International Day of Education 2023 - When, Where, How To Get Involved

The International Day of Education is taking place on the 24th January 2023 with this years theme being “to invest in people, prioritise education”.

This special day was first established by the United Nations in 2018, marking the anniversary of the signing of the UNESCO Constitution.

The aim is to recognize the role of education in promoting peace and development, as well ensuring everyone has the right to an education, no matter which country they live in.

Find out how you can get involved with the International Day Of Education 2023 within our guide!

international day of education

Why Is It Important

Education is a human right which unfortunately is being violated for so many children, young people and adults across the world.

Within the UK a lot of us take receiving a quality education for granted, although many people don’t receive any formal education at all.

Research by UNESCO suggesting an estimated 258 million children are not in school.

Ensuring that education opportunities are accessible across the world can help lift people out of poverty, set them up for a promising future and give them access to employment opportunities.

Without transforming education standards, the poverty cycle may never break for those living in third world countries.

In this day and age, we’re facing many global crisis’ and are still seeing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic years later.

Education can be a powerful tool to ensure that every child can be equipped with the skills they need to survive in this economy.

This way, they will be prepared to tackle challenges such as the global recession, inequalities and the climate crisis.

Supporting the development of future generations and investing in education for all is at the core of this annual day.

After all, it all starts with a quality education, where would any of us be without it?

You wouldn’t be reading this blog post that’s for sure!

why is international day of education important

How You Can Celebrate

There are several ways to get involved and support the International Day Of Education this year.

Take a read of our next section for 6 different ways to celebrate, with something for everyone to get involved with!

how to get involved with international day of education

1. Raise Awareness

The International Day Of Education is an opportunity to help raise awareness on the importance of education and to promote education as a basic human right.

One way you can get involved is by sharing information to your friends, family and community.

You could post resources and information on social media or encourage others to get involved in person.

They do say that one of the best ways to learn something new is by teaching it to someone else, so be sure to spread your knowledge.

You may just inspire someone!

raise awareness of international day of education

2. Remember Learning Never Stops

Take advantage of the International Day Of Education to learn something new.

From learning a new skill, language, finding out more about different cultures, learning to play an instrument or boosting your knowledge on a particular subject.

The act of learning doesn’t have to stop outside of the lecture hall so attend a new class or use online materials.

Plus, there’s plenty of apps out there for you to immerse yourself in learning new things.

There’s always ways for us to improve our knowledge and gain new skills – education isn’t just about getting a degree!

After all, learning helps us grow as people, develop and become more positive.

learning new things

3. Read More

Reading books are a great way to learn new things an enhance your knowledge.

Perhaps you’ve had something on your reading list for a while, take the time to start it.

You don’t have to read a whole book, take it page by page and read a small section per day.

If you struggle with reading books then read articles or blog posts instead.

They can help us gain useful knowledge and they only take a few minutes to read.

You could even boost your knowledge and education on a particular topic by listening to a podcast!

reading a book

4. Participate In Events

A great way to celebrate the International Day Of Education is by participating in events taking place at your university or within your community.

Not only will you be showing your support for education, but it’s also a fantastic way to hear others’ educational experiences and the impact it has had on their lives.

So, go out there and see if there are any events taking place in your local community.

If there aren’t any events taking place, you could host your own event in your student accommodation or on campus!

international day of education events

5. Look For Volunteering Opportunities

This International Day Of Education, get involved with volunteering opportunities to help others succeed and gain new skills.

Whilst there is a high quality of education within the UK compared to many underdeveloped countries, there are still ways our education system can be improved.

You can help tackle the inequalities in our education system by offering one-to-one educational support.

Perhaps on your degree subject or a subject you’re passionate about.

Tutoring can help make a lasting impact on young people’s futures as well as your own.

You can gain experience in a specific field which will look great on your CV when you graduate, develop new skills, and give back to the community.

If you’re interested in volunteering search for available opportunities on your university website or online.

tutoring children

6. Show Appreciation To Lecturers

Show appreciation to your lecturers or tutors at university this International Day Of Education.

Perhaps they inspired or encouraged you in a particular way during your degree, let them know you’re grateful.

You could send them an email to thank them for their support or let them know after a seminar or lecture.

We’re sure that your teachers will appreciate it!

Show Appreciation To Lecturers

This International Day Of Education, help raise awareness about the importance of education and encourage people to take action.

Everyone deserves to receive a quality education no matter where they’re from!

We’ve mentioned a few ways in which you can get involved with #InternationalDayOfEducation but if you have other celebrations planned let us know @_homesforstudents.

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