Coventry UK City Of Culture: The Best 8 Events For Students This Summer!

Did you know? Coventry was awarded the title of UK City of Culture for 2021 in 2017, and rightly so! The place is bursting with history and art.

This month marks the start of many super cool events to kick off Coventry’s year of City of Culture, and trust us, you’re not going to want to miss out on these.

Talk about starting off their year with a bang! There’s a whole bunch of events suited to everyone whatever your taste.

The best part though? Our amazing student accommodation in Coventry is perfectly located in the heart of all the action.

So, whether it’s some lunchtime organ music at Coventry Cathedral or a National Drama Festival, Coventry has got it all, ready and waiting for you.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best 8 events or students this summer in Coventry – the UK City of Culture 2021 *applause*.

1. Observations On Being

city of culture 2021 observations of being

Running from 22nd June – 15th August, this multisensory narrative is all about uncovering the living worlds that are both “beyond” and “within us.”

With a series of thought-provoking audio-visual art installations and soundscapes, prepare to challenge our own ideas of life and death – pretty deep right?

Located in Coventry Heritage Park, tickets cost £12, and the exhibition lasts around 90 minutes.

Visitors can discover the world of scientific and cultural perspectives at the beautiful Charterhouse Heritage Park (Joseph Paxton’s Grade I Listed Cemetery.)

Developed by Marshmallow Laser Feast in collab with artists James Bulley and Natan Sinigagli as well as influential scientists, writers and musicians – it’s bound to be an amazing experience.

More information on the exhibition and booking tickets for Observations on Being. 

2. The Choir Of Man

city of culture 2021 the choir of man

Imagine going to a pub…but it turning into a musical. THAT’S what The Choir Of Man is all about – yasss!

Taking place in the Assembly Festival Garden on the 1st July – 31st July 2021, you can book your tickets for £15 and have a proper good laugh with your mates.

It features pub tunes, rock and Broadway numbers with world-class tappers, singers and multi-instrumentalists!

From the creative minds of Nic Doodson and Andrew Kay, this show is bound to make you giggle.

Find out more information on this fab performance of The Choir of Man.

3. Midsummer Fire Gardens

midsummer fire gardens

Another #extra showcase of the UK City of Culture is Midsummer Fire Gardens in Caludon Castle Park, and the tickets are free! Woop.

This amazingly magical spectacle will light up Caludon Castle, where it was believed that the first performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was shown in 1595.

As the sun sets and the warm summer evening air surrounds you, the grounds of the castle will be transformed for this amazing opportunity.

Walk the Plank’s Fire Garden features carved flaming flower boxes, flame-tipped bulrushes, and stunning copper lilies.

Wander through, stand and watch and feel the heat from the fire on this glorious evening, a perfect opportunity for something unique this summer!

Taking place from the 25th to the 26th June, find out more about The Midsummer Fire Gardens information and tickets.


4.  Coventry: Lost, Found, Imagined

Coventry: Lost, Found, Imagined

Take a trip to the Holy Trinity Church in Coventry from the 23rd of June – 3rd July and visit Coventry: Lost, Found, Imagined – go on, we dare you!

Nothing shouts City of Culture like the combination of 4 incredible artists from Coventry.

It showcases the work of photographer John Whitmore, illustrator & monster maker Emma O’Brien, artist Anita Sunger and Amanda Glanville – maker of tiny glass stuff!

They’ve transferred the space of the Holy Trinity Church with large-scale photographs of Coventry that turn into intriguing sculptures that you can walk around.

This is deffo one to visit with your mates to get a closer look at Coventry and find out more about the city you’re studying in.

Coventry: Lost, Found, Imagined information and tickets. 

5.  Pride – Classically Queer

Pride – Classically Queer

Are you ready to celebrate the best LGBTQI+ musicians in the region? We are too!

For tickets, you can pay whatever you want, whether that be £3, £5, or £10, and enjoy this amazing performance of classical and contemporary music.

Inspired by the story of gay composer Benjamin Britten, this Queer music ensemble will play in Coventry for the first time ever!

Pack a picnic and prepare for the most uplifting experience from personal stories and presentations to selected musical pieces.

Tickets for Pride Classically Queer on Saturday 17th July.

6. We Are Warriors – African Cultural Night

We Are Warriors – African Cultural Night

Ready for another amazing performance to celebrate Coventry, the UK City of Culture for 2021?

This features a programme of inspirational and show-stopping events celebrating the African culture and heritage across the city.

With traditional dance, poetry, and music, you’re not going to want to miss out on this one peeps.

FYI – as it stands, tickets are currently sold out,  but returns may be available on the day (Friday 25th June 2021) so keep a lookout.

Did we mention it’s free!?

7. ‘Do The Little Things’ By Jake Lever

‘Do The Little Things’ By Jake Lever

From Saturday 22nd May – Monday 28th June 2021, this installation made by artist Jake Lever is in the stunning Chapel of Gethsemane at Coventry Cathedral.

It features a multitude of tiny boats made of wire, tissue paper, and gold leaf and it’s really quite impressive to look at!

The title refers to the words of Saint David “be joyful, keep the faith and do the little things”.

Jake has been making these fragile boats throughout the pandemic sending them by post to people he cares about.

Others have joined in across the globe as tokens of love, and quite frankly, it’s bloomin’ adorable!

Click here to book your free tickets now.

8. Lunchtime Organ Music With Paul Trepte

Lunchtime Organ Music With Paul Trepte

Who doesn’t love classy organ vibes – right?

But seriously, listening to Paul Trepte work his magic on an organ in Coventry Cathedral is a super magical experience.

Bring a mate and stop by in between lectures or on your lunch break, and absorb the wonderful music right in front of you.

If this doesn’t highlight Coventry’s amazing work at being City of Culture for 2021, we don’t know what will!

What are you waiting for?! Book your tickets.

There you have it folks! An amazing showcase for Coventry, the UK City of Culture for 2021 – pretty impressive, right? For a better look at the rest of the events check out the event programme. We’d like to say a big well done to Coventry, and we can’t wait to see the reaction of these incredible events! Don’t forget to check out our student accommodation in Coventry and get ready to explore this incredible city.

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