundown for you:

  • Weight: 174g
  • Dimensions: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm
  • Display size: 6.1-inch
  • Resolution: 2532 x 1170
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Pixel density: 460ppi
  • Chipset: A15 Bionic
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB
  • Rear cameras: 12MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 12MP + 12MP
  • Battery: 3,240mAh

iPhone Release And Price

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The new iPhone 13 series was released at the end of September 2021. 

The price for the new standard model starts at £779, so it’s not the cheapest handset you can buy on the market, but then Apple’s products have always been priced on the high side, delivering high quality and great branding to keep customers loyal. 

The difference with the standard model this year is that for that price you do get 128GB of storage, which is double what you got with the standard model of the iPhone 12.

There is nothing ground-breaking with the new iPhone 13, but there have been little improvements in almost every area and if you want a phone that provides you with fast processing, a good camera and fantastic battery life, without paying for the iPhone Pro, then this standard new iPhone 13 is definitely worth a look.

Great Design

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The design isn’t much different to the iPhone 12 if you ask us, but it is a big leap from the older models, so if you are coming to the new iPhone 13 from a model a few years old you will notice a big difference. 

It has a flat-edge design which means a more angular touch and feel, but it is comfortable to use, especially one-handed. It is slightly heavier than the iPhone 12 but not noticeably so. In terms of the style and design, it is plain and sophisticated, as you would expect from Apple. 

The logo is central and simple on the rear of the phone, with the camera on the top left of the handset. 

One slight change sees the camera lenses arranged diagonally instead of vertically. You can buy the new iPhone 13 in one of five colours: Product Red, Pink, Midnight, Blue, Starlight. 

The colour shades are quite hushed, so if you want a bolder colour maybe hang on and see if other colours are released further down the line like with other iPhones in the past.

Long Battery Life

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The biggest plus point about the new iPhone 13 is definitely the battery life. All we want is a phone that we can charge overnight and then it lasts all day. 

We can use it to travel, find our way about, to post our latest TikTok videos, to WhatsApp our friends, to watch Netflix on the move, and of course use it for any study at the uni library! 

It seems like Apple has finally managed to achieve this, with an iPhone that has a sturdy battery life that should last you most of the day whatever you are using your phone for.

Powerful Phone

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The new iPhone 13 comes with an A15 Bionic chipset. What this means is that it holds a lot of power and when you combine this with the 4GB of RAM, you can run multiple apps at one time, complete tasks and do all sorts in one go without it compromising the speed of performance of the phone. 

This model has a 50% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU than the other phones on the market (according to Apple), and it is certainly much more powerful and consistent in performance than older models of iPhone that we have owned. 

Apps are launched instantly and there is little to no lag when flicking between different apps and tasks. It is also 5G-ready, so future-proofed for the next generation of tech.

Better Camera Quality

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The specific main specs on the new model are not too different to the iPhone 12, but there has been a change in the clarity of images with the new iPhone 13. 

The new duo camera and Sensor Shift optical image stabilisation (OIS) tech is a massive deal for those who like to take plenty of photos. 

This was only previously available on the Pro Max handsets of previous series, but it now means that you should have clarity of image and fewer blurred shots than ever before. 

The last thing any of us want when on a night out is a blurry group shot if we can help it!

Any Negatives?

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Similar design – You could say that the fact there isn’t a slew of new features to shout about is a bit of a negative. 

It is certainly the case that for those of you who have an iPhone 12 there isn’t much reason to buy the new model unless you always buy the latest iPhone and want to continue the habit. 

In fact, the design has remained largely the same, so you won’t see much difference in how the new iPhone 13 looks and feels in your hand when compared with its predecessor.

No ceramic shield on the rear – The front and the rear of the handset are glass, and with the iPhone 12, Apple introduced its patented Ceramic Shield technology which offers up to four times the drop resistance than on older iPhone models. 

This time round though, the shield has been removed from the back and left only on the front of the phone.

Should I Buy The New iPhone 13?

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It is easy to get excited about the new iPhone 13. The branding from Apple really works and that’s why you see lines of people queuing overnight outside stores just to be the first in line when the stores open on the morning of release. 

We’ve given you the spec and all the information you need about the design, the battery life, storage capacity, camera performance and the rest, but we also wanted to make things a little simple for you to conclude.

Reasons To Buy The iPhone 13

  • If you are looking for more power from your phone the iPhone 13 is for you. It is full of power and performance, and whatever your needs are, you are well covered.
  • The iPhone 13 also has amazing battery life, which is always important to the modern student. You’ll be out and about all day studying, out at night socialising and this model provides you with a great battery life that means you don’t have to carry your charger with you.
  • If you own an old iPhone (pre iPhone 12), this new model is for you. The upgrades year upon year are never that different, but over time you do see a real difference in functionality and quality of performance. If you have an iPhone that is a few years old, it might be time to upgrade to the latest model.

Reasons To Think Twice About Buying An iPhone 13

  • If you own an iPhone 12 you won’t find that there is much difference in functionality and performance. There is always an uptick in performance and functionality, but there isn’t enough of one between one model to the next to make it worth your while if you ask us.
  • The iPhone 13 mini has a similar spec to the iPhone 13, so if you are looking for a smaller phone than what you have currently, this might be the better option.
  • The iPhone 13 can’t be described as an affordable phone. The brand-new models are never cheap, so if you are looking for an affordable phone, either go for an older model of iPhone or look at the many affordable options of Android smartphones out there.

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