6 Best Escape Rooms In Birmingham To Visit After Uni

Escape rooms are something that feels like a relatively new phenomenon. This new concept of paying, strangers to voluntarily lock you and your friends away with no immediate means of escape, is very much the craze that just won’t quit.

There is an escape room for absolutely everyone and they are great fun to do when out and about away from your Birmingham student accommodation.

If you like horror, we have a room for you. Doctor Who your thing? Welcome to our Doctor Who themed escape room. And, now thanks to VR, escape rooms can happen anywhere!

So with all this choice available, from the gritty Saw inspired rooms to the futuristic (inevitably grey walled) rooms on spaceships, you can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed.

That’s why we’ve got a rundown of the top escape rooms in Birmingham for you and your student mates to have a very different day out.

All of these providers allow you to book online in advance and we recommend planning ahead to get the best slots as they are very popular. Another thing to consider is most of these escape rooms are incorporating Covid safe restrictions so check online and see what the requirements are.

1. meetspaceVR

Utilita Arena, St Vincent Street, Birmingham, B1 2AA

man with VR set on playing an escape room

@meetspacevr – Instagram

Prices vary depending on the games and dates so book in advance.

There is a huge range of really cool levels and rooms that you can play and the VR aspect makes them totally immersive.

Try to escape with your student mates from the Lost Pyramid or try to make sense of the ever surreal Wonderland as you drink Alice’s shrinking potion and descend into the looking glass. meetspaceVR is essentially the classic Penny Arcade reimagined for the 21st Century.

It offers amazing VR experiences, not just escape rooms, within a huge 200 square meter arena. Unlike the VR headset you might have at home, you get to roam around- cool right?! Believe us when we say it is a truly mind-bending experience.

Customer Review

“An incredible experience, amazing gameplay and graphics, and lovely, welcoming staff. We had such a fun time playing at the Wembley branch, and the game itself was astonishing. It is incredibly realistic and you really feel like you’re in that situation! I would highly recommend to anyone.”

2. Escape Hunt

120-122 Corporation St, Birmingham B4 6SX

alice in wonderland escape hunt promotion

@escapehuntuk – Instagram

£25 per person

Escape Hunt is THE global name when it comes to escape rooms.

As you would expect Escape Hunt Birmingham offers a slick experience with a premium feel.

The city centre location offers four rooms for players to escape from Doctor Who, The Last Samurai, Our Finest Hour (WWII) and Blackbeard’s Treasure.

The WWII room is an exciting storyline where you must solve clues to win the war, becoming Alan Turing for 60 minutes essentially. It’s brilliant fun and immensely tense all at once.

Customer Review

“Excellent game and service Great fun. Very easy to organise. Professional set-up and game. Katie was an excellent host. Really enthusiastic and gave feedback at the end which was great. Will definitely use it again. We did the Fourth Samurai. Was good fun.”

3. Grand Escape

96 Broad Street, Birmingham B15 1AU

grand escape birmingham logo

@Grand.Escape – Facebook

£16 per person

Grand Escape offers five rooms for any budding Houdini’s to test their skills.

Although, with the Quest for the Grail Room being available, knights with a penchant for spherical furniture should also be very excited. (We guarantee that is the best round table joke you are going to read all day).

Grand Escape offers unique clues and solutions compared to some escape rooms that can feel slightly formulaic. The rooms themselves make you feel like an action hero and game show contestant simultaneously, overall making for a hilarious experience.

Customer Review

‘Loved the Harry Potter escape room. The host was such a gentleman and accommodated us very last second. Very attentive. I highly recommend this place.’

4. Escape Live

18 – 24 Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3LY

peaky blinders themed escape room in birmingham

@escapeliveuk – Instagram

£17.50 per person

Escape Live has loads of unique rooms on offer including a Peaky Blinders theme.

It’s defo not the room for you if you’re looking to find some relief from all those flat caps and haircuts about town that show no sign of going out of fashion.

The horror-themed Room13 and sci-fi/end of the world pandemic vibes room, The Lab, are both wheelchair accessible…the latter may be a bit too real given the last 18 months!

Escape Live is a bit more student-purse friendly than the other options on this list but there’s still plenty of fun to be had in all the rooms on offer.

Customer Review

‘We had a fab time here! The staff were very friendly and informative and we felt we could ask any questions we needed to. The room was great and though we didn’t get out, we enjoyed it! We will definitely be back and hopefully this time we will make it out! Thanks for a great time!’

5. Escape Reality

60-62 Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3JT

escape reality logo in birmingham

@escaperealityglobal – Facebook

£22 per person

The guys at Escape Reality have five really tough and totally immersive experiences on offer.

In the most tricky challenge, you find yourself having to escape Alcatraz. Can the scariest, most notorious, high-security prison in the world hold you? There is only one way to find out!

This is probably one of the best escape rooms for bigger groups. They have a huge social area in which people can congregate in after escaping… or not.

Customer Review

‘I tried bank job with some friends. This was our first time in an escape room. Really fun experience. The puzzles were very creative and challenging, the rooms were immersive with a good use of props and the staff were super helpful. I’ll definitely come back again :)’

6. Escape Brum

68 Camden St, Birmingham B1 3DP

spirit board in escape room birmingham

@escapebrum – Instagram

£25 per person

Escape Brum is fairly new on the Birmingham scene and very much a local independent company.

The website may have a rough and ready feel to it but it certainly competes with the big players when it comes to providing an immersive escape room experience.

It has two escape rooms on offer: the Mystics Cabin and Blackmail. The games are neatly put together with some unique clues.

What they lack in corporate branding, they more than make up for with a warm welcoming atmosphere and helpful staff plus the name is a pun… and we love them for it!

Customer Review

‘The Game master was fantastic. He made me and my pal very welcome from the start. The way how he explains the game from the start is very engaging. The room and puzzles was top quality and i have done about 10 other escape rooms. The owner should be proud what he has built there. A* All round.’

Phew, you’ve escaped! Thank goodness for that! After all the work you’ve just put in, you deserve a bite to eat and maybe even a dance to shake all that high-intensity game energy off.

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