Homes for Students Receives Gold Investor In Students Award

We are excited to announce we have received a Gold Investor in Students accreditation for the 2021/2022 academic year, how brilliant is that!

If you haven’t heard of these awards then no worries, we’ll provide you with all the information so carry-on reading.  

Investor In Students

What Is The Investor In Students Awards?

The Investor in Students Award provides a 360 view of the success of student experience by listening to the views and opinions of not only students but staff and managers too. 

It celebrates the role that student accommodation has in providing a positive student experience, which is super important to us! We want to ensure that those who stay with us enjoy their time spent in our living spaces and feel at home.  

The awards are organised by the WAU, who have over 15 years of experience and work with a variety of student accommodation providers sharing ideas to ensure the best practices to benefit not only students but employees too.  

You can find out more on the WAU website here.  

The Investors in Students Gold Award

All members who are registered are then awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Investor in Students Accreditation. Here at HFS, we are delighted to have been awarded the highest award – woo! 

In addition, members are provided with an analysis of their results and a 12-month action plan to either hold their position (like in our case) or highlight changes needed to improve the following year. 

Measuring customer satisfaction is so important to us, and we are constantly striving to ensure that the experience of the different students that stay in our purpose-built student accommodation is the best it can be.

Not only are our modern spaces designed with you in mind, but we have a stand-out approach when it comes to student living.  

The IIS award not only celebrates our successes, but it also focuses on what is holding us back, which allows us to keep getting better and better each year. We are always looking for ways we can improve our student services by listening to the experiences of those who stay with us and to our teams who provide vital work.  

Investors in Students Gold Award

We wanted to say thank you so much for this Gold Investor award, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing students and teams across the board who have shared their viewpoints! Congratulations to all the other members who have received awards too.  

Watch this space, we are keen to create more success stories within the future and are aiming to keep smashing it out the park! 

Registration to join in the next wave of the Investor in Students for the 2022/2023 academic year is now open, get involved here.  

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