Top Nightclubs in Liverpool

Liverpool is rated as one of the best places to go for a night out in the whole of the UK.

There are many different areas of Liverpool for a night out, meaning that there are plenty of different places, bars, pubs, and nightclubs for you to try out.

Liverpool Liver Building

Liverpool is a city that has a massive student population (many of whom live in our own student accommodation Liverpool) a vibrant local culture, and plenty of tourists visiting each weekend. You’ll never have a bad night out whatever your tastes in Liverpool.

Let’s take a look at some of the best nightclubs in Liverpool; looking at the different nights out you can have in its various areas, each with a distinct character and flavour to explore, from daytime drinking to late night dives, big student nights, and outdoor party spaces.

One thing to remember is that Liverpool is a truly accessible city, with fantastic transport links to get in and out of the city (there is one big railway station at Lime Street and 4 stations on the local railway network – as well as a national express bus station). Also, once you are here, the different areas of town are relatively easy to get between, either on foot or quite cheaply in a taxi. The Baltic Triangle area for example is just a 10-minute walk to the Seel Street/Concert Square area of town, which is just 5-10 minutes walk away from Mathew Street and the surrounding areas.

It makes Liverpool a fantastic city for a crawl and a celebration! What are the different area of Liverpool for a night out then, and where are the best bars and nightclubs to visit?

Clubs Around Seel Street and Concert Square

Seel Street is an absolute haven for student nights out, and is a heady mix of students and locals, all looking for a party that goes long into the night and into the next morning. Running from Berry Street down to Slater Street and on to Concert Square you’ll find many bars and clubs that are heaving of a night.

Liverpool night out

When you look at Seel Street itself over the last decade, it has become the throbbing heartbeat of the Liverpool nightlife scene, and has undergone a stunning transformation to get there. At the very bottom of Seel Street is the magical garden bar of the Kazimier Gardens, where you can expect chilled out vibes, live music, great street food, and an alternative scene that parties hard.

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At the very top of Seel Street is the Blue Angel (affectionately known as ‘The Razz’). It has been serving up sticky floors, cheesy music, and dirt-cheap drinks for decades now, and every student passes through here at some point (and most won’t remember it!).

One of the fanciest and most spectacular clubs on Seel Street is Alma De Cuba, where you can be part of a magical Cuban experience in the magnificently converted St Peters Catholic Church. On Fridays and Saturdays there is a carnival atmosphere with great DJs, samba dancers and petal showers!

Brooklyn Mixer is an independent bar that offers great cocktail promotions, and plays some of the best classic hip-hop around. Another firm favourite that has been around for many years is Heebie Jeebies (or Heebie’s as its know locally), with its trendy underground bar (that also plays host to live concerts and indie nights), great cocktails, and courtyard that comes in handy during the warmer months.

Heading back down to Concert Square and this place is always packed out, year-round. It is an outdoor square with plenty of seats and outdoor heating, with several bars and clubs around the perimeter.  Modo is a Concert Square institution and is one of the most stylish cocktail bars during daylight hours, transforming into a packed nightclub after dark, with a basement dancefloor and bar alongside the outdoor seating in the square upstairs. There are always plenty of drinks promotions and a warm atmosphere. Just off Concert Square is Level, Liverpool’s biggest club that offers three floors of cheesy music, RnB, Dance Music, and chart hits. It’s a busy place so make sure you get down there early enough, or book one of the booth’s for a special occasion! Another great place just off the main beat of Concert Square is Black Rabbit, a shot bar that offers hundreds of different flavoured shots. It’s a fantastic place to start the night off, but it is open till 4am every night of the week.

Mathew Street and Surrounding Areas

We all know about The Beatles and how important they are to Liverpool as a city, and to music generally, and Mathew Street is home of the The Beatles. The Cavern Club can be found here, and it is a great place to visit, winding down the stairs to the basement club where you can expect to find live music and Beatles covers bands playing continuously. It is always a party atmosphere here (but expect it to be rammed with tourists every time you go).

The Beatles in Liverpool

There is definitely a party atmosphere on Mathew Street no matter what time of day or night you go there. You can enjoy plenty of live music in many of the bars (such as Sgt Peppers, the Cavern Pub), cheesy dance music and classic hits from the 60s through to today (Rubber Soul, Wall of Fame, The Tube), and great old-fashioned pubs (The Grapes, Flanagan’s Apple, The White Star).

This part of town is always full of tourists looking for Beatles memorabilia, and Hen and Stag parties just looking for a wild night out. It’s an experience worth searching for.

Just outside Mathew Street there are a few more sophisticated bars and nightclubs to explore, including the trendy, New York-inspired Neighbourhood, with its extensive cocktail menu and fine dining. Bar Signature on Stanley Street is another fancy bar, offering live music and award winning DJs, whilst Mansion is one of the premier nightspots in the whole of Liverpool. It’s definitely a place where you have to ‘dress to impress’ (or dress well to gain entry even!). Mansion is the place to be to spot VIPs (with their roped off areas in the secluded parts of the club) and is known for playing the best in house music.

Baltic Triangle

This area of town has exploded in popularity over the last few years and has taken an area of old warehouses and industry, first becoming the digital and creative hub of the city, and now being one of the best areas of town to go for a night out. The large warehouses make for great club nights in all sorts of genres of music.

Liverpool club

Camp and Furnace was one of the first big clubs in this area and it continues to impress with fantastic club nights, and great food. Just over the road in the Cains Brewery Village is the Baltic Market (which has taken street food in Liverpool to a whole new level), surrounded by a whole host of amazing bars and restaurants, including Dock Leaf, Constellations, Baltic Social (they serve some of the very best burgers in Liverpool!), and many more.

Albert Dock and Riverfront

The iconic Albert Dock area on the riverfront is a spectacular area of town for a night out, and it is certainly a place where you are best served dressing up to impress. There are countless bars and clubs on the dock, including Pan Am Bar within the Grade I listed Britannia Pavilion, and Revolution, to name just a couple.

Liverpool city waterfront

Just a bit further along the dock road there are some incredible views to be found of the Liver Building and the docks.

Oh Me Oh My provides a stunning roof terrace during the day, whether you are looking for afternoon tea, or some early cocktails to get you started.

The Panoramic 34 is a place for fine dining, tasty cocktails, and 360-degree views of the city. This is a truly stunning city, and seeing it from above in bars such as this really takes your breath away. Perfect for a date night, or a fancy celebration with friends or family members.

There must also be mention of the Invisible Wind Factory out to the north of the city centre. The team behind the Kazimier have created a magical venue in a large warehouse space that is multi-functional and can be used for live music (including an outdoor space, basement venue, and large warehouse concert space), theatre, live events, and private parties. This is a relatively new creative part of the city, with various art gallery spaces, grungy intimate gig venues and other interesting spaces to explore.

Wherever you want to go on a night out in Liverpool you’ll find a warm welcome from the locals, big party atmospheres and you’re sure to have a good time.

Whether you are looking for a daytime pub crawl, a dirty night out with shots and late night dancing, sophisticated club nights, cheesy pop, or live music, Liverpool has got you covered with its many different areas of activity.

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