10 JAW DROPPING Valentine's Messages for Students 2023

Love is in the airrrrrr, ooh la la!

It’s getting close to that romantic time of year that gives couples an excuse to be super soppy.

Are you wondering what to write in your Valentine’s Day card for your loved one?

Maybe you’re struggling to get that fine balance between mega cringe and super cute? Well, keep reading.

If you’re wanting to make a sweet little Valentine’s Day card for your partner, we’ve got your back.

Our team of Cupid’s at HFS have done our research and come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day messages for 2023. 

We’ve even thrown in a few cute ones too for those of you who like a bit of soppiness…

valentine's day messages 2023

1. “To Me, You’re Perfect” – Love Actually

Kickstarting our guide to the best Valentine’s messages is this iconic Love Actually quote.

Okay so we might be cheating a bit because Love Actually is technically a Crimbo film, but this one quote is a real classic, right?

One of the many storylines in this classic film is the love triangle between Juliet (good old Keira Knightley), her husband Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and his mate Mark (Andrew Lincoln.)

After a few hints here and there (like when he filmed only her for her wedding, awks.) Mark finally confesses his love for her with totally adorable handwritten signs.

Granted, it’s a little harsh on his mate, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and Mark did go about it in a super cute and romantic way!

Your partner is bound to swoon when they see this Valentine’s Day quote in their card, albeit a tad #cringeworthy, they’re bound to crack a smile.

valentine's day messages from movies

2. “The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return” – Moulin Rouge!

Come on now, this is an absolute banger of a film.

Although Moulin Rouge! is a little crazy at times, it’s a classic for all you musical fans out there.

This quote was originally taken from a Nat King Cole song called “Nature Boy” and is deffo a poignant quote to put in a Valentine’s Day card, that’s for sure!

If you haven’t see Moulin Rouge! yet, we’d highly recommend you give it a watch if you’re into musicals.

It’s got some hella catchy songs and is a perfect flick to watch with your loved one.

valentine's quotes for cards moulin rouge

3.”I Love You On Your Good Days. I Love You On Your Bad Days. “- Stranger Things

Perfect for Stranger Things geeks, this quote is from season 4 of the hit Netflix show where Mike is confessing his love for El.

It’s great for Valentine’s Day, because who doesn’t love Stranger Things, right?

This adorable quote shows that Mike loves El for exactly who she is, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad day, or if she has super powers or not.

Whilst we’re not sure it’s going to be the most relatable in terms of the superhero aspect, the quote itself is super cute.

We’re all after an unconditional love so, be sure to include it in a card for your partner!

Stranger Things quote

4. “It’s A Known Fact That Lobsters Fall In Love And Mate For Life, You Can Actually See Old Lobster Couples Walking Around Their Tank, Holding Claws!” -Friends

Friends is the PERFECT show for a cheeky duvet day in your cosy student accommodation with your bae.

So, why not pop a funny quote in your Valentine’s card from the show?

Phoebe Buffay is famous for her funny quotes and this one just about tops the randomness scale!

Ideal for those who love Friends or just love a laugh, a quote from Phoebe is bound to summon a giggle or two.

valentine's day messages for students

5. “Would I Rather Be Feared Or Loved? Easy. Both. I Want People To Be Afraid Of How Much They Love Me!” – Michael Scott

Another incredibly binge-worthy show is The Office US, filled with funny quotes and cringey one-liners, with enough snacks you can work your way through AT LEAST one season a day!

That’s why the famous Michael Scott (World’s Best Boss) has made our list for best Valentine’s messages for 2023, hurrah.

This one’s perfect for The Office fans, and if you shop around, you can find loads more Office US quotes perfect for that special day!

How about “You’re The Jim To My Pam” or “I Love You As Much As Michael Hates Toby”.

valentine's messages for her and him

6. “”I love you very much, probably more than anybody could love another person.” – 50 First Dates 

50 First Dates is one of those romantic comedies that everyone loves.

We mean, Adam Sandler AND Drew Barrymore in one film?! It’s a real crowd pleaser!

The plot of the film follows Henry, a vet, falls in love with Lucy, who suffers with short-term memory loss.

Lucy doesn’t remember meeting him, so Henry has to go on a new date with her everyday.

This Valentine’s Day, write this romantic quote in your card for your significant other to show them how much you care for them.

It’s a bonus if you both love this film, and you could even watch it for the celebrations.

50 first dates

image by: Cosmopolitan

7. “No measure of time with you will be long enough. But, we’ll start with forever.” – Twilight

Imagine focusing a post on Valentine’s Day messages and not including a Twilight quote?.. It couldn’t be us.

There’s something about Bella and Edwards love story which really hits different, don’t you think?

Twilight is one of the most popular romance film series of all time, and chances are, your significant other will love it (we’re talking about all the Edward girlies out there).

This quote really shows how much you value time with your partner and is just all around CUTE.

If your girlfriend is Team Jacob, maybe go for a different quote though!

Twilight film Bella and Edward valentine's messages

8. “You Had Me At Hello” – Jerry Maguire

Did you REALLY think we weren’t going to include this classic, soppy quote from Jerry Maguire?

After a rather rocky relationship, Jerry (Tom Cruise) goes to Dorothy’s (Renée Zellweger) house to win her back.

“You complete me” to which Dorothy replies the classic line “You had me at hello” – awww, SO cute!

This short and snappy quote is perfect for Valentine’s Day 2023.

Though it may not be a funny one, it’s super meaningful and sweet.

valentine's messages for cards Jerry Maguire

9. “Valentine’s Day Money-Saving Tip: Break Up On February 13th, Get Back Together On The 15th!” – David Letterman

Gifts on Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we’d recommend maybe NOT taking television host David Letterman’s advice in this case!

Granted, it’s pretty funny though, a perfect Valentine’s Day quote for 2023 to stick in a cute card for plenty of laughs.

Just remember…when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts!

This is a great quote choice if you want to make your partner laugh.

valentine's messages

10. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a top film to watch on Valentine’s day with your significant other if you haven’t already, it’s American fantasy style of comedy is deffo worth a giggle.

This quirky romantic comedy has the perfect quote which is effective in impressing your partner this year!

If you somehow haven’t seen it, the film follows Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) and their somewhat long “on and off” relationship.

They start off as friends who keep running into each other, and well… we don’t want to spoil what else happens.

We can’t help but think that quote is utterly romantic, perfect for a Valentine’s card for that special someone who’s seen the movie.

valentine's messages when harry met sally

We hope you found some inspo for our Valentine’s Day messages for 2023, some are funny, some are soppy, and some are just damn right cringe-worthy!

It’s always a nice idea to get creative on Valentine’s Day and hopefully we’ve given you some fuel to get your creative juices flowing.

So, go on, get out there and buy a cute card for your partner with the message of your choosing.

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