Best Breakfasts In Liverpool: Where To Find Them

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, especially after a heavy night out the night before!

Whether you fancy a big greasy fry up to soak up all the alcohol, or a nice sweet pastry to take off the edge, it’s safe to say, Liverpool has some delicious options available for breakfast.

For a vast array of tasty independent restaurants, Bold Street is the place to be, if you want something a little more fancy, take a walk down Castle Street and treat yourself.

If you’re a student living in Liverpool, you never have to worry about options, because Liverpool is the place to be for a top breakfast!

1. Moose Coffee

The delicious Moose Coffee was founded in 2006, located on Dale Street, their aim is to provide American Canadian influenced breakfasts for all. The first noticeable thing about this delicious eatery is the bustling atmosphere, combined with cool, dark wooden interiors.

In terms of all-day breakfasts, we’d have to recommend the Moose Egg Benedict’s, highlights include “The New Orleans Moose” which consists of two free ranged poached eggs on a toasted bagel with homemade hollandaise sauce and home slow cooked pulled pork…tasty! If you’re more of a pancake lover, we recommend the “Double Dutch” which is two large homemade Moose pancakes mixed with chopped smoked sausage and streaky bacon, topped with two free range eggs served with butter and Canadian maple syrup.

If you’ve woken up a little too late for breakfast, there are some great brunch options available too. We’d have to recommend the sandwiches, which are all served with a Russian style salad containing potatoes, boiled eggs, chopped carrots, peas and capers. The “Sugar Ray” sandwich features sliced salt beef brisket, griddled bacon, corned beef and mustard mayonnaise, served on a toasted bagel with Swiss cheese, tomato and pickle.

2. Churrasco

This steakhouse is a hidden gem in the city, a stunning 60 seat Steak House on Aigburth Road just by Lark Lane (which also has a fabulous selection of bars for afters). Recently they added a delicious new brunch section to their menu, and believe us when we say, you’re not going to want to miss out on this!–2Qn_NA/

Churrsaco are known for their mouth-watering steaks and have some sterling reviews. From 10am-2pm they offer a brunch menu, consisting of steak and eggs, moreish fry-ups and many more tasty options.

The “Loaded Hash Browns” are a firm favourite, with a choice between steak, hollandaise and parmesan, hollandaise and chorizo, bacon and cheese bake, or avocado and tomato. Their classic full English consists of 2 sausages, 2 bacon, mushrooms, beans, a fried egg, black pudding, tomato, hash brown, and toast…is your stomach rumbling yet?

If you fancy something sweet, why not try the delectable white chocolate and Nutella French toast, that’s enough to get rid of any pesky hangover!

3. Dale Street Kitchen

Fancy building your own breakfast for just £6.45? Dale Street Kitchen is your place! Although the venue itself is quite small, you never have to wait long for your food, which is a bonus when you’re feeling peckish. Open 8-5 on a weekday and 9-5 on a weekend and sourced with fresh local ingredients, their English breakfasts are a big hit with anyone who tries them.

If you feel like something healthy, they have a great range of nutritious options available including smoothies and gluten free food too. The vibe here is cool and relaxed, just what you need for a nice relaxing breakfast.

4. The Little Shoe

This quaint restaurant is situated on Bold Street and St George’s Hall, it also doubles up as a bakery which is an extra bonus! All the food is homemade with a great selection of homemade food and cakes. We’d have to recommend the fresh English muffins and the cinnamon rolls if you’d prefer something sweet.

You’ll be glad you didn’t sleep in when visiting this lovely venue, with fresh food and lovely friendly staff to match, even the beans are homemade!

5. Bold Street Coffee

This independent coffee shop is situated at the top of Bold Street near the bombed-out church, breakfast and lunch is served everyday until 4pm with a tasty selection of pastries, cakes, pasties, toasted sandwiches and specials.

Coffee enthusiasts are bound to enjoy this place, with a great range of coffee available to try. Bold Street coffee does get quite busy at times due to its sheer popularity, but you can always take your food away though if you fancy grabbing a quick bite whilst meandering around the shops.

In terms of recommendations, the list is endless, but we’d have to give a special mention to the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives, and the delicious yet nutritious yoghurt bowls.

6. Café Tabac

This Circa-1974 café is known for its American style breakfasts with an arty, intimate vibe. The café is the only place you’ll be able to get a bacon butty at night and wash it down with one of their snazzy cocktails.

Tucked away neatly on Bold Street, it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed when visiting this uniquely cool venue.

They have a fabulous selection of breakfast sandwiches available, including bacon and brie, and smashed avocado and bacon. If you’re feeling extra hungry, why not try their breakfast burger, consisting of a sausage patty, bacon, egg, black pudding, and a hash brown…phwoar!

7. Wetherspoons

You can’t talk about best places to eat and not mention Wetherspoons…right? If you’re in need of a quick, good value breakfast, Spoons is the place to be. Luckily for you, there’s a whopping five Wetherspoons for you to choose from, you’re practically spoilt for choice!

For breakfasts, it really depends on what you fancy on the day, because it’s pretty much guaranteed that Wetherspoons will have it. Whether you feel like a pancake stack of American pancakes or a classic full English to nurse your hangover, you know it won’t burn a hole in your wallet in Spoons.

8. Pippin’s Corner

This idyllic eatery is located on Lark Lane and oozes total charm. You may not want a slice of cake for breakfast, but on the off chance that you do, the slices of cake are huge here!

Close by to Sefton Park, this place is great if you fancy a nice walk followed by some tasty breakfast. The cosy atmosphere really makes Pippin’s Corner a great venue to visit, it opened in 2018 and has been super popular ever since.

In terms of the menu, we’d have to recommend the USA breakfast, which consists of 2 pancakes, scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, drizzled with maple syrup. They also have some delicious omelette options available as well as Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, and many more mouth-watering options.

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