10 Struggles Only Students In Lockdown Will Understand

So, you’re a student in lockdown? Granted, we’re sure this isn’t exactly what you’d envisioned when coming to Uni, but here we are!

Times are pretty strange, whether it’s awks Zoom classes with lecturers forgetting to turn off mute, or the struggle to get some loo roll.

You’re probably spending all your time in your cosy student accommodation right now, and we hope you’re feeling comfy during your time in lockdown, we want you to be happy after all!

Of course, there will be plenty of struggles for students, and we’re here to bring you some positive vibes, and assure you it won’t be like this forever 😊

We’ve gathered 10 totally relatable struggles that only students in lockdown will understand, how many of these have you faced over the past few weeks?

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1. The Quest For Toilet Paper!

toilet paper lockdown struggles

Yeah, it’s pretty bad when you run out of toilet paper, isn’t it? Awks!

What’s even worse, is the fact that people are panic buying toilet paper, to the point where you can’t get any…anywhere.

Of course, when you and your pals are in lockdown, you can’t actually leave your student accommodation, which is where things get a little difficult!

We’d recommend having a gander on Amazon as there’s plenty of toilet paper there (in bulk too) so you don’t have to worry about running out for a long time.

Another option is to check Deliveroo/Uber Eats, your favourite takeaway suppliers, because they actually have the “essentials” sections on the app now, featuring shops like Co-op Food and local corner shops!

2. Quarantine Meals

quarantine meals are a lockdown struggle

You’ve probably seen all the hilarious Tik Toks of students in quarantine rating foods sent by their universities, and some of them are…dare we say…questionable!

Granted, some unis have got it spot on, sending students plenty of yummy snacks like sweet chilli crisps, fruit, fresh juice, pizza, and many more.

Others, not so much, with some pretty bland options such as plain white rolls with butter and half a sweet potato with peas…yes you read that correctly!

If your uni isn’t so great at picking meal to your taste, why not treat yourself to a cheeky takeaway or hop on Deliveroo/Uber Eats so you can order something tasty from your local corner shop!

3. Zoom Lectures Galore!

Zoom lecture struggles

“Yeah, you’re on mute Sarah, you need to unmute your mic!” if this sounds all too familiar, you’re deffo a student in lockdown.

Zoom lectures have become inevitable with social distancing measures still very much in place, and many students in isolation.

Whilst they have their perks, like the fact you don’t have to wake up mega early, or even shower, the technology side of things can be pretty frustrating!

Also, there are the unwritten rules of attending Zoom lectures, did you know?

Luckily for students staying with us, we have SuperFast Wi-Fi throughout our accommodation, so you don’t..need..to..worry..about..lagging!

4. An Unusual Freshers Week

Freshers week was a lockdown struggle

Freshers week is usually a time where you mingle with other students, a week filled with events, freshers’ fairs, and plenty of partying.

The sad news is, this year students didn’t have the chance to be smothering themselves in UV paint or foam in a sticky-floored club, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun!

Universities are holding virtual freshers week, which includes a bunch of fun stuff like virtual DJ sets, cooking and yoga classes, movie and bingo nights, as well as online escape rooms.

These virtual events will still give you plenty of opportunities to make new pals, even though it might be a bit different this year.

5. Productivity Struggles

productivity struggles for students in a lockdown

If you’re spending most of your time in loungewear eating loads of snacks, it’s no wonder you’re struggling with productivity!

It can be really difficult to keep a positive, productive mindset when you don’t really have much to do with your day.

The best thing you can do is to try and pick up healthy habits, even if they’re just little ones!

For example, try to wake up at the same time every day, even if it’s 10am so you give yourself a bit of a lie-in, but you’re not staying in bed until 4pm.

It might even be worth making a to-do list at the start of your day, just so you know what uni work needs to be done, and fill it with other productive activities like cleaning/organising.

This may sound a little boring, and we’re not saying you have to be productive all the time, but these are all steps in making you feel positive.

6. Feeling Lonely 🙁

feeling lonely during lockdown

It’s safe to say in these strange times you may feel a little lonely, especially when all your forms of communication are online!

Remember, you aren’t alone in this situation, in fact, a lot of students are unfortunately going through the same thing.

Don’t forget to pick up the phone, facetime your family, message your mates, and keep the virtual communication going whilst in lockdown.

Granted, you don’t always have to talk to people if you don’t fancy it, but having a natter with your family and friends can really boost your mood!

Keep telling yourself, it isn’t going to be this way forever, this is the hard part, and once it’s over, it’ll be good vibes only.

7. Irregular Sleeping Pattern

irregular sleeping pattern is a student struggle during lockdown

Seshing Netflix until 4am and waking up at 3pm…sound familiar? We thought so!

It can be hard to keep a regular sleeping pattern when you basically don’t have a whole lot to do, or look forward to, but sleep is very important.

Try your very best to keep your sleeping pattern as regular as possible, and give yourself little things to look forward to each day.

It can be very easy to lose sense of time as a student in lockdown, especially with things like Netflix constantly asking you if you’re still watching…oops.

Getting a decent and structured night’s sleep will do wonders for your mental health and productivity.

After all, you don’t want to miss an afternoon Zoom lecture because you’re still tucked up in bed snoring, do you?

8. Living In PJ’s

wearing pjs during the lockdown

When in lockdown, there’s no real need to get changed is there? Right? Wrong!

If you’re reading this sat in your fluffy dressing gown and slippers in the middle of the afternoon, get changed plz.

Putting on some clothes for the day will actually make you feel a whole lot better, even if it’s just a nice t-shirt and some lounging trousers for extra comfort!

Understandably so, students in lockdown may not feel the need to get changed at all, and that’s fair enough, but in the long run. it’ll probs make you feel loads better.

9. Where To Exercise?

exercise during the lockdown is a struggle

Students in lockdown will be faced with not really having anywhere to exercise, which can be a pretty rubbish feeling.

There are plenty of options though if you can’t hit the gym, like online workout classes!

With a lot of gyms now developing online workouts via YouTube and IGTV, you can exercise in the comfort of your own student accommodation.

There are some fabulous apps out there too, like Shreddy for £10 a month! Users can take advantage of weekly workout plans and burn some serious calories.

Working out is known for releasing endorphins, so even if it means just doing a few jumping jacks a day, get on it!

10. Staying Positive

staying positive during lockdown

It can be really tough to stay positive in lockdown, but we promise you that it’ll all be okay in the long run, although that may seem hard to believe right now.

If you feel like you, or a friend is struggling with lockdown, Student Minds and Student Space are great resources for supporting students’ wellbeing.

Student Space have webchat, text messaging, phone call and email support for students who may need help in these tough times.

It’s really important to try and stay positive and remember it won’t be like this forever, but if you do feel like you’re struggling, please speak up.

Keep smiling, and keep those good vibes going 😊

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