UCAS Clearing 2022: Prepare With Our Full Guide

Time is ticking for all you school or college leavers. Results day is right around the corner and it won’t be long till you’re opening the UCAS track system and celebrating with your class of 2022!

We can guarantee you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed with the variety of options there are to choose from after you leave…right? Most students feel this way and we want to emphasise you’re not alone!

A great option for those who don’t receive the grades required for their firm and insurance offers is to go through UCAS Clearing 2022. 

To make life that little bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a full guide on all things UCAS Clearing. It’s extremely simple (we promise) and will hopefully answer all the burning questions you might have…

UCAS Clearing Explained

man with whiteboard explaining what UCAS clearing 2021 is

UCAS Clearing (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a process by which universities can fill places on courses. It may be an ideal option for you if you don’t get accepted into your chosen university, or if you missed the UCAS deadline back in January. 

To show you just how big Clearing is, in 2019, over 73,000 students decided on their university course through Clearing vacancies offered by universities. It’s an extremely credible option and who knows, some of your besties might be going on this process with you!

At the end of the day, gaining a university place you really want will be what’s best for you and your future! So try not to be upset about missing the grades for your firm and insurance choices.

Key Dates And Times For The Diary

calendar with july on for ucas clearing 2021

For UCAS Clearing 2022, the process is set to begin from Tuesday 5th July and will run right up until Tuesday 18th October. 

If you’re receiving your A Level results on the 18th August 2022 and find that you’ve not been accepted onto either your firm or insurance choice, you’ll be eligible to add a Clearing choice from 14:00 (UK time). 

How To Go Through UCAS Clearing 2022

Girl with laptop searching for UCAS clearing 2021

Clearing is a pretty simple process, however, we’ve made a quick list for you to brush over so you fully understand what’s to come.

A quick reminder – you have to have received your results in order to be eligible to begin the UCAS Clearing 2022…so all you eager beavers need to be patient and wait! It won’t be long.

1. Do Your Research

people pointing at the ucas website as they want to go through clearing 2021

Like the title says…DO YOUR RESEARCH! You have until the middle of October to decide on an option.

Of course, the later you leave it the more likely the courses are going to fill up, so we do recommend starting early to ensure you don’t miss out!

One question to ask yourself is – ‘is Clearing the right option for me?’

If your answer is yes – swiftly move on to stage 2.

If your answer is no – don’t panic, we have a separate blog, which you can read on other routes to take after leaving your school or college.

2. Use The UCAS Clearing Search Tool

Magnifying glass searching on laptop for courses through ucas clearing 2021

Make the most of the UCAS search tool as it’ll be your best friend during the process!

To summarise, the UCAS search tool is a digital platform where you can log on and explore through thousands of course vacancies. 

Once you get onto the page, you should be able to enter details such as courses, subjects, and areas of interest. Type in what suits your needs and submit your request.

From here, you’ll receive a pop up notification, which confirms that you want to find undergraduate courses for Clearing. Confirm this and your page will show a list of universities and courses suited to your requirements. 

3. Make A List Of Universities and Courses You’re Interested in

List of universities and courses the student wants to go on through UCAS clearing 2021

Now, this is where the fun starts! Take your time searching through the UCAS search tool as you’re more than likely going to have lots of details thrown your way.

We suggest that you grab a notebook and pen and shortlist the main university places you want. It’s important to write down their Clearing contact number as you’ll be using this when you move on to stage 4.

Extracting this information will make it easier to visualise the end goal you’re after!

4. Contact Universities

girl getting phone out to call universities about ucas clearing 2021

It’s time to pick up your phone and start calling! Don’t be afraid of who’s on the other end of the line, they’ll be wanting you to join their university just as much as you do. 

There are a few things you’ll need for this stage as the university Clearing team will need to take some details from you:

  • Your UCAS ID
  • Your UCAS Clearing number
  • The exam results you received for 2022
  • Your personal statement

It’s also worth writing down a bunch of questions you want to ask that might be burning in the back of your mind. We bet there’s quite a few and this is the perfect time to do so!

5. Confirm Your Place

Happy man celebrating in crowd because he got into university through ucas clearing

You’re more than likely going to receive verbal confirmation of your university place over the phone from the university Clearing advisor. 

Once you have the permission, you will be able to log into your UCAS track system and identify the chosen university. This may take time as the university will have to accept it on their side. 

When this is completed, it’s time to pop open the prosecco – you’ve secured a place at university! Book the celebratory meal you’ve been dying to have, or go out and party with your friends. The Clearing process is finished and you can log off of UCAS track for good…PHEW!

Other Useful Information You Will Need To Know

reading information on ucas clearing

  • A Level Results Day 2022 is on Tuesday 18th August. This is the same for both England and Scotland. For more information, please visit our recent blog which explores everything you need to know.
  • Apart from the initial costs of £20 to apply for UCAS, going through the Clearing process will cost an extra £6.
  • You will find your Clearing number on your UCAS track system. This can be accessed through your user ID and password.
  • If you don’t want your firm choice, you’re able to decline your place online and process through Clearing.

Now, What Do I Do???

image of university campus chosen through ucas clearing 2021

You’ll have a good couple of months to relax for a bit before your university experience begins and we’re going to be here with you all the way!

From giving tips on how to survive freshers week to finding out the benefits of joining a university society… our blog is crammed full of important bits and pieces you need to know before joining.

We also have a wide variety of student accommodation across the UK for you to choose from. So once you’ve accepted your Clearing choice, why not head over to our locations page and get searching? You’re bound to find a property you’ll fall in love with!

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