Autumn Fashion 2021 Trends: Everything You Need To Know

Autumn Fashion is back and it’s here to stay. Who’s excited? ‘Cos to be honest, once it hit 00:00am on September 1st, we were logging onto ASOS and Zara trying to find the latest styles and trends for the upcoming season. 

Sorry, let’s take that back a minute, it’s September. As in, SEP – TEM – BUR. The month, the ninth month of the calendar year…like, surely not?!

This year has absolutely flown by, and we’re not really that mad about it. We’re so ready to wrap up warm in the top fashion trends for autumn/winter 2021. 

Fashion designers have had to work in a quite unusual time period, considering we’ve been in and out of lockdowns for the best part of the last year. 

For us, we’ve come to fall more in love with clothing for comfort and practicality, having stayed inside and most of us studying from home. 

But now, over a year later, it’s time to gradually leave this haven and start styling our wardrobes to suit the new season. Going out, meeting up with friends and uncovering new cities are all totally on the cards and we need to make a statement. 

Need all the help you can get? Don’t worry, keep on reading to find out the autumn winter 2021 trends you need to know!

1. Knitwear

woman in stella mccartney

Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

Knits are a must in your autumn collection this year, similarly to last year and next year, and probs years to come. Tbh, knitwear is a staple in your wardrobe and we’re so here for it. 

When focusing on the AW21 collections, designers embraced knitwear in neutral tones colour palette. 

Simple patterns in colours such as caramels, outmeals, creams and browns are definitely a vibe this autumn, as seen on Chloé and Ports 1961. 

Mega knits are also a huge yes this autumn! Think maxi length, sweater dresses, layering and chunky scarves…what’s not to love?

Designers such as Acne Studios, Rabens Saloner and Stella McCartney pull this look off purrrrfectly.

2. Cutouts

eudon choi autumn fashion trends 2021

Photo: Auriane Defert / Courtesy of Eudon Choi

You’ve probably already seen a surge in fashion companies jumping on this popular ‘naked’ trend in the past year, and we don’t blame them!

Cutouts are a way of giving a simple garment some character, whether it be a subtle slit or slashes throughout.

Another fab thing about them is that anyone can pull them off in whatever setting. Whether it be a night out or a casual afternoon tea, there’s so many cut out styles for you to choose from – you’re spoilt for choice!

Eudon Choi, a London based womenswear designer, smoothly combines its predecessor in this list, knitwear, with cutouts and it’s definitely a style we’re taking through to autumn winter this year. 

3. Tailoring

tailored outfits

Photo: Alice Dellal / Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood

We’re not sure about you but we’re welcoming tailoring and the dark academia aesthetic with open arms this autumn winter. 

Vivienne Westwood illustrates this perfectly with their mixture of classic British tailoring and new silhouettes.  

From button downs with midi skirts to sharp, textured suits, this trend is defo one for those heading back into work instead of cosying up in joggers whilst working from home!

4. Colour

bella hadid walking for versace

Photo: Courtesy of Versace

Now this is one that gets us excited! Considering we’ve been cooped up since the beginning of COVID-19, don’t we deserve to lift our spirits with bright colours?

When you’re thinking about your autumn winter 2021 wardrobe, make sure to contrast all those neutral tones with bold, statement pieces such as hot pink and neon green.

Why stop at one item? This year’s trends have viewed solo saturation as the way forward and we’re living for it. 

Keep in your theme and cohesively coordinate the colour of your dress to your shoes, bags and accessories – positive colour palette’s for dayssssss!

5. Puffer Jacket

In this instance, the bigger the puffer coats, the better *EEEEEK*.

Sorry, but name something better than wrapping up in a warm puffer jacket in the winter months? ‘Cos we sure can’t.

The fashion industry has always loved a big coat, the shape has been on trend for years however, AW21 designs from the likes of Isabel Marant show the quilted, oversized look is best.

Honestly, now all we’re dreaming about is getting to Winter Wonderland in our huge coats and having a Baileys hot choccy…what’s not to love?!

6. Y2K

autumn fashion 2021

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

Now, we know Tik Tok has had a huuuuge influence on this next season trend but we didn’t think it would blow up this much!

Y2K is all about bright colours and bold silhouettes, so balance those neutral knits with a bubblegum pink dress.

Designers such as Tom Ford and Miuccia Prada have slayed the runway with their autumn winter collections and showed us how mini skirts and fuzzy fabrics are so in right now. 

Who’s complaining? Nostalgia is back and better than ever!

7. Heavy Patterns and Logos

As you’re probably fully aware by now, this season fashion trends are not for hiding in the back, they’re here to make a statement. 

This is shown perfectly when it comes to this last trend – Patterns and Logos. 

We’re not talking about a piece with a singular print, we’re talking about an outfit covered in full head to toe print…

Sounds scary – right? We know, it’s a crazy idea considering we’ve been lounging in grey plain outfits since lockdown, but it’s nothing to be afraid of! 

The likes of Victoria Beckham and Max Mara have pulled this off perfectly and we’re living for it. 

You could even take it one step further and layer patterns on top of eachother…now that would be a risky move, but if you pull it off well, you’ll be slaying the high street in no time!

Think Sustainable!

We hope this guide has given you all the tools you’ll need for your autumn fashion wardrobe! We’re honestly obsessed and hope you are too.

One of the main things we wanted to talk about to sum this up was the climate. Of course, styling for a new wardrobe is so exciting but the fashion production accounts for 10% of greenhouse gases and this number is increasing every year.

We suggest for your wardrobe, taking the time to shop second hand, on apps such as Depop and Vinted, or even head into your local charity shop! We bet there’s sooo many items you’re bound to fall in love with at a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking to make other changes in your life to help become more sustainable, why not make some plastic free swaps? We have a blog here with 10 ideas, you defo need to check it out!


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