The Student Guide: How To Celebrate On A-level Results Day

Thursday 17th August is the big day for students waiting for A-level Results Day.

There are a few different things you need to know about A-level Results Day, which we’ve covered before to help you out.

Once you have received your results and worked out the basics about what it means for your future. Whether you are going to university next year or after a gap year, it is time to celebrate!  

You’ve worked really hard over the last couple of years, studying, writing, revising, meeting coursework deadlines, and working under the pressure of exam stress.

Now is the time to party with friends, relax on your own, thank your family, or whatever it is you feel is right to do at this time.

A-level Results Day is fast approaching so, take inspiration from our guide for how to celebrate.

A-level results day 2023

1. Go For A Meal With Your Family 

One of the best ways to celebrate A-level Results Day is to go out for a big fancy meal with your family.

If there’s an expensive restaurant that mum and dad have always said should be left for special occasions, surely this is it right?

Wherever it is you decide you want to eat out, make sure it is your absolute favourite cuisine, and order all the delicious dishes, starters, sides, and all, that you want.

Get your granny and your aunts and uncles there too, make the most of a celebration.

These are the times you look back on fondly as you get older and when you’re away at university, a memory of home to be cherished.  

Take advantage of restaurant offers 

Many restaurants will have special offers on around A Level results day this year.

Take a look around and see what’s available where you are. Some places will give a free meal or drink, or maybe a heavily discounted meal to the student (that’s you!), or other offers to entice big parties in for the night to celebrate.

If you can find a good offer in a place you like anyway, it’s a winner! Just remember to bring your Unidays account or college ID as some places may ask for it, you don’t want to miss out. 

Family meal

2. Have A Big Party

It’s certainly time to let your hair down after a hard few months of revising ready for your A-level exams.

A big blow out is what you and your friends deserve.

A massive party for your nearest and dearest either at your house, someone’s back garden, or a big night out in town (for those of you who are 18 – there might still be the last few stragglers at 17 at this time of the year).

One option is to hire out a section of a club or bar in town. Making VIPs of you and your friends for the night, behind the roped off section.

This might be the last time you have a chance to party with everyone you are friends with from school or college before you all go off in different directions for university and work.

So, definitely make the most of it! 


3. Go On A Holiday Abroad 

Another thing you definitely deserve is a holiday after all the hard work you’ve put in.

A holiday abroad is a rite of passage for many a teenager, especially once they’ve hit 18 and have finished school.

You’ve got a glorious summer ahead of you before university and life continues. For some it’s a free hit, a chance to really relax and get some rays.

You could go away on a party holiday with a large group of friends, say to the hedonistic island of Ibiza.

Or, maybe you want to explore art and culture whilst traveling through Europe on an interrailing holiday this summer?

Other people like a holiday where they are just sat by the pool or on the beach all day, drink in one hand and a book in the other.

Take this moment to go on holiday, maybe even the day of or the day after A-level Results Day – celebrate in style! 

Abroad holiday

4. Go Camping For The Weekend 

Pack up a tent, some sleeping bags, a few drinks, a portable stove, and away you go.

Once you’ve seen your results there are few better things to do than to get out into the wild for a long weekend with friends.

Camping in the countryside, or maybe along the coast depending on where you live, is a great escape after the stress of the days running up to A-level Results Day.

Sitting around a campfire with friends and taking in the fresh air, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of life for a couple of days is invigorating. 

camping with friends

5. Go To A Music Festival 

Reading and Leeds are still to come on the music festival line-up for 2023, as is Creamfields, Green Man Festival and All Points East, just to name a few of the big hitters on the scene.

Whatever your music taste, there is a festival to match. Why not treat you and your friends on A-level Results Day by booking a festival weekend away?

Dance your socks off, in a field, with the sun shining down during summer break. Life doesn’t get much better than that!


6. Go On A Shopping Spree

You’ve probably got a long list of things that you’ve wanted to buy for months but have been saving up for when you’ve received your results.

Now is the time to treat yourself like never before and go on a shopping spree for the day.

There is a good chance that relatives will have given you cards and some cash money as congratulations for your A-level results too.

So, go wild, as there is never a better time to flash the cash than straight after the end of two years of hard work.

You might even find some things that you’ll take with you to university in September. 

Shopping spree

7. Make The Most Of A Spa Retreat 

Relaxation at the right moments is key to a healthy life.

A spa retreat is a luxury treat, a place where you can remove yourself from everyday life and sink into the most relaxing moments possible in the most beautiful and calming surroundings.

A spa retreat for a day or weekend away is a magical experience for you and maybe a close friend, your mum, or partner. Especially as a way of celebrating your results.

You’ll relax, feel refreshed, improve your sleep, and reinvigorate muscles and mind in one hit.

There are even some special student discounts that some spa breaks have on offer, or gift cards to treat friends that are also celebrating. Bring in those self-care vibes!

Spa break

8. Take Some Time To Yourself 

It’s been a stressful time during your last year of A-Levels, plenty of studying, the last month or so of revision, revision, and more revision.

For some of you, the ideal way to celebrate results day is by taking some much-needed time to relax on your own.

Whether this is going off for a stroll in the country with some fresh air, or  a long soak in the bath with your favourite book.

It could even be binge-watching the latest season of Heartstopper on Netflix (because you’ve put it off all this time to study and there’s no way it won’t get spoiled if you wait any longer!).

Choose the things that make you feel good, that relax you, and recharge your batteries. 


Get Excited For Next Year 

Whatever the result, you can look forward with excitement now that your A-level results have been published.

If you have got a firm offer from the university and course that you wanted to, the next stage is to think about student accommodation – with a wide range of options open to the modern student.

If you need to look at secondary options, then don’t panic. Whatever path you end up on will be the right one for you.

Even if it is not what you thought it would look like when you started studying for your A-Levels. This is a very exciting time for a student.

Looking forward to the next chapter in life, maybe moving away from home for the first time, making new friends, forging a new path.  

Post A-level Results Day you’ll have some comedown to contend with. You don’t realise how stressful it can be on your mind and body to be constantly switched on and ready to work on coursework and exams.

Then the pressure of waiting for your results to come through and seeing if you’ve got into your firm university choice. 


There are no right or wrong answers as to how you should celebrate results day.

For some of you it might be a case of working out what to do next if you don’t quite get the results, you wanted or you have had a change of heart about next year.

Do what’s best for you on this day, you’ve earned the right to do so. We hope you have the best time! 

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