10 Things to Look Forward to at Glasgow Uni

So, you’ve decided on where you’re going to spend the next three years (or more) at university, and maybe you’ve started on the many preparations necessary to take this historic step in your life! Well, you’ve already made some very good decisions if you’ve chosen to study in Glasgow, you have a lot of great things coming your way!

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should be feeling very excited to start your new life in this incredible city.

  1. Glasgow has been voted the friendliest city in the UK. Especially during university years, being surrounded by lovely locals and in a friendly environment makes a major impact on your time there. Glaswegians are proud of their city, and perhaps it’s for this reason they are so welcoming to new people and keen to show it in its best light!
  2. For all the foodies out there, Glasgow is a great spot to be. If you are a vegan, you’re in for even better news. Glasgow has the most vegan eateries per capita in Britain and whether you’re a meat eater or not you’ll want to try some of the amazing dishes on offer! A couple of options include 13th Note, the Flying Duck and Stereo. Whether you’re after fine cuisine, or a slice of deep fried pizza (amazing after a night out) Glasgow’s got you covered.
  3. Glasgow is also a great place to work, not only during studies, but also after graduation. It is one of Europe’s top 20 financial centres, a media hotspot and full of activity in other sectors including: low carbon industries, life sciences, engineering, tourism and education. If you’re looking to line up a casual job to do alongside your studies perhaps it’s worth checking out potential jobs in Glasgow during your summer break and try to get a foot in the door before the others.
  4. The visitor attractions really just don’t get old. When you need a study break or just want to get out and appreciate arts and culture, you can wander over to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, just a stones throw from Kelvingrove House. The Riverside Museum is a few minutes walk from Riverside House, and the Glasgow Science Centre can be found on the banks of the River Clyde.
  5. Rent is actually affordable in Glasgow, so once you graduate it’s a great city to stay in while you find your place in the world of work without stressing about how to pay your rent. The average rent is £684 and if you decide to stick around permanently the average house price is £134,466.
  6. If you want to get out of the city for a little rest and relaxation, Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park isn’t too far away. Just 50 minutes by train Loch Lomond offers you the chance to escape the city and enjoy being out in nature with friends.
  7. You can find craft beer throughout the city. If you appreciate having your beer options, you can check out Drygate Brewery where you will find 24 rotating beers on tap and 200 in bottles. If you want more of a historic experience, The Horse Shoe in Drury Street near Central Station promises just that.
  8. If you enjoy going out, but in more down to earth locations, Glasgow is the perfect city to be in. For a night out with theatre performances, food, drink, live music and club nights, Òran Mór is a characteristic spot to check out.
  9. Glasgow has the biggest population of any city north of the border and with so many students, clubbing is a natural part of city life. There are hundreds of bars and clubs to choose from. Popular venues include The Arches on Argyle Street and Jamaica Street’s Sus Club.
  10. For movie nights when you just want a study break and to go see a film, the Glasgow Science Centre has the biggest (IMAX) screen in Scotland. The city also boasts some incredible theatres and music venues so whichever type of entertainment floats your boat, you’ll find it here!

Hopefully this list has got you really excited to start a new chapter in Glasgow. Whatever your interests you’ll be certain to find your own place in this great city- here’s to a new adventure!

By Emily Jones.