Cheap Christmas Decorations To Spice Up Your Student Accommodation

Let the festivities commence! We’re here to be your guardian angels, so check out our quick and cheap Christmas decorations to spice up your student accommodation!

Christmas is waaaaaayyyyyy overdue. Do we even count last year??? 

We all missed out in some way or another and it’s time to make that up BIG style. We’re not sure of anyone who isn’t going totally wild this year. From decorations and cosy nights-in to incredible club nights, this Christmas will be epic.

Right now, we’re focusing on bringing that festive vibe to your student accommodation. Get ready to deck your student halls with sustainable holly and be the envy of all your student mates. 

Here’s our ultimate guide on getting that Christmassy feel on a budget.

Shopping For The Cheaters.

Urban Outfitters

Christmas Baubles with trees

Cheeky 3 for 2 on selected decorations – check for deets.

Urban Outfitters has a small range of super cute Christmas decorations and trinkets on offer this year. 

Not only is there a 3 for 2 offer on selected items, but there’s Clearpay and student discount! Our favourite pieces have to be this totally meta Diet Coke Can bauble perfect for any Kitch-mas tree. 

We also cannot get enough of the Ginger Ray Novelty Candy Cane Christmas Arch, perfect if you want to make a big statement for a modest £25.00! 

There are tonnes of plastic-free decorations on offer too with anything but standard Christmas colours. Psychedelic knitted patterns, ying and yang symbols and stars are all up for grabs.

There are also some dim sum tree decorations that have floored us. We bought about five. 


cheap christmas decorations

Christmas is a lewks holiday: you’ve got to dress right; the tree has got to be dripping and the tunes must be the right vibe. 

It’s also got to SMELL like Christmas. Think less turkey and more cinnamon, cookies and winter forest scents.

Scented candles change the atmosphere in seconds. H&M has two lush scented candles for a student- pocket friendly £8.99 that will help create the full Christmas experience. 

Generally, H&M has an amazing, stylish, and affordable Christmas range so you should defo check it out. 

It’s also super-hot on sustainability too which makes it even better. If that’s not enough, there’s student discount on everything.


fairy lights for christmas

You’ll likely already be very familiar with Wilko’s – it’s every student’s best friend! Wilko’s is classic student retail. 

During the winter months, it offers Christmas decorations in true Wilko’s fashion: extensive and inexpensive. With baubles for £1.00 and fairy lights for £6.00, you will easily be able to give your entire student accommodation a Christmas makeover for next to nothing. 

Space-saving? Thread baubles on a festive ribbon and hang them around windows, doors, wardrobes etc.

B&M Bargains

christmas decs

Not as iconic as Wilko’s but up there in student shopping destinations. B&M Bargains is the home of affordable decorations for any season but Christmas is when it truly comes into its own. 

NGL, B&M does have a mixed rep but the home section is often stacked full of brilliant and affordable items. 

When it comes to Christmas, the selection is truly massive and is always guaranteed to be affordable – it’s sort of in the name.

You never really know what you’re going to get either. With special buys and crammed aisles, you’re sure to find something festive to get your accommodation in the spirit.

The other way of embracing Christmas without breaking the bank is to do it yourself. If you enjoy crafting or fancy spending some time with your student mates making unique decorations together, we have some great ideas.

Paper Snowflakes but 3D

paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a classic decoration for any budget and now they come in 3D. The rules couldn’t be easier, simply search for 3D snowflakes, print off your templates and get decorating! 

Christmas Jumper Christmas Tree

christmas Jumper

A waste-friendly, eco-friendly repurpose and reuse idea right from the top. 

Take your old Christmas jumpers and turn them into a unique and crafty Christmas decoration

This is a brilliant idea and a great way to repurpose those horrific jumpers that get worn once a year and then shoved in a draw. 

Modern Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath

We’re in love with this ultra-chic Christmas wreath. The idea completely hits the brief of being affordable, Christmassy, and cute. Make your front door say that you celebrate Christmas with style. 

All you need is a few gold rings, gold string and pine cones. You’ll also need some flowers or greenery to complete the look, check out this example here or go and pick your own to add an ultra-fresh, local lewk. 

Ornament Wreath 


This one needs a wreath frame like the gold rings used in Modern Wreath

Wrap the ring and simply stick or attach old ornaments and baubles. If you don’t have any to hand, you could buy some cheap ones and colour co-ordinate the wreath with your tree or your mates’ doors!

Christmas Jars

lights in a jar

For the super lazy and super tight. 

Shove some tiny fairy lights in jars. Maximum impact, zero (and we mean zero) effort. 

If you’re willing to splash out, put a few baubles in and around the fairy lights.

Wrapping Paper

wrapping paper

So, we all know the standard wrapping paper you get isn’t particularly eco-friendly what with the plastic sheen and being non-recyclable. 

This year, get a roll of brown packing paper that is 100% recyclable and decorate it yourself. 

Get a few of your friends together, have a few drinks and get painting. 

Creating your own festive wrapping paper is super wholesome and relaxing -something we’re sure you’ll need in-between assignments and nights out.

We can’t wait to see what you try out! Share your room decorations on our socials and let us know what are your fave tips. If you’re in London or the party capital of Manchester, we’ve got a rundown of the top things to do this Christmas. Have a look and get that calendar booked up.

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