8 Relaxing Podcasts For Students In Lockdown

Need some chill vibes in your life? If you’re a student in lockdown and need something to help you feel a little more relaxed, podcasts are the answer!

Podcasts have become super popular recently, with a broad range of subjects out there from true crime to wrestling, it really is whatever takes your fancy.

Whether it’s some ASMR to make you feel sleepy and cosy in your student accommodation, or some meditation for a bit of zen, Spotify has it all.

The best news is if you’re a student you can grab Spotify FREE for one month, and then it’ll only cost you a discounted £5 afterwards, what a bargain!

It’s super strange times for everyone at the moment, and we all need to try and be calm and collected, which we know is easier said than done.

That’s why we’re asking you to grab your headphones, snuggle into your bed, and get ready to feel uber chill, because we’ve got our list of the best 8 relaxing podcasts for students in lockdown.

student listening to a relaxing podcast during lockdown



1. Sleepy

sleepy relaxing podcast for students in a lockdown

Get ready to catch some serious z’s with this Sleepy podcast, where host Otis Gray reads you to sleep with classic books every week!

The perfect podcast for students, you can listen to it as you prep a quick meal or cuddle under the duvets. Enjoy Otis’s soothing voice and settle down with this podcast, which usually lasts around 40 minutes to an hour.

Each Sunday, enjoy a new bedtime story from classic tales like Peter Pan to Moby Dick, Little Women, and many more!

If you’re doing a literature or arts degree, we know you’ll totally love this relaxing podcast, and it might even give you some inspiration during the lockdown.

Since its launch in 2019, Sleepy has been very popular amongst those who struggle to sleep and switch off their mind.

So grab a hot chocolate, get comfy, and sweet dreams.


2. ASMR Rain Recordings

asmr relaxing podcast for students in a lockdown

If you’re a big fan of ASMR, this podcast is deffo for you! If you’re not sure what ASMR is, let us just quickly explain…

Basically, ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ which is defined as a tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

ASMR practices have been widely used in recent years to help people who have been struggling with “getting their mind off things” and falling asleep.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube out there that delve into the world of ASMR too if you’d prefer a visual aid to help you snooze.

This podcast aims to give you all the tingles with gentle rain sounds because there’s nothing more relaxing than the pit pattering of rain, right?

This relaxing podcast is ideal for students in a lockdown, and it uses various ASMR triggers such as whispers, gentle speaking, background noise, and general ambiance to help you relax.

You can pick what scenario of ASMR you’d like too which is a fab aspect of this podcast, you can choose between sounds like a ‘rainy night in California’  or ‘rain on water’ and many more.


3. Dream Meanings

dream meanings relaxing podcast for students in a lockdown

If you’re a student in lockdown struggling to take your mind off things (understandably so) this super interesting podcast is bound to help you!

Ever had a bit of a dodgy dream and wondered- “why on earth did I just dream that?” Well, Dream Meanings have the answer.

Granted, dreams can be pretty confusing, strange, and sometimes damn right creepy, and this podcast really delves into the unknown!

Listeners can also submit their dreams for a chance to feature on the show, giving this podcast plenty of rich, fun content.

Lasting around 40-minutes, this podcast is bound to send you off to sleep, where you may even have some bizarre dreams of your own!

The podcast hasn’t actually been updated in about two years though. Sad times. But, there’s still plenty of episodes to keep you busy if you’re a newbie.


4. 21 Day Positive Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

mindfulness asmr podcast for students

Ever fancied trying out a bit of mindfulness mediation? Then you need to check out this podcast!

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety and even blood pressure.

This podcast includes 10-12-minute guided mediations with a focus on positive words and imagery exercises.

It could be a great relaxing podcast that students can listen to before going to bed or when you’re winding down after a day of studying because it really helps you reflect on the day.

Listen to one of these podcasts daily for 21 days and feel much more “present in the moment” with good vibes all around.

Obvs this might not be an instant thing, but it’s definitely worth a try to make you feel more relaxed at the moment!


5. Deep Sleep Sounds

ASMR relaxing podcast for students

Unwind and relax with this calming sleep sound podcast, guaranteed to make you fall asleep in no time! 

Whether it’s white noise, nature soundscapes or a spot of binaural sleep music, Deep Sleep Sounds has it all.

For students who struggle with drifting off to sleep because they have a little too much on their mind, this podcast is the perfect option.


6. TED Talks Daily

Ted talks daily podcast for students in a lockdown

These thought-provoking TED Talks podcasts are ideal for students and are bound to keep your mind occupied in lockdown, giving you the opportunity to change perspectives and learn new things, yay!

If you’re feeling curious, this podcasts covers pretty much every subject imaginable, from global warming to the secret of learning a new language.

Join host and journalist Elisa Hu and her many special guests, and get ready to take your mind off everything for 15-minutes or so!


7. Wine & Crime

wine and crime podcast for students in a lockdown

Yeah so, true crime isn’t exactly something you automatically associate with feeling relaxed, but let’s just say you either love it or you hate it.

For true crime fans, we’d highly recommend Wine & Crime, a podcast where three Minnesotan best friends chat crime cases and basically get drunk in the process!

These podcasts will for sure have you hooked, with a variety of topics including “workplace murders to “faking one’s own death.”

A really great aspect of this podcast is the fact that the ladies delve into the psychology behind the crimes, before discussing cases.

You really need to have a certain sense of humour to enjoy this podcast, as it can be pretty crude and crazy at times, but weirdly enough, it’ll put a smile on your face!

Hosts Amanda, Lucy and Kenyon have been best friends for more than 20 years, and their chemistry shows throughout this sometimes gruesome podcast, with plenty of drunken giggles along the way.


8. Shut Up, Brain

Shut up brain podcast for students in a lockdown

We’re sure everyone’s thought this at least once right? Shut Up, Brain is a brilliant podcast for students full of actionable tips to help you get un-stuck and achieving more in your life.

Let’s be honest, things are pretty rubbish at the mo, and this podcast is a great way of listeners up and helping them feel motivated!

There’s plenty of humour in Shut Up, Brain to put a smile on your face, which is fabulous when you’re trying to relax and chill out.

So sit back, relax, snuggle into your bed and get ready to tell your brain to shut up for half an hour or so.


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