Healthy Habits To Improve Life In Your 20's | The Full Guide

Are you in your 20’s and on the hunt for healthy habits to adopt? If so, you need to check out our full guide!

“20 years old” sounds cool right? 

We’re not sure about you but we imagined our 20’s as the time where we meet new people 24/7, party every weekend… but what about the tough part? Who warns you about that?

Everyone over the age of 30 has told us that we have a lot of time ahead of us, do this.. do that.. or don’t do this.. don’t do that.. 

This is a lot of pressure that we have to carry over our shoulders and often translates into bad habits, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety.

Think about it…do you sleep more than you live, or not sleep at all? 

When you check your screen time, does it show an average time of >4 hours? Have you ever gone upstairs and ran out of air? 

Let us make you realise something, this pressure is taking over you!

Your 20’s is the prime time for transitions and for making decisions that will help you guide your life through the path that you want to follow (not what someone else believes you should follow).

Obviously, this is something that depends on you, but if you need some inspiration, you’re in luck!  

Here we have a list of the best healthy habits you can adopt in 2022 to improve your quality of life! Best of all – you can practice all of them in your student accommodation – no excuses there! 

1. Start Exercising, And Not Just Once A Month…

healthy habits in your 20s include keeping fit

We are sure you were expecting this one to pop up somewhere, but seriously, this point is important. 

It does not need to be a daily routine, but exercising for a minimum of 3 times a week will help you achieve that healthier life you are looking for. 

Exercising can have so many benefits on your overall health and blood pressure. 

We are not talking about weight loss or weight gain, more about feeling good within yourself, keeping away from unhealthy habits and focusing on your physical benefits.

There are so many different ways of burning calories:

  1. Sign up for a gym and start  a routine. You can find plenty of websites with free workout routines, contact a personal trainer or follow  fitness influencers on Instagram. Do not be afraid of gaining muscle mass, we need it.
  2. Sports. If you do not like the gym don’t panic! You can try football, volleyball, tennis or even tai chi. All of them will have benefits for your body and are also considered exercise.
  3. Running, for those that prefer an outside physical activity. It is completely free (you just need a pair of trainers) and is great for achieving a healthy weight and reducing the risk of suffering with heart disease or chronic diseases, like  type 2 diabetes (You are not 50 yet, but you will be one day).

2. Plan Your Meals

delicious treats for dinner

Your 20’s are a busy period of your life, we all know that, so if you really want to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, it is better to plan ahead.

Planning will enable you to learn new recipes and try foods you might not have even heard of.

Cook them in advance when you have some free time, you’ll thank yourself in the future!

It is important to make healthy choices when planning meals:

  • Avoid trans fats, artificial sweeteners and sugary drinks, they are not good for your health. You can opt for healthy fats like the ones we can find on avocados and olive oil (This is a great mix on a toast, just in case you didn’t know!).
  • Add proteins, fruits and vegetables to your new healthy lifestyle. Try to eliminate unhealthy foods like fried foods, red and processed meats, but don’t restrict yourself.

Check this guide and make your effort to start eating healthier!

3. Drink Two Litres Of Water (Make Sure It’s Water, Not Beer!!)

drinking water to keep fit

Stay hydrated, that’s it. It does not matter if your routine is full of physical activities and you eat healthy foods, to complement a healthy diet it is essential to drink at least two litres of water everyday. It may sound like a lot, but it is not.

Buy a nice water bottle with time marks and if you get tired of the water, opt for tea! You will notice how your body eliminates toxins and how quickly you can feel better in yourself. But do not get obsessed, drinking too much water will make you feel dizzy and can even cause nausea – who knew this? We didn’t!

Just set up reminders and try to follow this healthy habit as much as you can.

4. Sleep Enough, But Not Too Much

man in bed under covers

Sleep between 6 and 8 hours. 

If you sleep less than 6 hours you are risking your wellbeing and increasing the risk of sleep deprivation, but sleeping more than 8 hours can increase the probability of heart attack, depression and risk of obesity (not to get too deep or anything…).

If you listen to the steps above, ticking all of these off can improve your sleep and overall wellbeing!

Want to learn how to get up earlier so you don’t miss any lectures or seminars? Make sure to check out our blog here, because we know just how grim they can be if you don’t enjoy them!

5. Wearing SPF Everyday Keeps The Wrinkles Away

woman wearing spf to prevent wrinkles

SPF should be your holy grail product in your skincare routine, as it can massively prevent you from skin cancer and the wrinkles (your future self will thank you). 

Now is the time to plan a strict skin care routine adequate for your skin type and to not forget about the essentials: cleanser, SPF and moisturiser everyday. 

We want to keep the skin as young as possible, for as loooooong as we can…

6. Meditate

healthy habits in your 20s to stick to

Meditation is a great healthy habit to include in your 20s’ lifestyle, especially if you’re wanting to reduce any stress or anxiety. 

This stage of your life is full of changes and new opportunities that could disturb your mind, and meditation is the tool to help you. It’ll enable you to have a positive mental attitude, reduce stress and improve your emotional wellbeing.

You can meditate early in the morning or right before going to sleep. Anytime is good as long as you do it, and here we’ve linked some great tips to help you meditate – you’re welcome!

If it is your first time, check out this guide for beginners and start your journey.

7. Forget About Screens For A Few Hours

people laughing together with no phone screens

Professionals recommend limiting the amount of screen hours to 2 hours a day outside of work, but we know that’s quite a small time frame. So, let’s say 3 hours? We think this is the perfect amount! 

Do not waste your time watching how others live their life – it’s not reality! Start being the person that posts cool stories doing activities, trying different foods and living your best life!

8. Find A Hobby That You Love

artist lying on a ground painting as a hobby

Instead of spending hours using your phone, find that one thing you have always wanted to do! 

Exercising in your free time, hitting two targets with one shot, or even attending a pottery workshop are some examples of activities you can get involved in.

You can find plenty out there to enjoy, so do not make excuses and choose a hobby you’ll love.

9. Spend Time With Your Family

spending time with family whilst being busy to improve mental health

Are you asking yourself ‘why is this a healthy habit?’ 

Yes, it may not be related to exercise, but it is definitely going to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A good relationship with family tends to be forgotten once we’re free to flee the nest, but we want you to remember that family will be there for you during your highs and lows. 

Visit them frequently or make a phone call if this is not possible, plan activities with them, enjoy being with them and you will see how your happiness increases.

10. Set Goals

girl focused on working hard to achieve her goals

Do you know Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Well, if you want to reach the top of it, set your goals. 

Keep in mind everything that you want to achieve, or just write it on a paper, and you will notice how focusing on these targets will make you feel productive, proud of yourself and motivate you to set new goals every time you achieve others.

As you can see, it is not difficult to have good habits and live healthier, this is just a list of 10, but there are plenty of habits that will improve your life and help you enjoy to the maximum this wonderful stage you are living in right now!

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