5 Best Takeaways In Southampton Students Need To Try ASAP

For students who have just moved to Southampton, it’s worth knowing that it’s absolutely full of a massive range of restaurants and takeaways so, you’ll always have somewhere good to order from when you don’t feel like cooking.

You only need to scroll through Deliveroo or Uber Eats to realise the intense variety of tastes from around the world which are made easily available to students.

A celebration of world food and culture, Southampton’s restaurants provide a wealth of different tastes. In fact, there are so many choices that it can be difficult to choose where to start, so this is where we come in handy.

Without any further ado, let’s take a walk through five of the best restaurants and takeaways that Southampton has to offer.

takeaways Southampton

1. L’Osteria

For fans of pizza, this is the place for you. L’Osteria is an Italian restaurant which offers both dine-in and takeaway, located just across the street from the West Quay Shopping Centre.

Of course, pizzas come in a range of shapes and sizes and personal preferences therein will decide where you go to eat, but this place offers thinner pizza which are almost comically HUGE in a range of flavors for great prices.

This takeaway is highly recommended by students and locals for providing great food for equally great value. It certainly helps that the pizzas are more than big enough to share with friends, and you can even do half and half with different toppings!

Don’t worry if you’re not in the mood for pizza, they also offer some tasty pasta dishes amongst other Italian delicacies.

Craving a takeaway? Order on their website.

Italian food takeaway

Address – Unit WM16 Level 2 // West Quay South (Watermark, Southampton SO15 1DE

2. Argento Steakhouse

For fans of meat, the Argento Steakhouse is the best option in Southampton.

You’ll find this place located on lower high street, in the heart of the city so it’s perfect if your student flat is nearby and you fancy a treat – they offer collection and delivery.

Argento is known for its well-priced menu consisting of South American style beef and grilled meat. They also offer sea food and vegetarian options, too.

Their yummy steaks are cooked to perfection by your request, depending on how you like it. Our recommendation has to be the Pork Ancho dish, a pork Rib-eye steak marinated with garlic and herb sauce.

If you’ve recently moved to the city and haven’t tried this place, then the gorgeous smell that haunts the nearby streets will probably convince you to get there as soon as you can!

Fancy treating yourself to a takeout? You can order a food delivery, they won’t disappoint!

Steakhouse takeaway

Address – 43-45 High St, Southampton SO14 2NS

3. Mexifun

Positioned wonderfully on East Street, a short walk away from the seafront and from the city centre, Mexifun is a restaurant focused on – you guessed it – Mexican cuisine.

Their menu focuses on Mexican food and street food dishes which are freshly made and with great value for money portion sizes the restaurant has received almost solely glowing reviews.

Mexifun offers delicious food that is difficult to rival elsewhere. You can expect tortillas, nachos, tacos, glazed wings and enchiladas amongst more!

Their takeaway food is excellent which makes it a must-try for students who are new to the city. If you don’t fancy cooking tonight, why not give this place a try?

You can order online on their website, they’re open 6 days a week until late so tea time has never been easier nor tastier!

Mexican food takeaway Southampton

Address – 121 East St, Southampton SO14 3HD

4. Bayleaf Kitchen

For those who enjoy cuisine from Indian restaurants, Bayleaf Kitchen should be a high priority on your list of places to order from in Southampton.

This restaurant situated on High Street serves a variety of traditional Indian dishes from curries to paneers to seafood to kebab platters.

Their menu is fully halal and they offer tons of vegan and vegetarian options so everyone can enjoy ordering in from this place.

We recommend their Chicken Rogan Josh, which is a traditional Indian aromatic curry with cassia and cardamom. All their curries are served with rice and of course, you can’t forget to order a naan and some poppadoms.

When you place a delivery online on Bayleaf you can enjoy 10% Discount on orders over £20, which isn’t bad at all if you’re ordering with your flat mates for a curry night!

Indian takeaway Southampton

Address – 56 High St, Southampton SO14 2NS

5. Turtle Bay

Lastly on our list of takeaways in Southampton is Turtle Bay, situated on Guildhall Square.

Their menu focuses on Caribbean cuisine with the likes of Jamaican jerk chicken and goat curry dishes, bringing distinct tastes to Southampton’s already widely-ranging collection of world foods.

Some great plates you should try include the Organic Jerk Tofu, a creamy tofu glazed in hot jerk gravy, with sweet pineapple and rice to balance. Another must-order is the Kingston Fried Chicken with spiced Fries.

There’s a variety of options to suit everyone’s diets so if you’re struggling to cater for a group of meat lovers, vegans, veggies or even those with a gluten-free then this place is ideal. They also offer a range of breakfast meals if you’re wanting to start your day off right.

With low pricing and great tasting food, what’s not to love?

You can order through Deliveroo for food and cocktails straight to your doorstep (well, your flat reception more like).

Southampton takeaways

Address – 1 Guildhall Square, Southampton SO14 7FP

Thus concludes our brief guide through a selection of the best takeaways to order from in Southampton. Be sure to give these places a try, and remember that these are just a few of the many great restaurants that this city has to offer.

Whatever you’re looking for, it is likely to be being served somewhere thanks to the massive variety of cultures present in the city, allowing for a great mixture of foods for everyone to love.

Now, you simply have to have to try some good food and get delivery to your student accommodation in Southampton!

If you want to know everything there is to know about living in Southampton as as a student you just have to read over our blog.

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