The Student Guide: Where To Find The Best Glasgow Escape Rooms!

When you first move to a brand-new city as a student, you’ll find new course mates, meet people through societies, or in your student accommodation. 

If you’ve recently moved to, or you are moving to, Glasgow for uni, one of the best ways that you can get to know your new friends is to book an escape room.

Not only will it be a right laugh, but it’ll help build your communication and team working skills together…you’ll be best mates by the end of it!

To save you a whole heap of time and effort, we’ve compiled a list of the best escape rooms in Glasgow. Check them out below!

What Is An Escape Room?


An escape room is a fun, entertaining, group challenge where you are locked in a room with a group of friends (usually 4-6 people) and are tasked with solving puzzles to unlock the room and escape before the time limit runs out. 

You’ll find that every escape room has a different theme and different levels of difficulty, whether you are in a Crystal Maze style room, locked in a spacecraft, attempting to escape a prison cell or a haunted mansion.

Escape rooms are a really exciting way to get to know new friends and to make the most of your time in a brand-new city as a student. Especially in the UK (and Glasgow) where the winters are long, cold, and usually wet, an escape room is a fantastic way to forge friendships indoors.

Escape Rooms In Glasgow

There are loads of escape rooms across the country, and multiple themed rooms within each place. We’ve listed 5 of the best Glasgow escape rooms for you to try out this coming year.

1. The Big Escape

bridge in glasgow

@thebigescape1 – Instagram

Location: George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DH

For teams of 2-6 players and a longer than average time limit of 3 hours, this city-wide game is played by teams on their smartphones. 

The teams are tasked with racing around the city centre, solving puzzles at various spots on their GPS map as a way of ‘taking down’ Big Al’s Casino. 

It is a lot of fun, with code breaking puzzles, photo challenges and smaller puzzles. 

The Big Escape is probably the best escape room on the list for those of you who are new in Glasgow, as it gets you out into the city centre, moving around and seeing plenty of different parts that you might not necessarily find on your own. It is a great way to acclimatise.


 ‘Absolutely recommend it. It is brilliant for getting out and about. The challenges are good craic, especially the video ones!’

‘Amazing fun, exciting, great for team building and just a good, fun day out.’

2. X-Escape Room: Haunted Hospital

escape rooms in glasgow for students

@EscapeGameGlasgow – Facebook

Location: 106 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6PH

The Haunted Hospital is a spooky escape room for teams of 2 to 5 players with a conventional time limit of an hour. 

A horror escape room adds another element to your day out, bringing the jump-scares to your group, making people laugh with fear afterwards and bond together, especially when trying to escape this abandoned mental horror hospital where Dr. Tony was murdered 30 years ago. 

You are tasked with finding out what happened to Dr Tony and who caused the tragic and mysterious fire just after his death.


‘This was so much fun, such a good laugh and a bit scary from start to finish! Really makes u get ur thinking cap on. Great friendly staff also and something a bit different to do with either friends or family.’

‘Really enjoyed a day out here, staff were terrific and rooms really well laid out and a good challenge. Will definitely be back’

3. Escape Reality: Misery

pictures of Misery in Glasgow

@escaperealityglasgow – Instagram

Location: Merchant Square, 71 Albion St, Glasgow G1 1NY

This 60-minute escape room is perfect for 2-6 people and is a lot of fun for film fans or fans of the Stephen King novel Misery. 

Your car has broken down in the middle of the night and a local nurse offers to drive you to her home to use the telephone. 

Once there, she’s locked you in and it is down to you and the team to solve clues to escape before the nurse returns from running errands. You don’t want to be trapped there forever!


‘We really enjoyed the Misery escape room. Quite tricky in some parts but with a few bits of help we made it out with 5 minutes to spare. Good fun and would highly recommend it for all age groups’

‘We attempted the misery room and got to the last level, however, ran out of time. We found Richard was extremely helpful and funny’

4. Escape Rooms Scotland: SI:Glasgow

escape rooms Scotland

@escaperoomsscotland – Facebook

Location: 72 Hydepark St, Glasgow, G3 8BW

An hour-long escape room that is good for a team of 4 up to a larger group of 8 team members. 

You are the lead detective investigating a murder and it is down to you to figure out the clues at the crime scene and find the killer! 

The victim is a police officer, murdered outside the local police station – the CCTV cameras were attacked, and it could be that some of the victim’s colleagues are involved.


‘We’ve been to a few escape rooms and CSI Glasgow definitely didn’t disappoint. The team there were great and set the scene perfectly. A great experience all round!’

‘The escape was really interesting and challenging for my friends and I. We all had a great time. The staff were also very friendly and helpful’

5. The Room Glasgow: Burns Room

escape rooms in Glasgow you need to visit

@theroomglasgow – Instagram

Location: 35 Bath St, Glasgow, G2 1HW

This is a great escape room if you have a larger group of friends that you want a day out with, as it is perfect for groups of 4 to 10 people and has a time limit of 75 minutes. The Room takes you back in time to the 1970s, with a retro room style where you must solve the case of a serial murder. A renowned Robert Burns historian has been convicted of serial murder, bus as she was taken away in handcuffs she kept repeating “Burns did it!, Burns did it!”. It is down to your team to reopen the case and find out what really happened.


‘This was a rather challenging room, designed well, good clues and overall fun to do. Room management was responsive when we needed a couple of hints. Highly recommended’

‘I was booked in for the Burns escape room with 3 friends and having never done one before didn’t know what to expect. It completely exceeded my expectations and we all had an excellent time. It took us a while to get into it, but we soon got into the swing of things and did not find it incredibly easy nor impossible’

There are several escape rooms in Glasgow, near our student accommodation, that’ll strengthen your bond with new friends and flatmates. They’re even better on those colder, winter days, where outdoor activities aren’t as readily available. As you can see here, there are some fun, scary and intriguing escape rooms in Glasgow that will provide you with a fantastic day stuck indoors.

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