History Of Calcott Ten: 10 Quick Fire Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

Do you adore Calcott Ten as much as we do? This breathtaking, renaissance style building is oozing with history and it comes as no surprise that students fall in love with this property every time they stay here!

To summarise, Calcott Ten is one of our Coventry student accommodation on Far Gosford Street. It homes over 700 students and has been part of Homes For Students since 2019. The complex is located right in the heart of the city and is of easy access to the university campus, the Coventry cathedral and the popular city centre shopping district! 

It has so much to offer in terms of heritage and we’re desperate to share with you alllll about it! Keep reading to discover 10 quick facts you probably didn’t know about Calcott Ten’s iconic history!

1. Calcott Ten Was Named After The Calcott Brothers’ Business – Calcott Bro’s Ltd.

Entrance to calcott ten

The Calcott Brothers were made up of William Calcott and James Calcott. They were born around the late nineteenth century and, not surprisingly, lived in Coventry!

They inspired the student accommodations name because the brothers’ own business was in part of the complex back in the early 1900’s. This was called – Calcott Bro’s Ltd.

2. The Business Was Originally Called Calcott Bro’s & West Ltd.

The company was founded back in 1886 and made up of William, James and their partner, Enoch John West.

However, West didn’t last long in the establishment and left in 1891 to begin his own business. That’s when the name change happened and the Calcott tale lived on!

3. Calcott Bro’s Began As Cycle Manufacturers, However Introduced Cars in 1913.

Calcott ten logo inspired by history

For the Calcott brothers, the cycling boom they had begun production in soon ended at the start of the new century. To keep up with the market, they switched things up a little and began producing automobiles. The company home was located on Far Gosford Street (now Calcott Ten), and they lived here up until 1926.

Overall, the vehicles they produced were popular due to their light design and engine power. A 1921 version of one of their most famous vehicles – the 10 h.p – can be found in the Coventry Transport Museum. It’s definitely worth checking out!

4. Calcott Bro’s Ltd Was Acquired By The Singer Automobile Company In 1926.

hallway to calcott ten

2 years after the death of James Calcott in 1924, the Singer automobile company acquired Calcott Bro’s Ltd.

They lived at Far Gosford Street for another decade until they switched up and sold the property. This was down to the idea that other car manufacturers at the time had moved their premises into the outskirts of the city.

5. The Astley’s Family Owned Business Took Over The Building Until It Became Student Accommodation In 2013.

Chairs sitting in calcott ten history

Astley’s, a paint manufacturer at the time, took over the building and looked after it over many years. 

It then sold on and became what it is today – student accommodation – and hasn’t changed since!

6. Today, A Calcott Vehicle Could Sell For Around £20,000.

Seating in calcott ten

We bet that’s an extremely higher price than what they sold for back in the 1900’s!

7. There’s Only Under 25 Calcott Vehicles left in the world…WOW!

desk and chairs in calcott ten

It is believed that there’s only around 3 or 4 motorcycles that still exist and around 20 cars…so if you find one at auction we can guarantee it’s a special buy!

8. The Plaque Located Outside The Building Is In The Shape Of The Most Famous Calcott Car’s Radiator.

Courtyard of calcott ten history

As previously mentioned, the 10 h.p was Calcott’s most famous car and the plaque which is situated outside of Calcott Ten is massively influenced by it. 

The Coventry City Council cleverly designed it in the shape of its radiator, as you can see pictured above. How cool is that? The plaque is in remembrance of what Calcott Ten used to be and it’s there to stay. 

9. The Calcott Ten Logo Was Inspired By Calcott Bro’s Company Design.

logo of calcott ten which is inspired by the history of the building

Calcott Ten wants to make sure that the building’s history travels through with the brand and that we don’t forget about the amazing journey it’s been on!

10. To This Day, The Building Has Remnants Of The Calcott Bro’s Era Left For You To See!

red brick building which is the home of Calcott Ten

From mosaic floors to stunning stained glass windows, this perfectly crafted listed building is definitely easy on the eye! As seen from the picture above, the exterior of the building is made out of red brick with cream terracotta, just beautiful! 

How lucky are you if you get to call this your home during uni? Even we’re jealous! P.S – Did you know Coventry is also the City of Culture 2021? They have a year packed full of amazing events for you to experience. 

If you’re interested in this property, why not give our friendly team a call? They’ll be able to chat through some options with you and give you any more pieces of information on the history of Calcott Ten that you want to know!

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